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Avatar m tn The last visit 3/20/09 I still maintain my excellent visual acuity, but my IOP was 28 Right eye and in the non operated left eye it was 16. My retina and the vitreous is perfect according to the exam. As of this day, I do not know what my IOP is and my next scheduled full exam is 5/11/09.
Avatar n tn i wonder if you can rinse it with epsom salt and water
Avatar n tn However, after wearing my contacts for the next 2 days, my eyes became red again. Now my eyes are also sensitive to light. I can't even look at a computer screen in a dimly light room. Furthermore, when I yawn or blink, (anything that would cause that tearing reflex) my eyes would get so irritated that I can't open my eyes. My eyes are not itchy, they are just red and my eyes sting bad after the tearing reflex. I know I probably got an infection.
Avatar m tn i went in to have a spot on my eye lid looked. it is on my top eye lid. i was told by the reg eye doctor and the stat care doctor that the spot on my eye lid was a stye. i was given and antibiotic drop and told it would clear up. i stated that my vision was getting worse and they said the stye wouldnt affect my eye. i complained that i would get really bad headaches, my eyes were sensitive to bright light, and my vision was continuing to get worse.
Avatar n tn No redness, just I notes some discharge in the morning. Eye swab showed Light growth of Aspergillus niger, which I have in my ear, as well. I don´t have any other immunological disease or problem. For ear infection I was prescribed Fluconazole tablets, since my ear drum is damaged from childhood and I cannot take drops. Is it any eye anti fungal cream or drops which I can take for Aspergillus, before I have bigger problem with cornea.
Avatar m tn For just over a week now I have been experiencing a runny nose, a bit of stuffiness and my nose feels a bit sensitive when I take in air. I feel a bit sensitive to light, and my left eye is watering occasionally. The symptoms have remained the same for a week. However, when I am walking, moving about, etc. the symptoms dissipate a bit and sometimes a lot. The air conditioning of a car can affect me, and I have been experiencing mild headaches.
1094370 tn?1317138425 I just wonder how I could possibly have any type of infection in my eye given all the antibiotics I'm on!!!???? Jackie: Have you heard anyone report problems like this related to Lyme? Thanks!
13577370 tn?1430580732 I had my eyes dilated yesterday at Doctor's office, they stayed light-sensitive and with blurred vision all evening. I was extremely tired, so I lay down for a nap and ended up sleeping for 13 hours. Now I have woken up with a sinus infection on one side, with yellow discharge. Advice/Treatment for this??
Avatar f tn Red eye, painful eye, sensitive to light in a patient wearing contacts 90% + its the contacts. Leave the contacts out and see an Eye MD ophthalmologist. Find one at www.aao.
Avatar f tn At first I thought it's a pink eye because there was a constant watery substance coming out from my eye, but that's all that comes out. My eyes are so sensitive now that I can't even watch tv, drive when it's light outside, or even look at a light. I couldn't sleep all ngiht because my eye would hurt so much and it's very red and swollen. It waters so much that I even have sinus in my left nose from the discharge / sensitivity.
Avatar n tn my eye is very blood shot ( eye drops do not help at all) and and light also bothers my eye so sevearly and makes my eys burn badly. my mom gave me pink eye medicine drops and I have usewd them for a week but there is no chnage. when i wake up in the morning , my eye is stuck shut with this ***** film. it is bery hard to wash this substance off my eye. i have to use a hot wash cloth remove it.
Avatar n tn My tongue feels as though I've burned it but I havent. Its very sensitive to citrus, spicy foods and its hard to even taste the food. Its even difficult to brush because of the toothpaste, it feels like my tongue and mouth are burning. Also, at the same time the sensations started, I got small red bumps all over my mouth. Very small but visible very close up. Its almost like my lips are chapped.
979415 tn?1248384016 The next morning, I will wake up and my eye is swollen shut. It is sensitive to light and I can't open it. I hurts. I just got back from the eye doctor and he said I have a staph infection in my eye lid. What is this, how do I prevent it and what are some techniques that will ease the pain? This is very uncomfortable!!
1527510 tn?1392304944 Luckily for me the optician had just had a cancellation and saw me right there and then. My eye is very sore and sensitive to light and he said that I have a bacterial infection and what looked to be an ulcer on my cornia (sp) and that I needed to be seen urgently at the hospital to get something for. That kind shocked me, I was just thinking it was irritated by something. Off I went to hospital where the doctor confirmed and said it was definitely an ulcer but thankfully it wasn't too big.
Avatar n tn I think people should know that (a) Crystalens can make their eyes light sensitive and (b) an emblyopic eye can be even more sensitive -- if these prove to be the case.
