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Avatar m tn Hi I just want to know,I talked to a friend of mine that has herpes and i could see on his face he had an outbreak,is it possible that my eye could have got infected because when we talked a bit of saliva shot into my eye. Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn I have had herpes since I was 19 years old, am 55 now. Usually when I get an outbreak it resolves in a couple of days, no big deal. This time is different. I have persistant urethritis and feel kida "fluish". I also got a bad eye infection, was seen by an Opthamologist who didn't find it was herpes per se, though he did counsel me to remain on Valtrex till all pills are gone. I don't understand why this time is so much worse, and is going on this long, one week now.
Avatar m tn Hello, I've had a couple herpes outbreaks on my penis and within the same period I get a mild eye infection in one eye. Is his a coincidence or related> I've been checked by a ophthamologist and he thinks its a conjucvitis, he prescribed Polysporin anti bacterial eye drops, After 2 weeks everything cleared up. 6 weeks later the same eye became red and irritated with a new herpes outbreak. My eye was red, itchy. Again I applied polysporin drops, cleared up after 7 days.
Avatar n tn This is not HSV eye infection. What you describe in no way suggests it and HSV of the eye is quite uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn I have HSV1 genitally and sometime when I have an outbreak I scratch my outbreaks in my sleep. What are the changes if I scratch myself in my sleep and then rub my eyes with the same hand? Can I spread it to myself this way? Or really anywhere on my body. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Is it possible to spread the herpes infection if seminal fluid gets in your partners eye?
Avatar m tn Is it possible to spread the herpes infection if seminal fluid (semen) gets into the eye.
Avatar f tn But feels awkward to urinate and still have white discharge qith a slightly puffed lymph node in groin. Confused about whether this is a yeast infection or an outbreak? Can an outbreak cause a discharge?
Avatar f tn I have herpes 2 for 1 solid year. Was touching a outbreak to clean it up a little bit and went to wash my hands without thinking I rubbed my eye for about 20 seconds because it itched and realized what I did. I went to wash my hands and within seconds some water off my hand jumped up and hit me directly in the eye. I'm at work and someone walked in so I couldn't sit there and scrub my eye. I washed my hands and here I'm at. What should I do? Did I just infect myself in the eye??
Avatar m tn To get on suppressive therapy just askeep your Dr. He should have no problem with this. I am surprised to hear you have a genital infection after having a long term oral infection. The hsv by your eye isn't rare. It's all part of the same nerve ganglia and is pretty common. I would just go to your Dr and get on suppressive therapy.
Avatar n tn I figure an STD expert would probably know more about the other health problems hsv can causes aside from the obvious outbreak problems. I tried the eye board but did not get a reply other than see an eye dr which i did. Its seems too much of a coincidence that I aquire hsv2 ( i had type specific IGG testing- negative for type 1) and out of nowehere my eyes become dry, light sensitive, bloodshot blurry and feel achy behind them. I never had this before.
Avatar n tn Today, I noticed one small yellow/clearish blister just under his lash line in one eye. His eye area is not red or swollen, and he seems to have no systemic symptoms of a herpes outbreak. Really, the one thing that has me very scared is this small blister, which reminds me of a herpes blister.
Avatar f tn Last night I still had some throbbing underneath my eye, and today, I still feel that dull ache around my eye. Am I having an outbreak that never developed because of the daily 500mg I was taking? I know it is highly unlikely to transfer HSV to yourself after the initial outbreak. But I truly fear this is what I have done. Since I have no new infection, I was able to transfer it from my genitals to my mouth, right? So why not again? The symptoms feel like HSV.
Avatar m tn s mother gets HSV1 outbreaks under her right eye. Yesterday, when we visited her, she had an active outbreak under her eye that was still weeping. She gave us both a hug and kiss on the cheek goodbye, and not wanting to be rude, we didn't pull away of course. However, now we're concerned about contracting her infection. Given that she had an active outbreak my questions are as follows: 1) Even though her OB is under her eye, would she still be shedding virus from her mouth?
Avatar m tn What symptoms are normal for a outbreak with a new infection just in a different area. Over the last two days I have had some uncomfortable itching on various areas of my genitals and some pinchy itches *sudden itch* in the shaft of the penis followed by some skin crawling feeling, the area has a somewhat reddish tint. I had unprotected oral sex about 5 months ago, could this be a first outbreak? :/ Cheers for any replies.
Avatar f tn If I have a outbreak and start doing the laundry (touching dirty cloths and my boxers that obviously had the outbreak in) and then my son got something in hi eye and side of the face. Without hesitation I used the same hand I was handling the dirty boxers with and wipe his eye and the side of his face. Did I just spread some small part of the virus to his eyes and face?
Avatar m tn However, his mother gets outbreaks under her right eye, which I know is unusual. Yesterday, she had an active outbreak, and kissed us on the cheek goodbye a couple of times. We're now horrified we're going to get the virus. Even though we didn't have direct contact with her lesion, don't people shed from their mouth even if the outbreak is elsewhere on their face? How at risk are we?
Avatar f tn Does the eye herpes simplex spread inside the body through the eye nerve or it shall be spreaded by only only out skin to skin contact or as example by infected finger/ hand when touch eye ?
Avatar m tn Most ocular herpes occurs when an oral infection runs up the nerve to the eye, rarely is it an entry point for an infection.
5828316 tn?1375208180 Since you have MRSA, sinusitis and eye infection should be ruled out. MRSA could also be causing scalp infection. Please consult your doctor and an eye specialist. MRSA is monitored by a culture and sensitivity test done on the swab collected from the site. This tells which antibiotic will act against it and how much infection is present. Blood sugar is kept under control and good hygiene and cleaning of wound is done.
Avatar f tn My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with HSV at the end of August. She had just started school on Monday and that Friday she came home from school with a fever. On Wednesday of that week her left eye was a little red and irritated, but the next day it seemed fine. On Friday, when she had a fever, it was red again and irritated. By Sunday of that weekend, her eye was very red and she had some little tiny "bumps" that started developing around the eye.
Avatar m tn Now I had a similar eye infection(same eye) but more irritation, discharge, slight eye pain and a swollen lymph node in front of my ear. What is the risk that I auto infected my self since my antibodies are still being produced.
Avatar f tn I have now been to me GP, my eye doc, my eye doc's son who is also an eye doc, and an opthamologist. They all say I do not have ocular herpes. But my eyes are irritated, and have been ever since the facial. Everyone tells me it's not what I think it is but nobody will give me an explanation for what it is. Is it possible that since i am on Acyclovir, I'm having an outbreak but it is so mild no one can see it? I am having itchy irritated eyes, a bit teary at times.
Avatar f tn Theoretically, it is possible to transfer the active virus, but usually herpes infections of the eye come from re-activation of virus in the nerves which supply the eye. There is probably a greater risk of a bacterial infection of the cornea due to the saliva, which is not sterile. If you start to notice any redness or light sensitivity in the eye in question, you must see an ophthalmologist to be sure you do not have a viral or corneal infection.
Avatar f tn Im very worried that I will be able to spread it to my face, mostly my eyes. At the beginning I mistook my first outbreak for a yeast infection so I was putting medicine on the sores, granted I was good about washing my hands but I worry about if I may have slipped up somewhere. Also can I spread the infection with a razor?
Avatar n tn There may be additional treatment for non-pulmonary histoplasmosis such as that which involves the eye(s), called ocular histoplasmosis. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following is from Cecil's Textbook of Medicine 2007 Pulmonary Histoplasmosis Acute pulmonary histoplasmosis is usually a self-limited disease. Patients who require treatment generally respond promptly to antifungal agents.