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Avatar n tn And be easy to put together. Even though this could be unrelated to allergies. Get on google and type in swollen eyes. And by all means don't strain them for hours. This may make them worse. Not sure. And putting icepacks on them frequently can help with the swelling. Also this may be something your body was fighting off okay but a recent drug has lowered/supressed your immune. Sometimes a drug does this only initially, and then adapts.
Avatar n tn Just in case anyone else stumbles upon this since its the top result for swollen/dry/crusty eyes (and I mean nearly swollen shut) and chapped lips... I had a few flares up just like this in the spring, sometimes in late winter, and I feel it might be coming on now. I also had hives and had to take prednisone more than once to cure it. I have no common allergies. (Was allergy tested with my blood). Not even slightly.
790967 tn?1432768410 about 9 years ago i was running around my house and both my eyes swelled shut it had never done it before but for some reason now every time i run even from my house to my driveway it'll swell it starts with a small lump under my eye them my nose seems to clog up and feel very stuffed and not a minute after i get the small bump both my eyes swell and stay swollen for two days no longer i dont know whats causing it, ive been to the allergist they first told me it was a milk allergy but milk doesn
Avatar f tn By Thanksgiving, my eyes had gone from being bloodshot and puffy to swollen shut. My doctor prescribed steroids. Within 3 days of stopping 2 separate round of steroids (which did help all the allergy symptoms and swelling), my swollen sensitive eyes would start up again and then my mouth broke out in terrible cold sores. I've had larger ones on my bottom lip since a child. But these are completely different. Tiny little blisters along my top lip and the skin around my lips. Gross.
Avatar m tn I am on Singulair, Advair, Albuterol, Xyzol, Nasonex and even the absolutely horrendous Prednisone (anywhere from 40 to 10mgs depending on how bad I am). This asthma has SHUT ME DOWN. I used to exercise a lot, 5-6 times a day, but now it's a struggle. I'm constantly wheezing. I've been on allergy shots for about 8 weeks and don't feel anything yet. I've also recently taken an Immunoglubulin E (igE) test, in the hope of starting on Xolair, which I'm HOPING will help w the asthma.
Avatar n tn It gets worse during the night and sometimes when I wake up I can't even open my eyes because they are so swollen from top to bottom. When the symptoms are at their worst, I'm almost unrecognizable. After the symptoms subside, my skin is very dry and flaky. I used to think it was seasonal since it would usually come out twice year around April and October. I figured something in the environment was either blooming or dying off.
Avatar f tn I'm considering purchasing an Anew under eye cream from Avon and also will try to use cucumbers on my eyes after I swim. I just read in RealSimple that the cucumber thing actually has some benefit for any under eye swelling. I don't know if any of it will work. I too am worried about long term damage. I hope someone answers our questions!
560272 tn?1311353893 I've never really had allergies, but for some reason this spring I've been sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy ears, drainage in throat, sore throat, and my throat feel swollen or like it could close. I also have Eczema on my ears and scalp, and have since a child. I've had these allergies for 2 months now. I've tried eliminating wheat, dairy, and sugar....which doesn't help much. I've tried Hyland's Allergy and Sinus, which hasn't helped much.
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks ago, my eyes started itching severely and I just assumed it was pollen allergies. Then one morning I woke up with my eyes swollen shut and red. I used a washcloth compress to get the swelling down and the eyes continued to be red and swollen and itchy and I noticed little blisters kind of like what I get when I wear cheap jewelry and get a chemical reaction from the metal. I have tried some Zatidor eyedrops-antihistime twice daily.
Avatar n tn This morning, he awoke, and 1 eye is nearly swelled shut; the other is swollen as well. His face looks about as red as it did yesterday. He isn't complaining of any other symptoms though he's uncomfortable and not as active as usual. I don't see any rash. He's not eaten any shellfish. He takes Concerta for ADD and is allergic to cats. Not other known allergies. We've given him Benedryl and he's keeping a cold compress on the worst eye. Can you suggest a diagnosis? Treatment?
Avatar n tn A few weeks ago, the problem occurred again. This time my allergies had just kicked in from exposure to extreme mold and hay fever season. There's no infection this time because we caught it early, so I'm just on an antihistamine/decongestant, a 2nd antihistamine, and klonopin. I am slowly improving. I have a new primary care who understands the issue. But she decided to send me to an ENT, just to be safe.
Avatar n tn I would take him to a different allergist! My 4 year old daughter has allergies to dairy, peanut and egg. Hives, swollen eyes are the symptoms we see on the outside. The same thing happens on the inside. Since we are all unique, the allergies, although may be similar in symptoms to others with allergies, I am sure can have a somewhat different effect and symptoms on each affected individual with allergies.
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks ago, my eyes started itching severely and I just assumed it was pollen allergies. Then one morning I woke up with my eyes swollen shut and red. I used a washcloth compress to get the swelling down and the eyes continued to be red and swollen and itchy and I noticed little blisters kind of like what I get when I wear cheap jewelry and get a chemical reaction from the metal. I have tried some Zatidor eyedrops-antihistime twice daily.
Avatar n tn Has progressively gotten worse and eyes almost swollen shut in mornings. Toward end of day still somewhat swollen and bright red around eyes (like a racoon). Itchy and hot. Crusty dry skin below. Bridge of nose wider and nose itself swollen. Allergy testing done..no allergies. Am on Peginterferon alfa-2a and Ribavirin, USP 1000mg. Only decreased for short time in July when hemoglobin count was at 9. I am now at 24th week and this is still an issue.
