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Avatar n tn I have had a bad rash and hives for 2 months now.. I did not realize it was my hair dye and did it again . I have had to go to the hospital twice my neck swelled up and my air way was closing. I have not used hair dye for about 4 weeks now and the rash and iching and burning of my skin gets better in one spot and then moves to a different spot. Does anyone know how long this can last.. I have had all of the symptoms that I read about including weeping head and ears..
Avatar n tn HI, If you have history of allergic reaction, this is more likely a reaction toAt the hair dye. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to a topically applied hair product include an itchy, red rash on the eyes, ears and face and, sometimes, facial swelling. The component of the dye that is responsible is the coal tar para-phenylenediamine (PPD). At this point, stop using the dye and see if it resolves.
Avatar f tn have appt for allergy testing in a couple of weeks) I was excited to find the Act Naturals (from Advanced Technologies) line of hair dye, purchased it online, and had my hair colored last week. Within 24 hours, my symptoms returned: swelling, soreness, redness, itchiness of my scalp, ears, face and neck. Is it possible that the coloring process "reactivated" PPD that is likely still in my hair from hair coloring with a product containing PPD 6 weeks ago?
Avatar m tn May I suggest that you make an appointment with your family doctor and let your doctor see this rash on your upper back. What hair dye did you use ? Did you buy the hair dye over the counter ? Your allergic reaction doesn't sound mild to me. If after using this hair dye you got pains in your chest and a severe rash on your upper back that's not mild.
Avatar m tn my neck looks like its been burnt i changed my hair dye could i have a allergy to it and what cream should i use on my neck?
Avatar n tn I dyed my hair 3 weeks ago and have had a string of reactions on my head and neck which have become progressively worse. Firstly i had a small rash around my hair line and on my scalp which was a little itchy but two days after this my whole face had swollen. My doctor prescribed me steroids to ease the swelling and flucloxacillin aswell as antihistamines however the rash has not subsided.It has spread onto my face and neck and a small patch has appeared on my arm.
496771 tn?1209694758 How long does the rash and pain last, I dyed my hair twice after I had a reaction.. did not know it was my dye because I did not have any problems until a few weeks after I did it. 2 er's ear doctor, skin doctor and my primary and nobody knew what it was. I figured it out myself from this web site. It has been 2 months and I don't know how much more I can take.. contant rash and hives , iching and pain.. Please can someone tell me when it goes away... andy input would be great..
Avatar n tn I’m fearful to use the cream he prescribed if it is not scabies. Any one ever have scabies or a reaction to hair dye like this?
Avatar f tn Did you know that hair dressers who are around hair dye for so many years have a higher rate of bladder cancer than other people? I did this research because I have MCS and I wanted to know if there was anything that would be safe for me to use. I have concluded that there pretty much isn't anything I feel comfortable trying for myself.
Avatar f tn Hey girls, this is my forage pregnancy and I'm 32 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my baby girl. Would it be safe to dye my hair if so what kind of hair dye is recommended?
Avatar f tn For my face btw I use neutrogena (the orange pump liquid), which is really mild, in the morning and in the evening. My OB said it was okay. I don't dye my hair either, just pick out an occasional white hair lol. I know some of it can be dangerous so I really would ask my OB with that question.
Avatar f tn I am 23 weeks , and just died my hair last Friday. Any moms dye their hair while pregnant? I feel bad for just not waiting it out. But I've been told usually during the second trimester. I opened all my windows used a face mask while the application was being put on etc.
Avatar f tn I wanted to dye my hair (my roots are coming out) and I'm maybe about 2-3 weeks pregnant. Is it not recommended or will I (and baby) be at risk? My husband told me he read that I should stay away from fumes. Just want to make sure before I risk anything.
Avatar f tn i m 26 week pregnant i want to know that is it save to use hair dye and face bleach at this stage of pregnancy ?
Avatar m tn When you mention head, what comes to thought is hair product or hair dye or formulas to blend-in grey hair, etc. Just some thoughts as I read thru your post.
Avatar n tn I've had a reaction to hair dye and now my scalp is itchy, sore and inflamed. My face and glands are swollen, painful and tender. I applied the dye 3 days ago. I've washed my hair with clarifying shampoo, took oral Benadryl as well as applied cortisone 10 to my scalp. Does it get worse before it gets better. It seems to get worse each day. No breathing problems though but an occasional headache.
Avatar f tn Yeah it is I would recommend doing an armorial free hair dye and make sure your are in a well ventilated area.
Avatar m tn I had also used a new hair dye (unrelated to the patch test a week before, with no itching or problems with my scalp. The itchiness on my arms seem to be worse at night, and are not there constantly as they seem to come and go during the day. My doctor has given me an antibacterial medicine mixed with a topicl steroid, but the itching keeps moving around and is unbearable; it gets better when I put a cold towel over it but that is all I can think to do.
Avatar f tn Dye your hair in a well ventilated area, you can even use one of those white face masks if you have some. It's perfectly safe.
Avatar f tn Hello, About 6 weeks ago I developed dermatitis (or raised small bumps) on the side of my face, neck that were extremely itchy. It happened about 7-10 days after I got my hair dyed, so I though it might be a reaction to the dye. I took benedryl and go a steroid shot. The benedryl took the itching down about 25-40%. I then went to an allergist who put on prednisone, I felt zoned, but this did not help the rash.
Avatar m tn Hair dye allergy often produces a skin irritation at the hairline, forehead, neck, or swelling about the eyes and face, none of which you mentioned in your post. Patients allergic to hair dye do occasionally complain of fever; you mentioned "hyperthermia." Other symptoms could be urticaria(hives) nausea and difficulty swallowing. If your mother chooses to dye her hair, she obviously would want to use a producut that does not threaten her health.