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Avatar n tn i have no tear duct in my right eye and seem to get eye infections easily the outer corner of my left eye is so itchy and sore i have never had the outer eye itchy what could it be?
Avatar m tn High fever 5 days Jan 1998, Hair loss and heart palpitations April 1998, No symptoms til 2001, deep skin lesion appeared in forearm, deep and infected... was given penicillin for infection, next day developed rash on legs lowgrade fever and malaise, doc took me off PCN thinking allergy to (possible herx?) .. June 2003 developed lump in roof of mouth, ENT advised probably infected salivary gland (gummas?) Oct 2005, onset of Neurological Symptoms Fascisulations.
Avatar n tn your kitty will loose the sight or even the whole eye if left untreated...I do hope you will find a way to get to a clinic for some treatment asap. or surrender the kitty to a local shelter where it will be taken care of....hard I know but this kitty really needs this eye to be treated and very soon... http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Pets/RESOURCES-TO-HELP-PAY-FOR-VET-CARE/show/535?
Avatar m tn Yesterday I picked my daughter up from nursery and noticed that she had an eye infection - red eye with watery discharge. Took her to the doctor where they diagnosed conjunctivitus and prescribed her an antibiotic eye ointment. My concern is that although I'm normally very good with hand hygiene I may still have managed to spread the chlamydia bacteria to her eye causing this infection. My doctor says it's unlikely.
Avatar f tn I have read many posts from people that say if untreated you wll die of complicatons of HCV. That is not true. Only 5% get liver cancer and it's hard to tell the progression of cirrohsis especially if your lifestyle is healthy. I've had HCV for 40 yrs and only stopped etoh 2009. Stage 0-1. People are different. I work in a hosptal ICU, 8 years and have seen 1 liver cancer from HCV and the patient was a heavy drinker. All the HCV patients I see in the ICU with GI bleeds, cirr.
Avatar f tn It does sound like an eye infection. They are incredibly common in kittens and can cause a lot of damage if left untreated. The good news is that they are easy to treat with oral antibiotics and, sometimes, a topical opthalmic (eye) ointment. The best advice that I could give you would be to ask about the price of medication(s) when you ask about the price of the visit.
Avatar n tn While surgery may not be necessary, systemic antibiotics are needed. Letting this infection go untreated can result in blindness or even loss of the eye itself if the infection gets behind the eye and into the optic nerve. It's also very close to the brain and meningitis can occur if the infection continues to spread. Please call your vet today. It's time for professional help on this one.
Avatar n tn I would not delay as eye pain can be a sign of a serious eye problem like an infection or corneal ulcer.
Avatar n tn Your cats have URI ( upper respiratory infection/s). The "goopy" stuff on the cats eye, is infection. If not taken care of, cat CAN LOSE EYE! Call the Vet and explane what is going on, he/she will get you a perscription for an opthamic gel. If your ok with it, try to take a warm wash rag, or wet kleenx and wipe the eys off to remove any discharge, then put the gel in the eyes. Do this 2-3 a day and within a few days to a week. Your cat should be good as new!
Avatar n tn It is not as bad as before when I could barely stand, but it is still there, and the fact that the pain is still there means I still have a fungal infection. Recently, my doctor said I have a candida infection, and gave me Diflucan (flucanozole) to take for 10 days. I just finished it and there was no apparent effect. Now, I'm not so sure it is a fungal infection. Urine and blood analyses done back in August showed no bacteria in the blood or urine. Could it still be a bacterial infection?
Avatar n tn He could have conjunctivitis (pink eye) and gone untreated it can cause blindness and a host of other problems. It could be allergy related also and that would mean he would need an antihistimine (like benedryl). He is obviously uncomfortable and it sounds like it is not going to go away until treated.
Avatar f tn You could have uveitis, which is very serious. You need to see an eye MD immediately. Too bad it's the weekend, but I would call opthamologist offices anyway, probably one is available on Saturday for emergencies. Untreated uveitis can damage your eyesight permanently and needs steroid treatment. It must be hard to diagnose, because I went through the same experience, wasting time and getting worse on antibiotic drops from my family doctor, until I was in agony.
Avatar n tn The discharge from the eye could be caused by glaucoma or an eye infection, both of which can cause blindness if you let it go. Sorry, there is no magical cure that we can offer to spare you the expense of a vet.
Avatar f tn Weeks before and after I had terrible sinus issues (NEVER had a sinus infection before) Dentist discovered a tiny fistula, a hole to my sinus. Told me not to blow my nose for 3 weeks. When I went back, he said it was closed (and in fact, foul tasting drainage had stopped) but x ray showed my sinus was still infected, my sinus was still clogged. I was on assorted antibiotics for 6 months. (I rarely take antibiotics) My sinus (it's only left side, site of tooth) are much improved.
Avatar n tn Any untreated infection can be harmful to you and then harmful to the baby. Zithromax is safe to use during pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I have an infection in my right eye and I just had one a few months ago. I'm going to see my eye doctor tomorrow . In the last two years I’ve had numerous infections in the same eye and my contact lenses make them worse. My eye MD usually gives me Tobradex, which helps but the eye infections always come back. I believe its something viral like ocular herpes because this all started in 2008 when I had a cold sore. Since then, I’ve also grown several new blood vessels in my eye.
