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Avatar n tn I was trying to say-please keep us posted.
7588086 tn?1400797014 The danger is toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection carried by cats, transmitted in cat feces, and found in gardens where cats poop. If you get toxoplasmosis when you're pregnant, your baby can get it, too, in utero, and it can cause significant neurological damage. So if you know you've never had toxoplasmosis and have cats, you shouldn't change the litter box, and you'll want to be careful about gardening.
Avatar n tn ) about possible ways to treat an eye infection in cats if a vet isn't an option. But Soror's right, try seeing if an area vet will *work with you*.
Avatar n tn Your veterinarian will do a complete exam on you cat. He or she will then most likely do several eye tests to check for dry eye and for corneal ulcerations. Then he or she will give you the appropriate eye medication. Eye infections can be bacterial, viral, traumatic or secondary to systemic problems. Only your veterinarian will be able to differentiate. Some times the infection can be a combination. In this case more than one course of treatment may be necessary.
Avatar m tn My cat has an infection in her left eye that is concering me. She has had it for about 2 weeks now. Her acual eye looks fine but, she has a green discharge coming from her eye. She can open her eye but, she mainly keeps it closed. I don't see any swollen tissue in or around her eye. I was going to put "Equate's" version on neosporen on her eye because I read online someones vet said it has the same ingrediants as a medication they use for their eyes.
Avatar n tn Yes, get him checked. If it won't close properly it usually indicates the start of an eye infection. Once an infection sets in blindness can come about without treatment in just a few days.
Avatar n tn I found a small kitten yesterday and it appears to have an eye infection small drainage and barely opens it's eyes. Can I put triple antibiotic ointment around his eyes or do you recommend some other intervention.
Avatar f tn Well... it sounds like your cat has developed an eye infection. Kitty will need antibiotics and probably a cream. The antibiotic is a form of amoxicillian (antibiotic). I hope you can get it soon as the eye can develop an ulcer and blindness can quickly occur.
3148388 tn?1343180371 in between use warm tea bags soak in water and clean eye with teabag or cotton ball dipped in luke warm tea...GENTLY pat on eye for as long as they will allow about 3 times a day to help pull out infection..also add taurine for cats and silver in their diet while treating. A cat I found on the highway, his eye was nothing but a black stub...the vets said it would have to be taken out, but they needed to wait a couple weeks...
Avatar n tn i would think that there might be an eye infection, or an eye abrasion if it is only on one eye. is the eye crusty or weepy? and have you been doing any work around the house? does the cat sneeze alot? those are things that come with a sinus infection. if he;s being extra lovey then there might be a problem more serious. diabeedes and orgn failures start with some ulcers in the mouth, but i would assume that they could be found near the eyes as well.
Avatar n tn Just keep an eye on them an talk to your vet to discuss arrangements to take kitty in somewhere if the situation changes and you need to take immediate action (before the visit).
1232362 tn?1333139006 I was diaged w/pink eye on Sat; besides common sense preventions is there any thing I should or shouldn't be doing as far as my cats? Also, what about their pans-should I try and get my fiance to tend them? I caught the conjunctivitis quite early and have been religious about applying the drops as prescribed and should be over it soon but don't want my cats affected. Thanks for any input!! Oh-anything I should watch for in them, just in case.
Avatar f tn Even now the few cats that survived still have small amount of eye trouble in one eye and some diarreah. This spring I have new kittens 4 weeks old not in contact with other cats and the new kittens are starting to get this same problems. Can you please tell me what this is. It is like there is something on the property. I have raised kittens all my life and have never delt with this. I don't have money for a vet. Can you help me? I am putting terimycin on the eyes.
Avatar f tn My cat has been diagnosed (about 2 years ago) with a syndrome that in the vets words are brought on when she is stressed. It makes her lids of her eyes turn red and get this crusty stuff right below her lids. Now in her other eye, she has green discharge coming from the tear duct area. I have never seen this before and am unsure of what could have caused it. Please help!
