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Avatar m tn That error boosted Vertex shares by more than 55 percent on May 7, enabling five senior executives and two directors to exercise stock options and sell shares worth millions of dollars. After Vertex stock tumbled Tuesday — when the company said the cystic fibrosis data was not as positive as initially reported — shares rallied Wednesday, climbing $2.38, or 4.1 percent, to $60.18 on the Nasdaq stock exchange.
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Avatar f tn (was having extreme hot flashes for 2 years but went on a patch HRT and they're gone) I used to exercise like a maniac, doing cardio intervals and turbo fire, because I was gaining weight in the middle when I have lost 112 lbs 3 years ago and used to be diabetic type 2 and was afraid to get fat and get diabetes again. I have a very stressful job too and am a newlywed. well I am unable to function now.
Avatar f tn i dont know exactly how hard and how soon u could exercise i think your cardio should have advised u on that but i persume u could resume lightly to start after a few weeks depending how the ablation went and how good u feel.exercise is important for the heart and the body as a whole.
363281 tn?1518219421 Furthermore I didn't intend to offend you or anyone else when I posted. I had been watching TV and listening to the radio and I found one of the terms used humorous and so I made reference to that. I certainly didn't foresee the controversy that ensued.
Avatar n tn Right now I am sitting watching tv in jeans and a tank top and it is like 60 degrees in the room. I feel like I am boiling. When I go to bed, my boyfriend can only hold me for a few seconds before we are both hot. Most of the time when I am at home I can barely stand to wear clothes, so I usually sit naked. I keep it dark and cool inside, but I still get really hot.
93210 tn?1287457826 The FDA's action approved Lap-Band for use only in patients at least 100 pounds overweight or patients who are at twice their ideal body weight and who have failed to lose weight by diet and exercise over an extended period of time. They did not want individuals who were looking for a quick weight loss surgery or were not previously under physicians care.
Avatar dr m tn I think the metabolic stress HR refers to is partially associated with obesity, overeating, smoking, drinking etc, lack of exercise and consumption of sugar or things that result in elevated blood sugar. The usual suspects. I seem to remember him discussing that, but obviously he should be the one to clarify. The search function on this site leaves a lot to be desired.
1707536 tn?1334977677 All I'm doing to help my liver is a huge amount of exercise, and taking 1 daily Omega 3 (fish oil capsule). Other than that, no outlandish supplement program.