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1514494 tn?1333584884 DH mentioned early today my face was looking red so iv just taken a look its like over my forehead round then to the bottom of my nose this is really very weird iv never noticed this before iv used the same cleanser,toner and moisturiser for about 6 years and its elemis so a really good make and iv never had a reaction and i also put this all over my face,neck and top of my bust but everywhere else is a normal skin tone...i tried takin a pic but its not really showing up well enough...
Avatar n tn I put this mask on my face yesterday for 10 minutes to help my dry skin. i rinsed it off after 10 minutes like it said to do but when i did i got red splotches all over my face and my face became even more dry. i can't even touch my face without it hurting, and i need a way to make this rash, or whatever it is, on my face go away. i have really sensitive skin, which could be one of the reasons this happened. thanks so much!!
744596 tn?1246845015 Is it worth investing in a face mask to wear while this swine flu is going around? Any good brands or certain ones in particular?
Avatar f tn about a year ago I used a facial mask that claimed to be organic, and it burned really bad so I took it off. I seriously think it gave me chemical burns, I'm not exaggerating one bit. my face was raw, and red and itchy and looked horrendous. I was pretty upset because I rarely put stuff on my face and never get acne and figured I would treat myself to a face mask. bad idea.
Avatar f tn No spider veins but I have a rash on my hands. I don't know if its puppp or the other common rash. It's itchy and burns sometimes. Face has the "mask of pregnancy" around my mouth. I'm ready to be done baking just so these issues will disappear! Have yours faded any?
Avatar n tn //www.thebodyshop.com/bodyshop/browse/product_detail.jsp?categoryId=productRelatedItems&productId=prod170272] and the other is a facial cleanser [http://www.thebodyshop.com/bodyshop/browse/product_detail.jsp?categoryId=productRelatedItems&productId=prod170272]. I have used the mask as recommended for about 15 minutes a thin layer on the skin and after 2 times in a week it felt like it was doing great.
Avatar f tn s day he wanted me to squirt in his face as he wore a nylon mask which we did but because of this incident he thinks my squirt has herpes. I do get cold sores since I have been a kid but i don't have hsv-2 or anything. We've also have sex and i squirted which is weird bc wouldn't i have gave him it from sex?
Avatar n tn can i use liquid 17% salacylic acid on face? (to treat a pregnancy mask that didn't go aways after almost 1.
Avatar m tn What exactly does this side effect mean? Mask like face. I've seen it as a side effect you should be concerned about on all the medications I've taken so far but have no idea how you can tell you have a "mask like face". What is happening that is so serious when you get a "mask like face"?
Avatar f tn long story short, I used a face mask about a year ago, and I seriously think it gave me chemical burns. it burned so bad I had to take it off, and my face was horrible and raw for months. anyways, it started to heal, but then a small red bump (that I thought was a zit) appeared on my cheek under my eye. I'm not sure if the face mask and the rash I have are related or not, but I figured I would throw that in there.
Avatar f tn Iam 21 weeks pregnant and iam getting rash in my back chest and right in the back of my right ear can anyone tell me of that's normal?
1287115 tn?1271801822 I then went mudding and flipped my 4 wheeler so my face was exposed to the muddy water. The day after that the rash turned into a bunch of small pimples which seemed like the rash was infected. Since then it became itchy (which I hope that means its healing) and I took benadryl and I have been washing my face with ivory soap to dry it out, then I moisturize with olay regenerist. It has also moved slightly onto my neck. If anyone knows what this may be or has any ideas please let me know!!
Avatar f tn So I've started to get really dry skin all over my face and it's driving me freaking crazy!! I spent an hour in the bathroom mirror getting a lot of it off and putting lotion on!! Anyone else experience this and find a way to make it go away??
4981292 tn?1381256805 everyone says im having a girl. But then a girl told me that since my face is to clean and doesnt have the mask that it'll be a boy. lol. It doesnt matter. i was just curious on if it was true or not.
Avatar f tn 5 weeks ago, I have extreme skin irritation, especially to my face which is a problem since I have extreme sleep apnea and need the CPAP mask clamped onto my face all night. Plus I have jaw pain which is getting worse and worse which may be from another side effects which can occur "spontaneously" called jaw necrosis, meaning the jaw bone deteriorating. I have heard horror stories from 2 other women on another site.
Avatar f tn No. I have it on my face and wear makeup but best you can do is stay out of the sun.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if any of you ladies have pregnancy mask? My skin is horrible! My face is pealing like a snake! My regular moisturizer is doing nothing for me n neither is baby oil! Have you found n e thing to help? Exfoliating is like acid right now n makes it worse! My bare minerals makes it 10 times worse!
Avatar f tn I'm 23 weeks and ever since I hit 20 weeks I keep getting a rash on my face and arms, I've seen a doc one tried antihistamine and creams they have put it down to pregnancy..... Has anyone else had this happen??? If so has it gone away???
Avatar f tn My skin (mostly my face) has been so dry lately.....i guess they call it a pregnancy mask? Anyone have any suggestions? I've used heavy cream, like ponds, but I'm not noticing a difference. I'll try anything that anyone has to offer. Thanks!
Avatar f tn My face is super dark......
Avatar f tn How long, after a child's birth, should it take for pregnancy mask to disappear? My baby/toddler is 18 months old and my mask, although faded, is still noticable (my five year old tells me that I have dirt on my face). Are there any dietary changes I should consider? Thank you.
Avatar m tn I have little red bumps on the right side of my face only in areas where the mask hits my face, ie. the silicone seal. What can I do to avoid this other than obviously not use the mask? Are my symptoms consistent with a mask alergy? My Dr. says its an alergic reaction and said to get a non alergenic mask.. I don't know where. The bumps are ITCHY and tend to be in tight little circles, some what like acne.