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Avatar m tn is strep that causes folliculitis the same strep that causes strep throat?wow i am falling asleep from typing this i will try more later thanks as always .
Avatar f tn Luckily babys heart beat is still strong but ended up having a UTI. Still was told thats not a reason for my bleeding. I'm still bleeding moderately and have an apt with my OBGYN tomorrow morning. I was prescribed progesterone. This is all freaking me out. Just hoping for the best. Has anyone had this same experience?
Avatar n tn From starting Femulen on the first day of my period, I had a full 7 day period. Fine. Then about a week later, I start bleeding again, after getting quite worried, we decided it was another period. This lasted about 4 days. Fine. But now... I wake up this morning, me and my boyfriend fool around for a bit, then find out, AGAIN, that Im bleeding. It was only very light, but as today has gone on, its got slighty more heavy.
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604197 tn?1292308636 My comment and question for everyone is exactly what other smell or taste sensations are some of us going through? I have had extended bouts of an odd metallic/citrusy flavor which is now evolving into a constant taste of soap! Like I'm chewing on a bar of Safeguard or something. It is unremitting and, frankly, nauseating. It would be nice to find some medical research that suggests some way to mask this -- or something!
Avatar n tn For the past two months, a week before I started my period, I started bleeding a light brown color. When my period did start, I was bleeding black blood. I've also been having real bad abdomal pain upper and lower even when I'm not having my period. I've been taking Ortho Novum for a year and my period has never been like this. Could you please tell me the reason or what I have done that would cause this to happen?
Avatar n tn No, it is not normal to have a period after having a hysterectomy. However, some women refer to any kind of vaginal bleeding as a period. A "period" actually refers to the cyclic build up of the endometrial lining of the uterine cavity, that is shed approx 2 weeks after an egg is released and not fertilized. By definition, you don't have a uterus, no endometrium, and hence shouldn't be having menstruation.
Avatar m tn Since about year ago, it's gotten progressively worse to wear I'm bleeding in between every period. I've had SO many tests done and they've all come back negative. The tests I've had: two pap smears (Thinprep), colposcopy with three cervical biopsies, endocervical curretage, cryotherapy (my doctor thought it would help with the bleeding), endometrial biopsy, d&c with hysteroscopy and polyp removal (biopsy was done on tissue).
Avatar f tn Overexerting myself usually causes me to have my period/ovulation. When I am in poor health and nutritional state, I tend to miss my period and have the fluid. Maybe it is my "unperiod". What my body does to eliminate fluid when I will not have a normal period. The fluid, but not the blood. To my knowledge, I have no cysts or fibroid or cancers or stds. I will track it and see if it is always during a period phase of my cycle.
Avatar n tn althought i have now been on this period for like a week and its gottet to the point where it doesn't even look like a period anymore. i am just bleeding and bleeding and it won''t stop. the blood is bright red. and on saturday mornig i passed a huge clot about the size of a softball, and i've been passing clots the size of a tennis ball and some the size of a golfball for two days now. it it so heavy i am wearing super extra tampons and a pad.
Avatar n tn It hurt so we stopped. afterward i was having light pink bleeding. I was due for my period yesterday but am still bleeding lighter than normal although it is reddish pink. I was having mild period like cramps with the brown spotting but now with the bleeding i have a pain on the left side of my pelvic region. I haven't taken a preg test yet bc i am waiting until a week after my period would normally start to get the best results.
Avatar n tn I have been off of it since Dec 2003....still no luck. It is very common to be very irregular after b/c for an extended time, and there is also the chance that you are pg but it isn't detectable on a hpt. I would take another test in 3 days and if that one is still neg and no sign of your period I would go have a bllod test done to be sure......they can give you something if you are not pg to induce your period so you can start trying again....I hope this was helpful.....
Avatar n tn You do need to make sure they are checking for anemia with having such an extended period and blood loss. Perhaps you should see a doctor instead of a nurse. They should be running blood tests to check the Thyroid, Bleeding disorders etc.. Women go through changes for no apparent reason as they get older. Not that 25 is old, just that you may be having a hormonal imbalance that is usually treatable with the use of hormone therapy (Birth Control pills).
766738 tn?1234794413 Also you can get extended bleeding. I would wait and see and if by march you don't get your period let your dr know. I counted my cycle date from the first day my m/c began. I wish you the best. I'm sorry about your loss. I would just try to rest and relax and take care of yourself for now. Your body needs to heal. If you need to talk I'm here....
Avatar n tn i actually have this same thing and its the fact that the lactobacillus are higher than normal and it causes some pain and itching before your period, and i was told to just use pads during it and it should cure itself, if not there is not much any doctor can do to help it. I would suggest going to your doctor and asking about this as well. i was told it was called "cv" and i did find information on it before but i can't seem to find it now.