Avatar f tn So now, both eyes are red (it wasn't as red before), almost swollen shut, pressure on the face from the swelling, dry, and right eye is scaly from dryness. Also, 2 additional smal itchy rashes (weeping also) on arms, and just recently, few itchy red patches on neck (not weeping). Went to Doctor #4 who said it's allergies.
Avatar f tn Now it is 4 hours since I arrived home and my eye is almost swollen shut the dischage is extremely heavy and immediatly start to crust. The pain is still from the eyebrow to the upper check. But now when I bend over I have tremendous pain in my eye and upper cheek area. I have been flushing my eye out and alterntaing flusing the eye out with artificial tears and alternating putting Erythromiacin and Vigomax (because that is what I was prescribed last time I went to the doctor) in my eye.
Avatar f tn I have swollen, itchy eyes and swollen, itchy behind the ears.When I wake in the morning, my right eye is swollen shut. As the day wears on, it gets semi-better. It is driving me crazy. I have tried cucumbers (soothing, but no help), I have tried using tea tree oil (do not recommend) stings/burns like the dickens. I have also used an anti-fungal cream on my eye-lids and behind my ears (drys everything out but still problem persists.
Avatar n tn This condition also produces a lot of mucus. I wake up with my eyelids shut close from all the mucus. Rubbing my eyes may cause my condition to worsen.
Avatar f tn Well, you just really need to be evaluated -- likely by both an ENT doc and an allergist (some ENT people do both). You clearly have rather severe disease and may be a candidate for immunotherapy in addition to other, standard medications (steroid nasal sprays, antihistamines, antileukotrienes, simple saline nasal rinses). There may even be a role for some limited surgery to give you some more room for air and to enable medicines to have better access to where they need to go.
Avatar n tn I too, suffer from myriad food allergies, amongst other things.
Avatar n tn I recently got the red bumps around my eyes (in October). My eyes were swollen shut and the bridge of my nose between my eyes was swollen so badly that I looked like a monster (could not wear my eye glasses because my face was too swollen). I was sent to a Endocrinologist and a Rheumotologist. They ran a battery of tests, perscribed a regimne of steroids and powerful antibotics. The swelling and bumps cleared up and all was well until two days ago (its back).
Avatar n tn I have been suffering for over a decade with pressure in head confusion spacey feelings, brain at one time felt as if it were floating head, tired feelings, eye sensitivity from light and air, eyes feel like there crossing from time to time. Ive had mri, upperskeletol tests, blood work . have tried chiropractor, talk therapy , psychiatrist (with meds), eating healthier exercise thinking maybe its a stress related issue, still no clear answers . any suggestions??
Avatar f tn When I was leaving here, I took pictures of my eyes - my left eyelid was red, itchy and swollen and the right one was normal. After I arrived in Poland, my eyelid slowly started to heal. I did not use any medication, just the hypoalergenic eye cream. A week later my eyelid was back to normal, I wore my regular eye makeup and once was even too tired to wash it off so I had it on for 24 hours. I had NO REACTION whatsoever. One can only imagine how thrilled I was to have my eyes back.
Avatar f tn For whatever reason, though, I find that since my SVR, I haven't suffered from seasonal allergies so far this year. I'd see your allergist to make sure you have something on hand for the next mosquito, as allergic reactions can get worse from one episode to the next.
Avatar n tn Now my eyelids a swelled very much so and my eyeballs itch as if I have cotton or sandpaper in my eyes. My eyes arent red just swollen and itchy. I do not have allergies and the eye doctor said that if my symptoms did not clear up to come back. Does anyone know by chance what it could be or what I can do for my symtoms? I have never had this problem and my symptoms are changing everyday and not in progressing towards clearing up. Help!
Avatar m tn ) I used to wake up in the middle of the night with the sensation of 1000 little spikes 'poking' inches away from my eyes. If I closed my eyes I could 'see' them. I covered my eyes with my arm and waited it out. They would eventually go away in 30 seconds, or a few minutes.
Avatar n tn please help me for years off and on ive had this really smelly discharge from my belly button i went to the doc a few years back he didnt seem worried but now its back i dont wanna go back to my doctor as have been back and forth for weight probs and periods etc and am getting fed up with it all has anyone here experienced this problem or know what it could be i have my belly button peirced but had this problem before that and its horrible pllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee help me!!!
Avatar n tn Last week I woke up and my left eye was now swollen and worse than the right one. I just came back from the emergency room this morning, because I was awakened by a itchy, burning sensation on my left eye lid and when I looked in the mirror it was almost swollen shut. The doctor couldn't figure out what it was and summed it up to allergies. Because of the constant back and forth of swelling I have so much extra skin on my lid that I look like I need an eye lift!
Avatar f tn I only started suffering after developing an allergy to I think but I'm not 100% ibuprofen and my eyes puffed up and were swollen shut, about 18 months ago. Also hydrocortisone 1% cream occasionally on my eyes also works a treat. This also works if people have seasonal allergies, I've suggested this to a few friends with watery sore dry eyes suffering allergies and they have all been extremely grateful to the point it changed their lives. They can now wear make up again!