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Avatar f tn I'm 13 years old and I want to lose 50 pounds but I don't know how and I'm on the verge of getting diebeates and I don't want that to happen how do I help it
1413587 tn?1289663423 I have been working out with videos for over 2 decades. Typically they are the FIRM videos with weights. Until about mid-June I was usually doing a 20-50 min. workout 4 times a week with no problems. Now, almost every time I exercise I feel weaker than I used to and afterward I am so spent. Later in the evening I have a lot of leg twitching and then find it hard to sleep because my legs feel so tight and achy. Could this be MS related and if so is it normal?
Avatar n tn Exercise becomes excessive when the intensity, duration or frequency of your workouts interfere with adequate rest and recovery between workouts. Your fitness level dictates how much exercise is too much. Over-training influences hormone secretion. Endurance athletes, who often perform hours of cardio each day, can experience increased secretion of cortisol -- a hormone associated with stress and weight gain.
579258 tn?1250652943 Hello, I do have an allergy to exercise, but, I am trying to get over it. I have just joined and I am hoping you can give me some guidance on how to join the 2009 challenge. I went to the Forum, but, it has not been active in a couple of weeks so I do not know where to go to join and get all the info on the weigh ins and etc. I am 47 years old and weigh 336lbs. I have a room full of workout videos, steps, ramps, stabilility ball, workout machine. treadmill etc.
Avatar f tn I weigh 320 pounds. I already lost 50.
Avatar m tn With a normal cardiology work up (normal EKG and echo) there really isn't any more testing necessary to do. Maybe I would have asked for a 24h Holter, and if you get palpitations during exercise, possibly a stress test, but as long as your EKG and echo is normal, the palpitations are likely benign and further testing is mostly for reassurance. A heart rate in the 50s is nothing to worry about unless you have symptoms of low blood pressure.
Avatar n tn I would drink water all day, feel better, exercise, feel worse, drink water.... Now I am over it. I did some reading about toxins in the body and found out that fat may also be a mix of cellular waste, water, unprocessed hormones and other nasty stuff. I guess if your liver is metabolizing this fat, kidneys have to work over time to remove this extra waste. Some might end up back in the bloodstream and you would feel icky. Sort of like the drain backing up in your basement.
Avatar f tn I have been kinda dieting and hasnt done nothing not even 1 lb I cut out all pop and candy and sweets _(i did eat cake once but that was my daughter 1st bday) and since then nothing its soo frustrateing and I guess im just asking how would i calucalte my BMI and what would eb a healthy range for me to weigh... I dont exercise but my 1 ys old is very active and I do clean the house like crazy.. so i get some sort of an work out...what do you all think? Thank you all in advance,.
Avatar f tn Mary Shomon has recommended the T Tap videos. Anyone else try it? I was thinking of getting it to add to my wellness routine. I have a strong recommendation if you have the budget. The Wii Fit has helped my Hashi leg pain. I do the strength training, aerobics, balance games and Yoga. Every game seems tailored to help this restless leg thing I've got. If I go a day without the Wii Fit, I can feel it in my legs.
1160986 tn?1486823325 I will be so glad to get this over with. Luckily I go early in the morning! Thanks for the well wishes!
Avatar m tn Should i be worried that doctor did not perform cystoscopy properly and damaged my uretha or bladder? Or have i damaged my prostate with over masturbation. If yes , is there anyway to restore prostate in healthy condition ? Also , should i try taking cipro again for 10-15 days as it took care of the symptoms at least by 80% on both occasions before cystocopy. Please suggest what i should do and what the problem might be.
Avatar m tn It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out. The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and I thought I had bought it. The spasm cough causes it all and when it goes away (usually 4 to 5 days) things are relatively normal although a normal cough stays with me for weeks after.
4313204 tn?1353974647 As for excersize, I've been doing short workouts at home, typically not to exceed 30 minutes. I watch excersize videos and follow along. The key is not over doing it so you dont have to worry about getting dizzy or weak. I've lost 20lbs since August, just working out about 3x per week.
Avatar n tn With so many programs out there for every type of exercise don't think there is anything that is the BEST. It is whatever fits you.
Avatar f tn com This has helped me a lot. Unfortunately it takes some work. There is no magic cure to loose a bunch of weight over night. Unless you take up smoking crack or meth and even then it is highly un likely that you will loose 100 pounds is 3 months. It's time to start working out. The weight should start coming off of you quickly if you jump right in and start taking action. I have struggles with my weight all of my life.