Avatar f tn I am acutely sensitive to cold air conditioner. The effects are immediate and the colder the air the worse things are. This is followed by a thumping headache and painful soreness in the eyes and nostrils. Further exposure can result in heavy nasal congestion and pain spreading all around my eyes, jaws , teeth, And headache. The problem started after my open heart surgery for an aorotic valve replacement, and I am on coumadin therapy for life time. With my primary Dr.
Avatar f tn Every couple of months my left eye will randomly get very sensitive. It turns very red, hurts from "behind" as well as all around the socket. Sometimes i get headaches, but thats rare. Like i said, it turns very red, burns when i blink and just feels sore. Hurts when i look far to the sides as well. It has a white discharge sometimes, but especially when sleeping. i cant wear my contacts for more than 2 hours or my eye will "go nuts" with all the symptoms.
Avatar n tn My vision has been blurred and cloudy from my right eye, I am very sensitive to light as well as wind. I have been dealing with headaches due to the eye I am pretty sure. I didnt know if there was anything that I could buy over the counter and I also didnt know if an eye patch would be benefical. I am in college and I cant go to the eye doctor for a while because I work full time as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
521161 tn?1212369304 For the last week my eyes have been "gritty" and sometimes sensitive to artificial light. Today one of my co-workers advised me that my right eye was very red (the left is slightly pink). I have had a headache but this is a chronic thing for me because have just finished a 10 day course of Avelox for a sinus infection. There is slight pain/pressure behind my eye but nothing terrible. It does not itch and there is no colored discharge and no history of trauma.
Avatar n tn Can my contact lenses cause me to have another eye infection - scar in my eye??? How can I basically help my eye? It's still really sensitive to the light and the scar is blocking my view.. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this....
Avatar f tn However, my eye isn't red anymore, it still feels like there is something in it very irritating, is extremely sensitive to light, itches, hurts to keep it open for long periods & after itching it, & waters alot. what do you think I have & what should I do? Do I have staph in my eye? All this has been going on for almost 2 weeks now.
689367 tn?1227472739 I also experince watey eyes several times throughout the day and my eyes are very sensitive to light. I have had ocular hypertension for 15 years. My pressures began with 19mmgh and now average 22/24 in both eyes. My Corneal thickness has been measured at 588 so my doctors subtracts mmgh from my pressure readings. I have an OCT done annually and everything seems to be ok. I also complete visual field tests every 6 months and have not shown and problems either.
Avatar n tn My vision has been blurred and cloudy from my right eye, I am very sensitive to light as well as wind. I have been dealing with headaches due to the eye I am pretty sure. I didnt know if there was anything that I could buy over the counter and I also didnt know if an eye patch would be benefical. I am in college and I cant go to the eye doctor for a while because I work full time as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn After the procedure the infection in my sinus greatly decreased. However, I noticed that my eye was somewhat sensitive. The pain was similar to that of being poked in the eye. The pain continued for four days, then would stop for one and then hurt again. I had a scan taken, but was informed that there was no sign of infection spreading to my eye.
Avatar f tn hello I feel my left eye to be sensitive to light and also i feel a foreign body sensation in it. I have a poor eye sight,and i use contact lenses for around 8 to 10 hours in a day, i have been using them around 5-6 years now. But even while I am wearing glasses, i still feel the problem in my left eye. Also, i feel a thread like thing floating in my eye, that just does not go away, even if i wash my eye thoroughly, it is always there in my visual field.
Avatar f tn I have been having pain in my eyes (it alternates for right to left) I feel like it is a combination of pink eye and sinus infection. However that is not the case. Within the last few weeks I have experience Swollen eyelids (on occasions in the morning), Blurry vision, Sensitive to Light, Water eyes, Burning, Itchy, a Twitching, Black spots (on occasions), White/Silvery spots (when my head is tilted downwards) and my eyes will get Stuck…(I have to close my eye and rub it, to bring back).
Avatar n tn On occasion, the foreign object can get stuck in the cornea, much like a splinter, and can cause infection or further damage. Scratches on the cornea will make her eye light sensitive until it heals. Try to stay out of the sunlight until it heals and wear sunglasses (this is sometimes even necessary inside), because it can make the eye more irritated due to squinting and watering.
Avatar f tn Hello, Im a 24 year old female with perfect vision and about a month ago I was hit right in the crease of my the eye with the corner of a baseball mit, the feeling that I had once I was hit was a sharp pain right in the crease of my eye, immediate swelling and light bruising around the lid and lots of tearing and my eye was closing so I had very little muscle control, since then during the night I wake up with the same pain, this is random but its happened about 5 times already so maybe once a w
Avatar n tn Recently both eyes have felt dry, slightly itchy, occasionally sting in the corners, and slightly light sensitive. Also, noticed a floater about 6 months ago & now "seem" to have a few more, although maybe this could be becuase I'm looking for them now?? They seem red underneath the eyelids & the small blood vessels on the eyeball appear more prominent. I bought some artificial tears & they seem to help a bit, but not too much.