14757790 tn?1436378776 it does affect the eyes however, and left untreated can lead to a severe infection and blindness. is the eye ball and tissue around the eye red? and weeping pus? than this kitty needs an antibiotic eye drop. I know money is tight for you but a short Vet exam and the ointment would cost you less than $50 I'm sure, perhaps by a discription a Vet would sell you the ointment even without seeing the kitten this than would only be less than $20 if there is no reddness in and around the eye.
Avatar f tn Went to doctors did Cat scan said everything looked great said sometimes sinus infections can cause vertigo symptoms if left untreated for to long.. Also said it could be a middle ear infection... So he put me on antibiotics NONE of it helped then when I was so sick I couldn't take it and I couldn't get out of bed to get my acne pill for about two weeks I started feeling better....
Avatar n tn of which I have none, he was wrong. it was pink eye and left untreated in her case, it turned to cellulitits. for a 6 year old...that's scary stuff. So, they don't know it all.
Avatar n tn next day came down with the worst cold virus / sinus infection for over a decade. ... OK so I put this down to bad luck / timing. anyway hung out with the same group of friends again on Sunday and just had a small line. Guess what ... I have a really bad sinus infection / cold again ...left side of my nose is tweaked ... swollen and running clear mucus from my left nostril. this is the side I snorted in. I FEEL AWFUL ! Like I have another terrible cold virus ... what the heck is going on ?
Avatar n tn I see that you've posted 3 times. Clearly you are desperate for an answer. I'll try to help. With respect to your eye and forehead - is it just a "feeling" you have that they are stiff and don't move? Or - is it observable by others? Have you had a ophlamologist exam? ( An MD not an optometrist) And what does the neurologist say? What does your MRI show?
Avatar n tn guys i have a chalazion in the lower lid of my right eye. it has been slowly developnig for the past 3 months or so. but ever since i staretd treatment, it has increased in size. it's barely noticable from the outside, but its almost 1 cm if u turn over the eyelid and look at the inside. there is also a slight loss of eyelashes over the area, which makes me worried. i showed it to a doctor, he said it was probably a benign chalazion. i hope thats all it is.
584162 tn?1291735294 I have been diagnosed with pulmonary histoplasmosis and had a lung nodule removed in June. I am on itraconazole because it was an active infection. I am concerned about my chances of developing POHC. I had untreated stabismus and amblyopia as a child and as a result only see out of my right eye which has very poor vision, but can be corrected to 20/20 with a contact lens. Obviously anything happening to my "good" eye would be devastating.
Avatar n tn could an untreated for years infection cause neurological problems? Could it be specifically tied up to the sexual activity? I'm talking about enterococcus faecalis that was found in the secretion of the prostate. I'm male, 23 years old. Have a very lean body. I don't take drugs, drink very rarely, don't have sex, have a sitting job. Generally not very happy, but don't have a depression either.
Avatar f tn I have severe headaces that started on the top of my head and are now also behind my left eye. I have blurred vision at times and early on could not use my right foot at times even thought there was no injury to that area. I feel like something is very wrong but with many neuro surgeons not seeing car accident victims around here, noone except my family doctor has seen the results of my ct and mri. Some days it is so bad I feel the need to go to the er but am trying to hold out.
Avatar n tn It's supposed to be a sign of empathy and femininity to have lighter skin tone around the eye - like hairs on your arms is supposed to be a sign of strength..
964234 tn?1331952807 I do know that pink eye can harm YOU and is highly contagious to everyone around you. If left untreated it can permanently damage your eye. So unless there is another option, the benefits probably do outweigh the risks. Also, make sure you take it for the full amount of time -- if you stop early, you run the risk of creating a drug resistant infection which would then be much more difficult to treat... Anyway, I'm sure it will be fine. I hope it clears up soon!
Avatar n tn I had a root canal done by an endodontist on tooth #14. A dead nerve was diagnosed w/ no infection present. One week later my face started swelling & left eye was red & tearing. An infection was found & I was put on Clindamyacin--that was very helpful with the swelling. After getting off the antibiotic my maxillary, headaches & eye pain have returned. My medical doctor ruled out migraines & sinus infection. Am I heading for a tooth extraction? What is next?
Avatar n tn a couple months ago I got some sort of infection in my left eye. It went untreated then I got a bump on my upper eyelid and then a larger bump along my lower eye lid if I pull it down their is a head on it.. I figured those two are styes started using erythomiacin jell in the eye not helping, and just yesterday started hot pack to the eye for 5 minutes a few times a day..
Avatar n tn If the discharge comes back, and you might get some swelling and redness, then I would say it is an infection. Unfortunately, if left untreated, eye infections can lead to blindness and sometimes require very expensive surgery. However, since you say the discharge has gone away... Squinting, occasional discharge, some redness - these can be signs of several eye conditions, from dryness/irritation all the way to glaucoma.