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Avatar m tn Okay so here's the history in brief Feb 2012 - I visit VASAN EYE CARE - KOCHI - INDIA to consult a doc if i can go head with lasik, She suggests since i was an avid contact lens user i must do barrage laser for left eye treatment first b4 doing actual laser op. Feb 11 - Barrage laser done within abt 15 mins Feb 19 - Zyoptix laser surgery. Done on both the eyes.
Avatar m tn If you were injured due to lens implant eye surgery by a Lancaster, MA based eye surgeon in surgery in Gardner, Massachusetts on December 30, 2008, I would like to hear from you for possible class action as a result of injuries suffered. He put the wrong lens in my eye almost certainly becaseu of his assembly-line like operation.
Avatar m tn The only treatment is removal by surgery with/without skin grafting (depending on the size of the lesion) or use of laser (CO2 Laser). You can discuss these treatment options with your dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn I think my doctor put the close vision implant in the wrong eye, my dominant eye, and now I have blurred long distance vision when I try to see with both the close vision eye and the long vision eye. Who do I report this to?
Avatar f tn I had cataract surgery with ACRY Sof IQ IOL by Alcon implanted in my bad right eye on 1/23/012, 20/20 vision post surgery, with no issue, a year later same surgeon said he can easily take care of the secondary cataract in my right eye, with laser surgery in his office, now 19 months later, I am deliberating the pros and cons of YAG laser capsulotomy, and found this in depth article by New York Times about cataract surgery, if it was available two years ago, at the time when I was researching b
Avatar n tn I had one post-op visit one week after the laser surgery. The eye doctor said things looked good and that the scarring was at about 80% of its capacity to hold. I still suspect something could have gone wrong since though. Not sure how alarming flashes are in general.
Avatar f tn I had cataract surgery on left eye 6 days ago. At the post-op visit next day, I could see better near and intermediate. However, distance was blurry. Doctor put a drop of Atropine in eye and said the muscle would be paralyzed for several days, accompanied by dilation. The pupil is almost back to normal size, and I can use the computer without glasses and so some reading. However, distance (beyond 5-6 feet) continues to be blurry.
Avatar f tn He had me come in to be checked but could not find anything wrong except that I still had some swelling. Also, during the surgery, I had bleeding in my eye. The iris was surrounded by a ring of red. This blood circle has diminished after a week and all the remnants of that should be gone within another week. My question is: why, after being able to see clearly for a day, is everything getting blurry again and what can be done about this.
284078 tn?1282620298 In my practice, I find out the main priority and shoot for that first and if I can achieve it in the first eye then the second eye has some wiggle room for me to add some near or distance vision as desired. It is more of a DISTANCE plus some near added in or NEAR with a little distance added in.
Avatar f tn My doctor said it is due to the difference of diopter (plano vs -8) even with wearing soft contact lens on my left eye and I have to have another cataract surgery on this left eye to correct the problem. I was not ready to have cataract surgery on my left eye at all because the cataract is minimal, and am having many troubling days and nights since. I went for a second opinion at much bigger university eye center, and heard same answer that I need my left eye IOL done, too.
Avatar n tn Yet, the idea of treating a patient with lots of them is considered surgery to a healthy eye? What is an unhealthy eye then? I was under the impression the purpose of an eye was to provide vision. If something is blocking that vision, is that not a problem? I've read the risks to the eye for vitrectomy is 5%, and far less in the case of an FOV that does not require sutures. There are enzymes now available that will liquify the vitreous (vitrase) making it even easier to remove.
Avatar m tn I had the buckle and gas bubble combo. In late May I did have a relapse and had to have laser surgery to seal a small part of the detachment. relatively things been going well. In December I went away to the mountains with my friends (higher) altitude and started to develop after this some eye redness. I went to get it checked out as I was seeing a different type of floater and the doctor said the retina was fine.
Avatar f tn of course I'd rather not have to, but I'm also realistic) - but I'm a little gun-shy about getting voluntary surgery in my left eye since the last time I had voluntary eye surgery (right eye PRK) it didn't go so well. Thanks for any advice you can give me. I appreciate your willingness to help people on this forum.
Avatar m tn I had three sutures from my eye removed last month one month post surgery of having hideous ReZoom lens explanted. Things were good before the stitches came out but then horribly blurry -- 3.25. Is this a normal result of the eye needing to heal after the suture removal or possibly something else? The doctor said he wants to re-suture the eye and leave the sutures in permanently. Is this common and does this sound like it would be successful reducing or eliminating the astigmatism?
