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Avatar f tn I'm 13 years old and I want to lose 50 pounds but I don't know how and I'm on the verge of getting diebeates and I don't want that to happen how do I help it
1931709 tn?1335833095 I use YouTube videos to work out. Type in pregnancy workout and it will show you multiple videos that are safe to do during pregnancy.
1413587 tn?1289659823 I have been working out with videos for over 2 decades. Typically they are the FIRM videos with weights. Until about mid-June I was usually doing a 20-50 min. workout 4 times a week with no problems. Now, almost every time I exercise I feel weaker than I used to and afterward I am so spent. Later in the evening I have a lot of leg twitching and then find it hard to sleep because my legs feel so tight and achy. Could this be MS related and if so is it normal?
10231969 tn?1418570682 I've been bouncing on a exercise ball for 2 days now still nothing..
Avatar f tn t do that I keep telling then I can walk the treadmill, swim,lift light weights,do squats ,and the bike they are so over protective I go without them n they still find me any other mommies still exercising and if so what are you doing?
Avatar f tn They actually have pregnancy yoga videos!
Avatar f tn Any ideas what kind of exercise is good for loss of weight but getting a good abdomin?
Avatar f tn What kinds of exercise are you doing during your pregnancies? I'd like to workout but don't want to over do it.
Avatar f tn I'm 27 weeks pregnant an I haven't exercised my whole pregnancy.. I'm constantly tired an wore out so fast after barely doing anything.. So I decided to go on YouTube an look up pregnancy yoga videos.. Some of the exercises felt good an some I couldn't do, I feel completely exhausted now... Does anyone exercise or do yoga an what helps you?
Avatar f tn zumba, yoga, walking, squats, lunges, dance. Check out YouTube for various workout videos.
Avatar m tn I’d like to start exercising but I’d rather do it at home. Any reliable source of exercise videos out there? At what age do i have to start monitoring my cholesterol levels?
Avatar f tn I'm from Iowa. Its winter. I need some exercise ideas. I'm almost 15 wks. Wanted to wait till after 1st trip. The issues that I have is that I have bilateral club foot. I used to run 6 miles a day in til my ankles started acting up. I'll be so sore from being on my feet the day before that it brings me to tears the next day. Need ideas of what I can do until snow is gone and I can ride bike.
Avatar f tn So I'm 30 weeks pregnant and have to find a new way to exercise. I I've in Wisconsin and the wind shield is already below ten. So it's too cold for me to be going on daily walks. Would yoga be a good alternative? Or what can I do as an alternative so I'm still getting my exercise.
Avatar f tn I watch workout videos on YouTube & follow them.. the pregnancy ones..
Avatar f tn Im 24 weeks today and im only 18.. I dont want to get over weight (which my doc said not to get over 25lbs) but I have went from 134lbs to 151 in the last 4 months... I am so nerves for my body and was wondering if there were any exercises you would recommend daily? Im in college so I do a lot of walking but for some reason my hips have been popping and it hurts so I want to get them active... any ideas ??
579258 tn?1250649343 Hello, I do have an allergy to exercise, but, I am trying to get over it. I have just joined and I am hoping you can give me some guidance on how to join the 2009 challenge. I went to the Forum, but, it has not been active in a couple of weeks so I do not know where to go to join and get all the info on the weigh ins and etc. I am 47 years old and weigh 336lbs. I have a room full of workout videos, steps, ramps, stabilility ball, workout machine. treadmill etc.
Avatar f tn I usually look up youtube videos on prenatal cardio, yoga, etc. They have a big variety of videos with pregnant instructors showing you how to do the workouts and you just follow along with them just like any other workout videos. Best of luck to you!
427555 tn?1267553158 Ok i cant give links MH system GRR! But I have an acct on spark people and they have awesome videos!! Go to you tube and type in 20-Minute Resistance Band Workout and look for the one from spark people! Looks like they other exercises as well on there with the band! I havent attempted these but i have done others they have and they are very good and work!!
143123 tn?1274300825 Walking is an excellent form of exercise! Even low impact aerobics and light jogging as long as your heartrate doesn't go over 120-130 beats per minute. I read that exercise can actually make your delivery easier! Just avoid jumping, activities that may cause you to fall (eg. mountain biking), etc.
Avatar f tn What do you do for exercise? I get so bored doing my workout videos and dance videos and strength training in my living room and it's over 90 degrees out lately so I'm too uncomfortable for walks. Before pregnancy I did turbo fire which was great but I'm so out of shape now I'd die of I tried it. So what do you suggest to get moving?
Avatar f tn I am 15 years old and I'd like do do some exercise ...... do you think zumba is a good idea??
Avatar f tn I do pilates and some strength training, there are lots of good exercise videos on you tube for prenatal fitness. Squats are great, with a wider stance to acomadate the belly, pliate squats are perfect, you can lift light weights. Just listen to your body and dont push yourself too hard.
Avatar f tn I too have the same problem and I am also trying to lose weight. First and foremost is changing your eating habits. Eat healthier, have your 3 meals and snack on healthy snacks like almonds, raw veggies, fruits, yogurt... every 2 to 3 hours to keep your metabolism up. Try keeping a food diary, I suggest using the app My Fitness Pal to track calories and exercise. Start off with easier exercise programs. Try an hour a day. Cardio will help get your heart rate up but don't over do it.
4313204 tn?1353971047 ve been doing short workouts at home, typically not to exceed 30 minutes. I watch excersize videos and follow along. The key is not over doing it so you dont have to worry about getting dizzy or weak. I've lost 20lbs since August, just working out about 3x per week.