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3164447 tn?1343838915 For a normal fainting spell I experience a general heaviness in my limbs, a warm sensation that starts at the top of my head and then onto the rest of my body, and then I lose conscienceness. From what witnesses tell me, I then make a moaning or humming sound, my eyes roll back into my head and my face turns white, I shake and stiffen up, then I relax and look like I'm sleeping. However, this last fainting spell I experienced some different symptoms.
Avatar f tn If I just faint, I can still hear voices around me, and my hearing is just fine, but it feels like my brain shuts down, and the body looses connection,and I loose ability to be able to wake up or snap out of it, and then it feels like my body reboots, and it finally passes, and i come back, but a few times i have ended up having my eyes roll int he back of my head and my right side of my body would start shaking, uncontrollably.
407149 tn?1211736107 he tripped and slammed his shin into the dock. he then came back to sit and we gave him ice etc. the next thing we know, his eyes roll back into his head and he starts snoring. we think he started snoring because his tongue relaxed but we really have no idea. he was totally unresponsive. we slapped him until he woke up and he was like what whats going on? he had no idea what happened. im really nervous because he refuses to go to a doctor.
Avatar n tn I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar n tn I walk my dogs in the morning thinking this will help relieve the stress but come back exhausted, weak legs, wobbly head and with little will to continue the day. The smallest thing can turn me upside down. This started about two months ago. My legs started feeling heavy then weak. Hot flashes, anxiety attacks are more evident at night. I sometimes can't even see straight and feel nautious.
Avatar n tn It was difficult to focus my eyes. I quickly became very upset and depressed, I just wanted to go back to the energetic fun kid that I previously was. The docs did every test in the book, I had an MRI, several blood tests, and a sleep apnea test, everything coming back okay. I saw a psychiatrist and have tried many different antidepressants, although I never felt as if it was initially depression, rather the way that I felt for so long had driven me to the state of depression.
1281668 tn?1271379782 I had my surgery10 years ago and for the past year some symptoms have come back and I am in chronic pain every day. My head, neck, and back hurt as well as stiffness in my neck. I have a syrinx in my spinal cord, but everything else is normal on the mri. The dr said there is nothing they can do so i guess you just have to deal with this disease. Surgery is not a cure.
Avatar f tn 17 times. When she faints her eyes roll in the back of her head, the longest she was out was 5 mins Friday and 6 mins Sat. She also had a gastric emptying scan done in Aug. and it came back saying there was a delay of emptying of 7 hours. And now her OB/GYN found something on her ovary so she will have an laproscopy done on the 18th of Sept. We have done a Ct scan on brain for the fainting and it was normal, her doctor is going to send her to a neurologists to do a EEG.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old daughter has been having episodes for 2 yrs now where her eyes roll back in her head, she arms shake and her head nods back and forthand she is unresponsive. She has seen a neurologoist, cardiologist and they diagnosed her with vasal vaga syncopy. I try to tell them this is more than fainting spells, but they have never seen it happen, so they say she is just fainting. I captured it on video a few days ago to show the neurologist. She is also bipolar and on medication for that.
Avatar n tn but i have anemia and serious fainting spells where i feel woozy to and i sit then most of the time after that i donno wut hit me cuz im also out like a light and on the ground , i apparently convulse and my eyes roll back in my head and when i went to get tested for epilepcy i apparently had negative tests for that even i donno wut causes my fainting spells but that how i get to very woozy.... then out and dont realize wut happened till someone is trying to wake me out of it ....
Avatar n tn Then her entire body goes limp and she falls to the ground. Her eyes roll back in her head, and I'm not sure if she's conscious. She doesn't remember what happens after she comes out of it, but during that time she doesn't have any type of jerky movements. Is this a seizure? What should I do for her when this happens? Is there any support groups or place where I can get more information? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I can't drive, let alone walk much. I used to walk all over town, not now. I roll over in bed, doesn't matter which way and my eyes roll back and my head takes off.
Avatar n tn He went a week with no fainting spells, then he started getting seizure like symtoms just before passing out. His fists would clench up, and he moves his arms around, eyes roll back and forth, when he comes out he is very confused about what happened. Lasts for about 10-15 seconds. It always happens while coughing. He has since gotten pnemonia and is on antibiotics for that.
Avatar f tn She starts by hyperventilating, and losing the ability to move her body and her eyes roll back into her head then she passes out.
Avatar n tn When my daughter was 11 months old she started having seizures where her eyes would roll back in her head, she would arch her back, fists clenched, and her lips would turn blue. I brought her to a pediatric neurologist and she was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. Luckily she outgrew her condition by age 4 1/2 as the neurologist predicted. The neurologist recommended that when she experienced a seizure, I should lay her down on her left side.
Avatar f tn said that he would have had to go unconscious, eyes roll back, lasts longer, usually will pee on themselves, etc.. which he did none of) We have no history of any sort of neurological disorders in the family. I am unsettled because being the mom of energetic boys, I have seen them spin around and play hard and never have I seen one of them shake. Could there be some other underlying issue that can cause this behavior?
