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Avatar n tn He gave me some meds. for anxiety the didnt help. I have GERD and endometriosis. I take nexium for gerd. Any suggestions out there? Tired of having these spells....
Avatar n tn The episodes could be due to postural hypotension (blood pressure falling with change of position), internal ear problems, cervical spondylitis, anemia, GERD, hypoglycemia or low sugar, stress and anxiety and some endocrine problems. In your case I would look at anemia, hypoglycemia, endocrine problems and GERD first. Stress and anxiety definitely add to the problem. However first get the above medical conditions excluded. GERD is common with steroids.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I have been told by a Cardiologist and GI doc that acid reflux can irritate the vagus nerve and bring episodes of PAC's and PVC's on. PAC's and PVC's are extra heartbeats - even though we experience them as missed beats and "heart hickups" and this can be the "thubs" that you describe. Even though it is very irritating, it is absolutely harmless and very common.
Avatar n tn In addition to a great deal of shortness of breath and fatigue, I also began to experience significant heart palpitations, extreme lightheadedness and near fainting spells. On one occasion, I went to the ER and 1 1/2 hours after I was laying on the floor, my heart rate on the EKG was only 40 bpm. After an echocardiogram, a stress test and a CT angiogram, I was diagnosed with non-specific palps and vasovagal reaction. I was also treated wtih GERD meds, singulair and inhalers.
Avatar n tn 58 About 9 months ago, I started having fainting spells and dizziness in addition to what I now understand is GERD. I have had an upper GI, and am scheduled for a colonoscopy and endoscopy in the next few weeks. I have often wondered if the fainting spells and dizziness I felt were related to this relux business. I altered my diet and made more of an effort to get sleep about April and the dizziness subsided substantially, but not completely. They checked my heart, but no problems there....
Avatar f tn recently ive had really bad headaches, dizzyness and sometimes fainting, also really bad sharp pains in my stomach maionly in the middle of my stomach, below my stomach, and on mi right side. i dont no what these symptoms mean??? if anyone has any explanations as to what these might mean please let me know.
Avatar f tn You should see your doctor and have a EKG to make sure you do not have a small heart attack. GERD can cause bad chest pains and actually make you stop walking, but I have never had myself a feeling of fainting from GERD.
1304732 tn?1273108885 Interestingly Oraltech Labs specializes in bad breath but considers Bad Breath, Halitosis, Post Nasal Drip, Dry Mouth, GERD and heartburn as a single health issue and have you treat all of them in your own home by yourself. It mentioned most people who complain of one problem actually had most or all of the other problems but didn’t know it. So it gets you to attend to all of them as missing one usually results in the return of the other.
Avatar n tn So, I'm 16 years old and I faint. I usually get dizzy, my vission goes blurry then dark and I studder my words when the "attack" is happening, then I fall to the floor.. This happened once over the summer and it felt as if my head kept banging against the floor. I could see out of the top of my eyes as if i was looking up. Weird thing is, I felt as if i was thinking but I couldn't move or talk or move my eyes.. The "attack" lasted about a minute and I could get up.
Avatar n tn I am 38 years old and have been suffering from digestive problems since my 3rd pregnancy six years ago. Initially, I was diagnosed with GERD and an esophageal stricture (which was dilated during an endoscopy). I was also diagnosed with a slight hiatal hernia. I have been on some type of GERD med continuously for about five years and seemed to be stabilized on the meds up until about the last four months. For the last four months, it initially appeared that my GERD was worsening again.
Avatar f tn It is characterized by hyperventilation for no apparent reason, frequent yawning, palpitations, dizziness, sweating, fainting, depression, and cold sweats. Please consult your primary care physician for assessment. In the meantime you could practice breathing exercises and good relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation. Regards.
933063 tn?1244613047 All morning before I was stressed, worrying that I am not yet ready but when I got into my job I began to calm down and enjoy my work. Everything became very calm and slow and I was enjoying the pace, then by mid day I started to get heat rash like feelings throughout my body, then I felt sick. I went to the toilet and a faint spell came on. I was out for about twenty minutes before I came round all I could feel was my head pounding. I was taken home by my boss, then I slept for four hours.
Avatar n tn However the symptoms I have are very similar to a previous illness when I was prescribed some Pariet. I am trying the Pariet again but was curious if these symptoms were consistent with GERD, and if there is any connection with urination?
Avatar f tn I started having panic attacks in December of last year, it started with one big one but I didn't have another one until about a month later, I had rapid heartbeat and feelings of fainting with shortness of breath but recently I have been having them almost everyday just with different symptoms, still having shortness of breath dry mouth and a hard time swallowing . I spoke to my Dr.
Avatar n tn ,she has decreased appetite especially in the evening and she only weighs 42 pounds and is 42 inches tall. I spoke with her doctor and he suggested we increase her medicine to 15mg twice a day. I have put her on a bland diet as well. She is also on zyrtec for allergies which she takes every pm. Please help I do not know what else to do for her. I don't know if we are following the right path for treating her. If she needs to have some tests done to find out what is truly her problem.
Avatar n tn She had an endoscopy and was diagnosed with GERD and gastritis. The specialist said that her stomach was inflamed and so was her esopha. where it meets the stomach. She tested negative for H-Pylori. At night, she will have joint aches and also is experiencing increasing frequency of a sore throat. She has been on Tagamet [prescription strength], and is on non-containing NSAID pain relievers that are prescription strength.
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Avatar n tn Well, first off, stress can and does cause these horrid PVC's, and it is not uncommon for them to be all day. I have them, but not lots, but, when I do, I get short of breath and I cough, I think the coughing has something to do with the artery near our throat. The shortness of breath is probably anxiety. GERD will certainly cause them too, the tummy is located near the vagus nerve and the vagus nerve is near the heart.
Avatar n tn Husband has spells where he gets a build up of sinus drainage, then starts coughing very deeply, he turns bright red and passes out and shakes like he is having ceasures. He has spent 6 days in a VA Hospital, with them running a battery of tests and they never actually diagnosed the problem. He has a nebulizer the sent home with him and albeutrol solution for the neb. (uses 4 times a day with the albeuterol) , also has proventil rescue inhaler, and a ton of different medications.
Avatar n tn HI and welcome to the GERD forum . DO u know what has caused ur gerd?...ur IBS?...Anxiety?..... Yes I get what I call heart palps...like I was frightened....I have a hiatal hernia...was dx with IBS, but recently found out it was from another condition just dx. May I ask what meds u r on, and are u avoiding foods that agrivate ur conditions? Also, meds for gerd can take awhile to appear effective, u must be patient.And continue to follow the lifestyle changes and foods to avoid tips.