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Avatar f tn I had horrible timing with my fainting spells last pregnancy. I was always really sick with morning sickness and once I passed out while on the stairs and fell down half of them. Woke up at the bottom of the stairs so confused. It's an unfortunate thing but also a bit normal. The amount of blood in your body is increasing and that is usually what causes it. If it happens a lot you should definitely go in and get some blood work done.
Avatar n tn Yesterday morning, the school called to say she had fainted again while sitting at her desk. This morning she fainted again while in her bed. A month ago, she woke up in the middle of the night with a body jolt and then fainted shortly afterwards. In Feb. she suffered her 3 rd concussion which was deemed severe. She was playing hockey and was sandwiched between 2 players which caused her to faint and collapse to the ice and receive the concussion.
Avatar f tn I woke this morning with a pain in my right side this pain lasted about an hour to an hour and a half, I still have a dull pain, I went to the shop and almost fainted, I can feel the baby moving and kicking but should I go to the doctor? I'm in week 21 of my pregnancy!
Avatar n tn pregnancy? stress? these symptoms can be so many things... If you felt better in the morning you could have been just too tired. I would recommend plenty of rest, cut the caffeine for a few days, but go see a doctor if it comes back...
Avatar m tn I am a 43 yr old male, not overweight and in decent shape. Ihave had fainting problems over the past 4 years. I used to think it was stress/anxiety issues but now I am not sure. I started going to my family doctor and the doctor diagnosis was vasovagal syncopy. I have been tested for the following and all came back normal: EKG's 2x a year Eco- cardiogram CT scan Blood work 1x a year Heart Monitor for 2 weeks - of course i did not faint when I had it.
Avatar n tn This morning she fainted again while in her bed. A month ago, she woke up in the middle of the night with a body jolt and then fainted shortly afterwards. In Feb. she suffered her 3 rd concussion which was deemed severe. She was playing hockey and was sandwiched between 2 players which caused her to faint and collapse to the ice and receive the concussion. She no longer plays hockey because of the high risk. Drs. have run alot of tests and most show nothing(CT, MRI, EKG,blood and urine, EEG).
Avatar f tn I passed out last week in the middle of cosco and almost again in Wal-Mart anyone else having or had this problem??
Avatar f tn I posted this morning to say I was so happy because I've stopped being sick, went to work & passed out in the toilets :-(Not exactly the way I was hoping to tell my employer Im pregmant. Im nearly 14 weeks has anyone else had fainting spells?
Avatar n tn the first time i faint was on my first day in Gym, which the coach assured me its natural ! then after few weeks i got a feeling that i can't take my breath to the max capacity of my lungs but those symptoms went away after a couple of weeks ..
Avatar n tn My 14-year-old daughter has been fainting off and on for the past few years. Her most recent episode was this morning. The same thing occurs each time these episodes happen. She gets up from sleeping and comes into my room complaining of getting a cramp in her calf. Meanwhile, she seems very distraught and uncomfortable and wants to lie down. Next, she says she needs to go the bathroom and goes to sit down on the toilet. She was leaning forward stating her chest hurt. She sat back up again.
Avatar f tn That happens to me and its due to me havkng low blood pressure...
2086477 tn?1332615594 Welcome to the forum!! I have had fainting spells in the early morning --- they were attributed to anemia, low blood pressure and likely hypglycemia. I fixed it by making sure I sat up in bed long enough before getting out of bed, drinking lots of fluids and not allowing myself to get dehydrated (helps the blood pressure) and when I get up I drink a small glass of orange juice before I did anything else.
Avatar f tn My 7 year old has fainted twice in the morning while taking a shower. She feels sick to her stomach right before it happens and she blacks out before she hits the floor. When she wakes up, she is normal again but her legs feel tired. She has no headache or other symptoms. The 2 episodes were 7 months apart.
Avatar m tn Is there anything I can do to avoid fainting when I don't eat in the morning. I've thought about many career opportunities including joining the military. Food deprivation is obviously a part of training which concerns me as I clearly don't want to faint during an inappropriate time. Is this something I will grow out of or is there a cause for concern as per any medical issues anyone can think of?
118074 tn?1228332603 i had to eat before getting ready in the morning (if morning sickness wasn't to bad) and i wasn't able to stand to get ready. try sitting down to get ready and avoid standing for long periods at a time. when you have dizzy spells try to put your hand between your knees, i know it's hard when pg. if your too far along to get your head down that far, try sitting on a chair and leaning towards your knees as far a possible (this was what my dr suggested and it helped me).