Avatar n tn but i have recently got off the patch, it's been five wks, and i had sex 2 days before i started having some bleeding but the bleeding lasted 1day. I've never been late and Ive never had a period for 1 day even before i started taking the patch.Could i be pregnant, and when can i take a test, I can't wait to see if my period will come.
Avatar f tn I have irregular periods and when I do get my period, usually it only lasts for a day or so. Could this just be an extended period or something else? There is no pain or discomfort and the brown clumps only come when I wipe after peeing, again they don't even leave a stain in my underwear.
Avatar n tn I'm really hoping it's something simple and not something that needs extreme attention for an extended period of time. It does worry me that the bleeding, fissures, and bumps around the anus all came in the same period, one after another. It makes me think one problem is causing all of these symptoms. I've noticed though that the stools never have blood on them, it's only when I wipe do I see it.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed antibiotic eyedrops for an extended period of time. The vision improved a bit, then reverted to what it was. At my latest visit with the opthalmologist I was told that it's not fluid, but thickening of the macula itself. Removing fluid would not be a solution. Only surgery to reduce the thickness of the macula would help. This is not indicated at this point. I am confused about the two different explanations, and about any implications that thickening of the macula may have.
Avatar f tn There was no bleeding you could just see that it was a small tear from being overly stretched for an extended period of time. The tear was about the size of a pinhead and wasn't deep at all. I have read that the HIV can enter through an open wound. Does the open wound need to be bleeding? Just how much in reality of an open wound does there have to be?
Avatar n tn Back in Nov 1998, I had a 10-day period of having a rapid heart rate (140 bpm) while standing. When sitting or reclining, my heart rate was normal. Any normal activity was very tiresome. I had an EKG, event monitor, and echocardiogram done. All studies were normal with the exception of noted tachycardia at times. My cardiologist also stated that I had a VERY mild prolapse. It was so mild, he hesitated to even mention it and was still called my echo "normal.
Avatar m tn If you wear a patch over the same eye for an extended period you may degrade vision in that eye. As doctor Mathur mentioned this is genrally due to a cranial nerve palsy, which may or may not be permanant. Often the palsy will resolve within three to four months.
Avatar f tn You need to have a regular period, every month on time, to maximize your chance of getting pregnant, having irregular period, or absent period can mean you're not ovulating. A one day bleed may not have been a period, it may just be breakthrough bleeding. You should have sex every other day throughout cycle days 10-22 to really maximize your chance of getting pregnant, it's all about timing, and it has to be perfect, so relax, it will happen!
Avatar n tn It's a bc that causes a woman to not have her period at all. Also, Depo shots, can, for some women, stop menstration. There has been all types of medical research done on this topic and not having a period is not harmful according to those studies. Personally, I have an issue with not having a period. It just doesn't seem natural. That being said, there are all types of studies as well as women who just don't have periods at all.
Avatar m tn Make sure that you have padding when sitting down for an extended period of time. I was in a seminar 2 months ago and they had hard chairs that gave me discomfort. Most of the time you should feel OK, but having discomfort at times cannot be avoided. Having the catheter in is better than not being able to urninate. Things to wath for: clody urine in the urine bags, foul smelling urine, burning sensations, feeling a very strong urge to urninate and fever.
Avatar f tn There was no bleeding you could just see that it was a small tear from being overly stretched for an extended period of time. I have read that the HIV can enter through an open wound. My question is does the open wound need to be bleeding? Just how much of an open wound does there have to be?
Avatar f tn More recently, similar studies of larger groups of patients who were followed for an extended period of time have been published (1, 2) that validate the benefit of DES. Findings and recommendations from these recent studies are summarized below: 1. Although DES are associated with a small, finite risk of increase in late stent thrombosis (<1%), the long-term mortality and non-fatal myocardial infarction rates are similar or even lower for DES when compared with BMS. 2.
1693621 tn?1318906571 If thrombocytopenia is severe, for example less than 20 per micro liter, it can potentially manifest as increase bleeding when a person is cut or injured or increased bleeding during menstrual period. Spontaneous bleeding can also happen with severe thrombocytopenia (less than 10,000 to 20,000 platelets). This type of bleeding usually occurs under the skin or the mucus membrane (the inner lining of the oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract, or the nasal cavity).
Avatar f tn There was no blood you could just see a small tear from being overly stretched for an extended period of time. The tear was about the size of a pinhead and wasn't deep at all. I have read that the HIV can enter through an open wound. Does the open wound need to be bleeding? Just how much in reality of an open wound does there have to be?
Avatar f tn Do your symptoms of pain come only during ovulation and the time of your period? That's typical of endometriosis pain, if youre having pain every day, thats something else to look at. If its endrimetriosis related pain and you cannot get surgery until september, what I suggest is getting on a hormone that prevents you from getting a period until then. I get horrible periods-heavy, cramps, abnormally so. And I like to control things :).