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Avatar m tn I Use Contact Lenses Regularly. I have one Progressive (1.5 Years Validity) Lences Which i Purchased 2 years Before. Now I need 2 wear it for one day. But When i Bring it from Drawer its Completly get dried. then i filled solution in the lense case and in 1 day lence got ready as new one...... So Plz Advice me in this case Sould i wear that Lences Only for ONE day, because i want to give my currently using lences for quarterly service.
Avatar f tn It depends on which contact lens are you looking for, some of them are available on online stores, but first try them and see if you're comfortable with contact lenses, I advice you to use http://www.acuvuearabia.com/ in order to get free sample and best quality if you decide to buy.
Avatar f tn I'm contact lens wearer (20+ yrs). I went to my ophthalmologist because of persistent eye redness and possible dryness, more veiny looking whites and a very red look to my inner, lower lids. This has been going on for about 6 weeks. He tried using a daily disposable lens and it did not help. He gave me a thorough eye exam and put me on TobraDex for 1 week with a scheduled follow up. He said it is possible that I am developing intolerance to contact lenses.
Avatar n tn I am a 32 yrs old school teacher with a severe myopia of -19 in my left eye and -20 in my right eye. I have been using contact lenses for almost last 15 yrs. I don't want to wear them anymore as travelling makes it difficult. Should i opt for intra occular lenses? Is it safe with my kind of power? Please respond.
Avatar f tn I know if I wear regular contact lenses I will need reading glasses to read up close. My question is that if I wear contact lenses for presbyopia, will this eliminate the need of wearing reading glasses? Thx alot side note I only have one good eye.
Avatar m tn So I am new in using contact lenses, this is just my second week of using contact Lens. It was my eye doctor who first inserted lens in my right eye, and she also the first one to remove it. On my left eye I am the one who put and remove the lens as a practice. It was under the supervision of my eye doctor. The next day, I have to put the lenses alone. I don't encounter any problem with my left eye, but the right one feels a stinging feeling after putting the lens.
Avatar f tn I have been using fashion lenses for quite some time now. But I use them very rarely... However, few times I have noticed that lenses don't come out easily. They get stuck!!! I was panicked but after using the MPS, they came out. But is it normal? Is it because my eyes are dry? Are lenses safe? I am really worried about this. Shall I continue using lenses?
Avatar f tn 5 years now and never had any problems. Last June I had a bad eye infection and had to be out of my contacts for 2 - 4 weeks. After the infection cleared up, I wore my contacts again and things were fine. However, I noticed my eyes getting irritated more often and couldn't wear my contacts for a full day anymore because my eyes would get extremely red, dry, and hurt...A LOT.
Avatar n tn ive been wearing contact lenses for 10yrs. and recently ive switched to acuevue oasis and my eyes have become irritated and red everytime ive put them on. my eyes did not hurt and there has been discharge. ive gone seen a doctor and he recommended i stop wearing my contacts due to it caused an infection which was contagious. so i stopped using my contacts and within two week the doctor said i was fine to use them again. throw the old away and use a set of new ones. i began using them and again..
Avatar n tn so i just started using the oasys lenses, one toric for astygmatism and one regular. they make my eyes very dry and they dont improve my vision much at all. i can see much better with my glasses. what could the problem be? i even went back to my eye doctor and he changed my prescription, but it didnt help. should i try a different brand maybe?
Avatar n tn I am a 22 yr old female. I wear contact lenses daily and have never had an infection or issues with my eyes (apart from myopia). Within the last few months, I have been feeling irritation when I wear my lenses. (It is not due to old lenses as I have changed them and I have tried changing my cleaning solution as well to no avail). I have also tried eye drops and "contact rewetting drops", and those did not help either.
Avatar f tn She is not really suffering anything, now using eye drop for 4 days without lenses. I plan to skip her lenses for another 6 days after 4 day eyedrop! I as the mother really get frustrated and worried! We washed hands, use clear care daily and she doesn't rub eyes! All we did was we went to the park and was windy the day before her right eye started!!
Avatar f tn The power changes for the contact lenses will not help or hurt your eyes. The real question is which variation is most comfortable to you. Most patients do well with the lenses which best correct both eyes individually. However, if one has become used to better vision in one eye or the other, it can be an odd feeling to actually have the other eye "see better".
Avatar m tn Hi Ive had implantable lenses great for me,im 37 years old tho,but an idea for you in a few year times,had same problem with contact lenses,acuvue 2 weekly lenses are very good lenses,same as monthly but thinner,but i think they have stopped doing them now..
Avatar f tn A stye usually means a staph infection. I would not use the contact lenses. See an ophthalmologist. Dr.O.
Avatar m tn What are the difference between ordinary lenses and hybrid contact lenses?
Avatar f tn I'm a contact lenses user. I start using it for around 4-5years. I also try some pairs of Renu monthly disposable with Renu MPS, but never use Renu eyedrop. I sometimes use V.Rohto eyedrop before and after use contact lense. Later, I use 1 year disposable contact lenses because they come with beautiful colors and economical. Those are GEO brand from Korea. Now m using the 5th pair. I use it almost everyday around 10-12hour. I wonder why the recommendation just 8hours.
Avatar m tn If not, consider seeing a different eye care provider, preferably someone who specializes in contact lenses for the hard-to-fit patient. (This will probably be an optometrist. You can continue with your ophthalmologist for general eye health exams if you want.) It was my experience that the 1-day disposables (like 1-day Acuvue moist) are tops for wearing comfort.
Avatar f tn I acccidentally slept in my extended-wear contacts and, during the night, had some allergy issues. Not realizing my contacts were in my eyes, I used antihistamine eye drops. This morning, one of my contact lenses is not on my iris--it feels like it's stuck way back under my eyelid, but I cannot dislodge it or see any evidence that it is still in my eye. Is it possible that the antihistamine drops dissolved or ate the contact?
Avatar n tn The last time i wore my contact lenses was 10 days ago - my eye has been stinging on and off since then and the blurring started on Friday which was what made me go to the optician etc - I have checked the lenses but they look fine. The nurse i saw on Saturday confirmed that it was an abrasion even though i said it must have happened a week before - as you say most abrasions heal within 48 hours so i am concerened as to why mine hasnt!
Avatar m tn eye dryness, solution incompatibility and toxicity, allergy, old lenses with protein buildup, etc. The exact problem will be determined by your doctor with a complete evaluation.
Avatar n tn hello everyone, i am 27 years old, i have specs. from last 14 years . From lasr 3 years i started using baush & Lomb lenses. I used one year dispossable lenses. i am comfortable with lenses. and i dont have any problem after i started using lenses instead of specs. But , i just want to know , is use of lenses harmful for eyes? Upto what age you can use lenses.
Avatar f tn bring the lenses and the case for a check too. Have the eye doctor evert (flip) the upper lids, to look for a condition called GPC, or Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. This is an inflammatory reaction to the contact lens and proteins on it, and can cause some of the symptoms you are having. Treatment consists of a period of no lens wear, a combination anti-histamine and mast cell stabilizer eye drop, and possibly changing to gas permeable or daily disposable soft lenses.
Avatar f tn The next day, my eyes were still irritated, so I have not worn the new lenses since. The eye that had the red ring felt like there was something in my eye/foreign body sensation during the last couple hours of wear. I put more drops in, but couldn't see anything like an eyelash. I have heard this reaction is not an "allergy", but possibly causing extreme dry eye in my case.