Avatar n tn I had three surgeries at 11 months old, but the problem was never fixed and I never gained 3D or stereoscopic vision. At 18, I got laser eye surgery, which strengthened my left eye since now it could see clearly. That is when I found out I didn't see in 3D and my eyes weren't straight; I had no idea! Right after that terrific news, off to university I go. I've had three surgeries since then (bring left eye down, bring left eye out, and bring left eye in).
Avatar n tn For those wrestling with the decision of what Type of IOL, I'll offer you my experience with my decision to go monofocal. I had the left-eye cataract surgery yesterday, and met with the doctor this morning. I finally chose the monofocal over the rezoom / restor options. My doctor went with the AMO Tecnis foldable acrylic IOL ZA9003. Diopter 17.5. Day 1: When they took that bandage off my left eye, I was amazed at the colors.
233488 tn?1310696703 It is important for him to follow up regularly with his ophthalmologist for a dilated retina and peripheral retina exam. He should see the Eye MD immediately with sudden increase of floaters, flashes or loss of peripheral vision. You need to ask he surgeon specifically about activity. As a generalization return to golf and tennis would be allowed by most surgeons after 7-10 days.
Avatar f tn In the first six months since reattachment surgery, and cataract surgery and Yag laser, my eyes have been dilated about 17 times. Never had a problem, actually thought it was cool to keep looking at my pupils as they got larger. The other test is the eye pressure test. The nurse, techs put a numbing drop in your eye. I prefer this pressure test to the "puff in your eye''one. Good luck!!
Avatar n tn My doctor did the right bad eye first. My vision was fine before surgery. I was farsighted and need magnifying glasses for reading only fine prints. I was able to walk around, read street signs from a distant and close up. After surgery, I no longer can see people faces at a distant. I cannot watch TV, read what’s on and screen, or see the time on the VCR unless, I get up from where I am sitting and walk up to the TV or clock to read what’s there. Everything is distorted at a distant.
Avatar m tn I have the same 3xact problem with cataract surgery in right eye. Yag laser caused stresks turning into severe high Starbursts. Went to many eye docd. None 9f them know how to fix it or what caused it. Wish I saw this board 10 years ago 3hen I had the cataract surgery.
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Avatar f tn After my second and third examination i started realizing that floaters are gradually getting more and more. After I have gone for fourth eye examination I got floaters in both eyes and it is getting darker and darker... its been a month since my last eye examination now I can notice my eye floaters anytime and at any lighting conditions.. it is really annoying and diverting my focus. I am 35yrs old and started worrying about my future now...
233488 tn?1310696703 When groups of people that have had cataract surgery get together and talk about their results the variation in the final results are usually not due to complications but that those with poor vision post operatively have other problems in their eye that the cataract surgery did not, as was not expected to help.
Avatar m tn I had cataract on May 14 on my right eye. My vision is now 20/20, before surgery it was very bad so i am very happy with that part of it. My iol used was a toric lens and it also eliminated my astig. My question is if anyone has had the same side effect after surgery. I have mild glare and starburst on lights at night, is this permanent? I need the other eye done in the future but i am a little worried that it will happen in the other eye and possibly be much worse.
Avatar f tn I'm hoping for this rather than another tear. And if I was unfortunate to get another tear could it be treated by laser rather than eye surgery again?
Avatar n tn Shortly there after, I started having white flashes of light, loss of vision, strange eye pressure feeling. I have been to two eye drs who found nothing wrong with my eyes. I have had 2 new pairs of eye glasses. I will be seeing a specialist now after having some weakness on my left side. I have an MRI scheduled for Thursday. My vision is almost 100% affected now. There are days that are not too bad, but others that are really bad.
740516 tn?1360946086 Hi all! Here I am 8 days after my surgery,doc said it was all fine IOP is good and retina attached. Using just 2 eye drops,corticoid and antibiotics ( leaving the second in 2 more days..) I see the habitual small floaters AND some new kind of ones: They are like round bubbles with a contourn black,and appears more when I move faster. What can those to be? Silicone Oil Residues? If so, will they stay there forever? Doc said it can be caused for lens is not fixed yet.Is it a real possibility?
Avatar m tn There had been a little bit of astigmatism in that eye before surgery, but on a very different axis (130 degree rotation of the axis). The Dr. says there were no complications during surgery, and the IOL is centered and correctly placed. No stitches, no postoperative infection, very little pain the first day and none thereafter. There is no obvious swelling and the eye's pressure is normal. My question is, what the heck is going on here? Here's hoping the Dr.
Avatar f tn At the end of August 2016 I developed another tear at the top of my eye and I had laser surgery that same day. I had a gas bubble placed in my eye. After a month the doctor told me it was looking fine but I still have a pocket of fluid. My bubble finally went away on the first week of November 2016 but I have this weird floater moving around in my eye. A couple days ago I went in in suspicion of another tear but I was fine.