Avatar n tn as I layed him to the floor to change his diaper, his arms went out and his body went limp, his eyes rolled back...for a few sec. he stayed like this ( limp body, rolling eyes)....but it was VERY brief...after wards he was not quite right for a few minutes...wobbly, and he kept almost looking like he was going to lapse back into it, then he seemed totally fine although very tired....I did not call the Dr.
Avatar f tn She starts by hyperventilating, and losing the ability to move her body and her eyes roll back into her head then she passes out.
Avatar n tn Often when I get up after sitting for a while, but also when I roll over in bed at night. It drops from around 95-100 instantly to 60-65 for about 10 seconds and then climbs again. I feel my heart pump very hard in my chest when this happens. Its not painfull, but it can cause me to panic. What might cause this? I am also getting waves of vertigo type dizziness, that no dr can seem to explain.
Avatar f tn He has pain in tummy, starts gagging like he is going to vomit, lays down unresponsive while he is dealing with breathing and pain, starts choke coughing, mucous or reflux comes into mouth, sometimes his eyes roll back, sometimes he passes out and is in and out with fatigue. He may also lose bowels. If he has all of symptoms he may be in and out for 30 minutes afterwards and BP has dropped down in low 80's one time it showed in ambulance.
Avatar f tn Any unexpected stimulus, such as pain, shock, fright, causes the heart and breathing to stop, the eyes to roll up into the head, the complexion to become deathly white/grey, often blue around the mouth and under the eyes, the jaw to clench and the body to stiffen, sometimes the arms and legs jerk. After 30 seconds or so, the body relaxes, the heart and breathing resume and the person is unconscious.
Avatar n tn His whole body twitches, his eyes roll back in his head, he becomes limp and he has difficulty breathing. He had all the usual test done after the 2nd episode and his heart is healthy and there were no signs of any problems in the brain. Does this sound like a siezure? Is siezure common with this syndrome? Is there some other test for the brain that should be done? Should he be on anxiety meds? He is always very high strung. Easily aggitated.
1561969 tn?1294951023 But odd thing is that they didn't slowly come back, no. I woke up one morning and BOOM. I felt like I was gonna roll over in my bed and die. I have been bed ridden from weakness so bad my own body would fall down from it's weight, and due know, I don't even think I weigh more than 100lbs right now. It had eased up a little this week so I can atleast walk around a bit, I can eat and feel my body.
Avatar f tn But she starts to feel like she can't do the work,Math specifically and then her anxiety kicks in,she doesn't think she is smart,thinks everyone else can do it but her,she thinks the others are always judging her,but the thing is she people love her,she has lots of friends,she is one of those children that every weekend my phone was blowing up with children wanting to come play with her,she expresses that she thinks something is wrong with her and she is not normal,I am a real positive person es
Avatar f tn From the time her eyes started to roll to the time the life came back into her eyes was maybe 5 seconds. She let out a gasp and said, "I am fine now." I was never scared for her. I have seen concussions and seizures and whatever she was going through was not concerning to me. It seemed bizarrely safe, if I dare say. After reading the prior blogs, my guess is that the pain, stress, loss of oxygen, and perhaps even some dehydration, led to a vasovagral incident.
Avatar f tn He has pain in tummy, starts gagging, lays down unresponsive breathing and in pain, starts choke coughing, reflux comes into mouth, sometimes his eyes roll back, sometimes he passes out and is in and out with fatigue, also may lose bowels. One dr feels it is straight syncope; another feels it may be from LVOT but is unsure. Still looking at case. His severe sleep apnea and hypoxemia showed on 2 sleep studies from 2 places O2 dipping down at times to 70's and 80's.
Avatar f tn When my daughter was five she fell and hit the back of her head hard on a cement floor. This was after receiving an injection for strep throat. The doctor had a hard time getting her to respond. She didn't know who I was for a short time and was hospitalized overnight. She seemed fine after that but has had a few headaches growing up that were more severe that my other two children experienced. She is 16 years old now.
494976 tn?1302714301 This was very different and scared me as I drifted in and out of consciousness as I tried to awaken. My eyes were seen to roll, although I had no jerking and no incontinence and the dizziness that followed lasted for over 24 hours. I was also utterly exhausted which has not happened with a faint. The other 2 I had were during the night although my husband witnessed them, I was sat on the bed both times and he told me that my eyes rolled back in my head and I dropped down.
Avatar n tn I also have sporadic episodes of syncope (may 3-4 a year) and while they just feel like passing out to me, my wife was freaking out becuse to her they looked like seizures. My eyes roll back in my head, my body goes rigid, and I make snorting noises like I can't get any air. My cardiologist suggested a tilt table test that immediately duplicated an episode with what appreared to be a seizure. It turned out to be a miscommunication problem between my heart and brain.