Avatar f tn it is vital for woman to exercise regularly, ideally 30 minutes per day. Exercise helps increase your metabolism and burn fat. You can find activities in your daily life that keep you active, such as bike riding and walking. Aerobic exercise and strength training help increase muscle mass, boost metabolism, and strengthen bones. Exercise helps battle osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer.
Avatar f tn Those will fill you up and keep you feeling fuller longer. Walking up and down stairs is excellent exercise... just make sure you vary the number of times you do it every day or your body will become used to it and it won't be a challenge so you won't lose as much. What about getting out and going for a walk around your neighborhood?
12832842 tn?1448732401 I fell with my dog in the Winter. I was on crutches for weeks. I have had MS for over 50 years since I was 2 and I am still mobile. I think it is slow progression but I think being in good shape has helped me over all. I do not drink or smoke. I have lived a clean and athletic life but I still got MS in Cancer. On the other hand no one would no I have either. I even surprise health professionals.
469720 tn?1388149949 3 (high risk) has a 2 to 3 fold increased risk of 5-year cardiovascular death compared to a patient with an ABI of 0.95 (normal or low risk).
Avatar f tn do it a third time and that's complete. Then move on to the next exercise and do the same. As each exercise gets easier add either another rep or more weight. Only do cardio after weights. Try the following cardio. The Peak 8 routine it will quickly raise your heart rate 8 times for very short bursts, with a cooling down period in between. Ideally you’ll be sprinting or cycling full throttle for 30 seconds with a 90 second cool down in between each outburst.
Avatar n tn I would consider loosing weight - that will help your BP and exercise will improve cardiovascular fitness. Acid reflux could be weight related. Your test results seem to rule out any cardiovascular disease. Numerus PVC's by themselves can cause dizziness. Interestingly I was taking Ambien - PVC's kept me up - They caused acid reflux (google ambien and reflux) and when I stopped taking them my PVC's (13,000/24 hr) and acid reflux disappeared.
1816210 tn?1327358484 Anyway, she started going to a pt last year, doing the exercises he suggest and already she's lost over 50 lbs and actually took her first step on a cane a few weeks ago. Also do you have someone to call on those bad days? Make sure you have someone to talk to when you feel too weak to do anything; someone who can either push you if you need it or just let you cry. Good luck!
15795633 tn?1443189638 I've heard about so many different diets and exercise programs, but I'm kind of lost as to how I should go about losing weight, and how to achieve my goals. I want to lose at least 30 pounds, and tone up my thick-as-tree-trunks thighs (as well as ALL parts of my body.) Here are my questions: 1. What are some effective exercises that aren't too painful? (I've tried running, but my feet and knees kill me after a short period of time. Am I doing something wrong? How can I ease myself into it?) 2.
Avatar f tn I am not supposed to go over 1228 cal a day. However I am not used to eating breakfast and half the time no lunch. I am now doing both with healthy foods. I am finding it hard to reach 1000 cal. What is the minimal I need to be healthy? I am 250 lbs and 5'3. My goal is to lose 50 lbs by end of Feb 2014. Any help will be appreciated.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend seriously NEVER gives me attention. I always have to ask him "Babe can you please come over here and love on me?". It's not a good feeling at all... I just want him to want to give me attention and give me the Lovings I need. Being pregnant makes me really emotional and it hurts my feelings when it seems like it's so hard for him to pay attention to me.
3040236 tn?1421536063 Hi, my metabolism is extremely low. Due to age (55), many, many diets over the year and steroid injection and treatment for my back. What can I do to increase my metabolism. If I eat more than 1000 calories per day, I gain weight. I eat healthy, I'm active and exercise. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Im 11w pp and although i don't look pregnant, i still have baby bump remnants its the unsightly overhang over my incision. I wasn't allowed to exercise for 12w but am gonna be starting the Insanity workout, its a 60 day workout you do 6 days a week. The videos are online, its meant to be great. I also walk between 3-6 miles daily with the pram, including uphill and i generally eat healthy. Its slowly coming off.
Avatar f tn I never had an eating problem, and felt my portion sizes when eating were not over indulging. Granted my exercise routines has suffered since my back surgery but the weight gain has taken on a very draining effect on me. I've read the Peak article and viewed the video as you suggested; maybe I need to invest in a bow-flex type machine for starters, and see where it takes me. I am just a very unhappy person right now.
676912 tn?1332816151 not a skinny mom lol Its funny because while I was pregnant, I figured I'd exercise every day after my son was born and diet and be pre-preg size no problem...NOT HAPPENING! My son is so demanding I have to stop exercise videos a few minutes into them...he no longer naps very long so I can't do it when he naps..,I can only go for walks with him and thats IF he's not too fussy or raining...like it did yesterday, is doing today and will tomorrow!