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Avatar n tn i wonder if you can rinse it with epsom salt and water
Avatar m tn The last visit 3/20/09 I still maintain my excellent visual acuity, but my IOP was 28 Right eye and in the non operated left eye it was 16. My retina and the vitreous is perfect according to the exam. As of this day, I do not know what my IOP is and my next scheduled full exam is 5/11/09.
13577370 tn?1430577132 I had my eyes dilated yesterday at Doctor's office, they stayed light-sensitive and with blurred vision all evening. I was extremely tired, so I lay down for a nap and ended up sleeping for 13 hours. Now I have woken up with a sinus infection on one side, with yellow discharge. Advice/Treatment for this??
Avatar n tn question I forgot to ask....
Avatar n tn I think people should know that (a) Crystalens can make their eyes light sensitive and (b) an emblyopic eye can be even more sensitive -- if these prove to be the case.
Avatar n tn No redness, just I notes some discharge in the morning. Eye swab showed Light growth of Aspergillus niger, which I have in my ear, as well. I donĀ“t have any other immunological disease or problem. For ear infection I was prescribed Fluconazole tablets, since my ear drum is damaged from childhood and I cannot take drops. Is it any eye anti fungal cream or drops which I can take for Aspergillus, before I have bigger problem with cornea.
Avatar f tn Now during my recovery period, even after almost a month my VA is very low, around 6/60, and my eyes are very sensitive to light, like sunlight. When I am out for some work, even if I am not looking at the sun, I am looking down, I just can't open my eye, it becomes teary. Is it normal even after almost Everything ok? month of the surgery? P.S. my IOP before my surgery was around 40, and now after it is around 8-9, my VA before the surgery was 6/9 and now as I have stated it is 6/60.
12250128 tn?1433256723 I have had sensitive eye to light from the beginning of life as I have light colored eyes. But at times they are a lot more sensitive than normal for me. Personally I have assumed this is due to my MS. I say this as I do know that MS can effect how well your pupils respond to light. In fact during one of my Neuro exams my Neuro pointed out to the students that were with him how the pupil of my left eye was not responding as much as the right during the test.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have a question regarding my eye problem that begun yesterday when I woke up. I woke up with burning sensation in my eye (left), thus I got up and took my contacts out. I know I should take my contacts out every night, and I had to learn it the hard way. At first I thought it's a pink eye because there was a constant watery substance coming out from my eye, but that's all that comes out.
Avatar m tn Some individuals, especially those prone to headaches or migraine, are just very sensitive to bright focal light sources in dark backgrounds. Heavy computer use makes this worse, often. First you should have a comprehensive exam by an Eye MD to see if something simple can be done like giving you glasses for night driving. Find one near you at www.aao.org.
Avatar n tn It did not hurt and went unnoticed by myself all day. Until I took them off. My left eye became very sensitive to light and would weep and weep. I had to just sleep because I could not use my eyes. The vision in my left eye is weaker now and there was pain for two weeks. I put a fresh pair in at that time and used them for about 6 hours until it began to happen again. I could barely drive home my eyes were weeping and anything with light made them sore and hurt.
1902985 tn?1321665824 Oh, check out if you are having more trouble in natural light, regular light bulbs or flourescent light. Flourescent light really bothers a lot of people...makes me sick right away!
Avatar n tn Also, sometimes, even systemic diseases can make people light sensitive and dizzy. See a board-certified ophthalmologist and your primary care physician.
Avatar f tn When I looked at it, my left eye was very red. Light made my eye feel it was twisting it hurt so badly.I tried everything I knew to help it, but couldn't get over it. I finally went to get it seen. I was told it was inflammation, like I needed to be told that. Anyway, I was given Pred Forte drops which I have used up. The redness is gone, but my eye is still quite sensitive. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Could there be another problem and maybe not 3rd nerve.Im am sensitive to light in that eye especially artificial light which starts the eye tearing. I must say the the eyeuritus did take a very long time to clear up and the onset of the eye dilation and lid droop followed on straight after the infection...
Avatar n tn The only connection to the fluorescent lights that I can think of would be if they bother him so much he is constantly rubbing his eyes, and his hands put something in his eyes. It wouldn't be fluorescent light itself that causes the problem. ps -- Someone can get sunburnt eyes from the ultraviolet rays in sunlamps. That is VERY acute and painful, though, and would not be confused with an infection, and a fluorescent light is not a sunlamp and doesn't put out UV rays.
Avatar m tn But if this is a sign of infection why did the doctor only prescribe for the right eye? Is it dangerous to have redness in the eye?
Avatar n tn t wear my contacts I am very light-sensitive and sometimes continuously tear in daytime light. What could this all mean?
Avatar f tn I have been dealing with light sensitivity and dry eyes since July 2013. I went to a corneal specialists who put plugs in both eyes, upper and lower ducts, which has helped with the dry eyes to some degree. However, the light sensitivity has been an ongoing problem. The corneal specialist I saw said there was nothing else he could do for me to help with the light sensitivity.
Avatar n tn The swelling went down after a day or so, but now the area immediately under my eye (like where the bags would be) is leathery, somewhat peely and very sensitive -- I tired putting some light moisturizer on it, and it burned very badly. Any ideas what this could be, or how I could treat it?
Avatar n tn I still have the sensitivity but mainly just to daylight (not so much artificial; i.e., indoor, TV, light). Previously I was sensitive to all light. He says it is too soon after the surgery for me to stop with the drops. I have decided to put up with these till I see him again. In the meantime, my older sister heard about my problem and called to tell me when she had cataract surgery (she didn't get Crystalens) she had a terrible time afterwards.
Avatar f tn Ok so after some research i think i got a corneal abrasion last week when i got a snowball thrown at my eye. At the time it was bad...red, extremelly sensitive, extreme pain with changes in light, tearing....then as time went on, these symptoms stopped, and what was left was a pink eye that is quite itchy and contains some puss.
Avatar f tn t sleep because everytime I close my eye it burns and tears. My eye is sensitive to the light now and is a little puffy ? Please help I have a really bad cold and im very sick. I might be pregnant so I don't want to take medicines that will harm the baby if I am pregnant what's happening to me ?
Avatar f tn Does contact lenses make somebody more sensitive to light/sun .My son wears contact lenses since years, He always had trouble with bright light or sun( even when he was only wearing glasses) ,; with bright light or sun he has a hard time to keep his eyes open and at time can not see because he feels the light too bright even if light not that bright ( and his eyes also feel swollen at that time) My son says it is getting worse with years.
Avatar f tn t mind because he was the one who have it to me but that night I started feeling sick in the stomach and was feverish I was told I was just anxious and that the pus coming out of my eye was from the same thing (not by a doctor or anything by the boarding mistress) I was angry then because all I wanted was something to get rid of the fever but she is onvinced I have anxiety problems because I often wake up and have mini panick attacks and go into shock does anyone have any ideas?