Avatar f tn You would have to go by kitty's weight which is a fraction of a humans. Second, you have no idea what KIND of infection your kitty may or may not have, making whatever you are giving useless as it might not be an infection at all. This sounds like Herpes that *might* have gone into an Upper Respiratory Infection, in which case, I would suggest you see your Vet for the correct antib's.
Avatar f tn thanks you guys! the vet said it wasnt an eye infection but they could tell he was sick so they gave him an antibiotic shot that lasts for 2 weeks...he seems to be fine and it kinda looks like its going away...darn kids lol!!
Avatar m tn I don't know the kinds of illnesses that cats would contract if they were on the street eating whatever they can catch, without being vaccinated or getting regular care. There are so many illnesses that I have seen...but like you said most of them won't affect humans. Our vet has offered up Bartonella (CSD) and Tularemia. Bartonella has been eliminated. He did have evidence of a past infection for this, but past infections don't cause current problems.
611067 tn?1458595083 colds in cats??? most likely more of a bacterial infection going on and passing from one to the other. I too read an article somewhere abt H1N1 passing onto the pets...but so far very uncommon...This morning just read another post. look at the right hand side under EXPERT ACTIVITY...a new post by Dr. Jim Humphries...titled 'helping stray cats...." if you read down all the reply's you will come to a post on H1N1 in pets...from this Dr.
Avatar m tn We can take care of them financially, but being as it is all 9 at once, and just forking out 1300+ for Kickerz , and I spent a lot of money recently getting my Hosting business up and going. I have been up all night with no sleep trying to get customers and keeping eye on cats . Keeping our fingers crossed !! You guys are an awesome community . I would love to know more about your cats and their names and such :) Cheers , let's hope for the best !!
Avatar f tn You'll be using a very tiny portion of the pill to do this, and be sure the others don't eat it. What your describing is the start of an eye infection and 2-3 days should knock it out.
Avatar n tn In addition, you could end up needing surgery for her which would certainly be expensive and traumatic for her. An eye infection like this can be a symptom of calcivirus or feline herpes virus among others. You should discuss the underlying cause with your vet and get advice on future care and prevention. Let us know if you have any other concerns or questions. Best of luck!
11828737 tn?1421401720 On his eye, of course. Not blocking his nose.
611067 tn?1458595083 My poor babies all have severe head colds. The vet put them on amoxicilin to help to prevent a secondary infection. But, I'm a worried mama! My tiniest kitten is having the worst trouble. She is coughing badly and having a struggle . . .we are taking her back to the vet tomorrow. I'm fearful it could be moving to her chest! What else can I do to help them with a cold? Anything this mama can do - I'll do! After losing Daisy last year, I do not want to lose another one of our babies!
Avatar m tn It might be best to have your vet perform a cytology on the discharge from the ears to determine exactly what's in there. A yeast infection may have a very similar appearance to an ear mite infestation. These can be visualized and differentiated easily under the microscope when the cytology is performed.
Avatar n tn In the above example, when you drop from 20000000 to UND, so do the chances of transmission by one of these animal vector routes - they drop by a factor of 40 million, because thats how much less virus will be on the cats or parrots claw. Nice risk reduction. Jim, we are talking about a fully infected person in the household together with an animal that can transmit.
740516 tn?1360946086 If I were you, I'd wash my hands real good before touching food dishes or anything cat related :)
Avatar f tn hello i m from pakistan my eye sclera is injured got a very lil cut on it by my cats scratch i feel lil pain in my eye please help me
Avatar n tn Your cats have URI ( upper respiratory infection/s). The "goopy" stuff on the cats eye, is infection. If not taken care of, cat CAN LOSE EYE! Call the Vet and explane what is going on, he/she will get you a perscription for an opthamic gel. If your ok with it, try to take a warm wash rag, or wet kleenx and wipe the eys off to remove any discharge, then put the gel in the eyes. Do this 2-3 a day and within a few days to a week. Your cat should be good as new!