Avatar f tn Does anybody feel like there heart beats really fast sometimes and feels like your about to faint. I feel it mostly in the morning after I eat breakfast then go to work I'm 32 weeks should I be worried?
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention that usually when I get the feeling of an attack I tell my parents and they tell me to eat something like a chocolate bar (even in the morning). This happened once in Zellers while Christmas shopping in the morning and I had to hold onto the shopping cart because my eyes were getting darker and they bought a chocolate bar to eat and told me to sit down and after about 5 minutes I was back to normal... Would this have anything to do with low sugar.. diabetes do you think?
5009178 tn?1369957375 i had to sit down and drink water on the floor for about 10 minutes before i felt okay again. This morning i woke up worse.. sore throat, stuffy nose, fever and dizziness plus i have no appetite what so ever.. is this normal and has anyone else experienced this? What should i do? Ive missed 2 days of work already.
Avatar f tn 45am and I'm fine when I get up, but when I'm in the shower, I don't even have enough time to wash all the soap off when it starts to happen and I have to jump out and run to the bed and lay down. Within just a few minutes, I'm fine again. I always make sure the water's not too hot. Then,there are times when I'm standing at my med-cart at work and it will start to happen. And once again, if I sit down, the feeling goes away.
Avatar n tn A few weeks ago I passed out while in the shower with my boyfriend. We are not sexually active, just simply taking a shower together. We both concluded that I had just been dehydrated. But then a few nights ago it happened again. Only this time I seemed to have some sort of seizure before passing out. Both times this has occurred I have become very nauseated and dizzy before passing out.
Avatar n tn Sometimes when you are at rest or relaxing, your blood pressure can drop fast and cause a fainting feeling or heaviness. Especially in people with already low but still normal blood pressure.
Avatar n tn She has an appoint on Monday morning with her Pead so will update after that. Its Friday here in NZ so a few days away. Thanks for your friendly advice...
Avatar f tn umm im not really sure what its called, but the shaman person said that i should be fine. and i was okay.... but that was 2 months ago. and this morning i fell in my room again. but i didnt tell my parents... i'm not really into my religion and i have suggested that we go see the doctor.. but my parents try to avoid doctors if they can because they don't really trust doctors and thats another story though... what can be wrong with me?
1298247 tn?1288294553 second time he defecated , came out of the bathroom stood few minutes the started to feel week and light headed speaks non sense for almost 15 minutes on the bed then fall a sleep tell the morning and in both times wake up in the morning not remembering any thing of what happened .
Avatar n tn Sorry can't help you in this forum as your symptoms do not relate to the spine. You need to see a neurologist in your community.
Avatar n tn After lifting weights in the morning, I recently felt nauseous and fainted. After I awoke, I noticed that my right calf was swollen. I'm not sure if I hit something when I fell; however I didn't notice any bruises. Could these events be related somehow?
Avatar n tn sudden movements cause more dizziness Pressure inside head Tension in the head Body hurts in the morning (chest area, kidney area) Pain in the back of the neck Cough 22yo male, smoker (since 14) lately eating once a day, drinking a lot of coffe, not getting too much sleep during the week... body feels ok overall )except for achings, head giving most problems Symptoms started June24th treated like a cold, but got concerned and went to see doctor, blood OK, no lyme disease.
Avatar f tn I will assume one reason she has a pacemaker is her un-paced heart beats too slowly, and the PM gives it more beats at some level. I don't wear a PM, so I'm trying to help from memory on what I have read in the past. If my memory is correct it would seem very possible that it takes some time for the PM to pick up the HR. And if the happens only sometimes, it could be because she has a lower HR just before rising on those occasions.
Avatar f tn It happened two other times this month. It usually happens in the morning. The only time that I experienced this in the past was in March following an abdominal surgery. I have a history of hypoglycemia but my blood sugar level was normal at home prior to my leaving for work and in the ER. The doctors say that my blood test results are normal. I do not want to experience this at work again.
Avatar n tn Two weeks later i went to radiologist (wrist did end up being broken), went into xray room and passed out again while getting xrayed, only this time i had a good nights sleep (8-9 hours), ate well that morning and drank sufficiant water. If your wondering that the passing out might be from pain, there was no pain for either xray, yeah thats about it, hope you can shed some light on it, thanks.