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Avatar f tn 0.55 (0.36-3.74 FT3: 2.9 (2.18-3.98) FT4: 0.9 (0.76-1.46) My FT4 did not budge, does this mean anything?
Avatar m tn SEPT 2008 (STARTING POINT WITH LDN, AFTER 18 MONTH DIET/EXERCISE PROGRAM) VL-1.62 MILLION AST-NA ALT-NA JAN 2009 (LDN-3 months) VL-58,000 AST 54 (10-50) ALT 68 (2-60) MAY 2009 (LDN-4 months) VL-219,000 AST-109 (10-50) ALT-111 (2-60) Sept 2009 (LDN 12 months) VL-302,000 AST-93 ALT-154 These latest labs represent 3 months of no IVs and a pretty poor diet over the summer. Lots of greasy barbeque and no juice or conscientious effort to maintain a good diet.
Avatar f tn This is, of course, still very good and she is happy with the entire lipid panel and all my other comprehensive labs. I've mentioned before that the ONLY variable in terms of the cholesterol has been the assumption and adjustment of thyroid supplementation, not diet or exercise.
Avatar f tn It has really been a struggle to find the right level of medication and to keep my doctor convinced that I know what I am talking about, since my TSH is non-existent when I am properly treated and feel well. Recently, when I was asking for further minute adjustments in T3 with corresponding adjustments to T4 that affected me (and my tests) strongly, she was all for sending me ANYWHERE, even to other cities, to find another endocrinologist.
Avatar n tn I don't feel stressed and why does it come on when I exercise or do heavy work? Isn't exercise supposed to relieve stress? I don't know if I am making it worse by plowing through or if that is the best thing to do.
1225178 tn?1318984204 20 mins per day of exercise that makes you work without over doing it is desirable.
Avatar n tn Hi, Causes of twitching of calf muscles could be Diet deficiency, overdose of caffeine, side effect of medications such as diuretics, corticosteroids, or estrogens, strenous exercise, benign twitches, stress or anxiety, Nervous system conditions like: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Damage to the nerve that leads to a muscle Muscular dystrophy, Spinal muscular atrophy and weak muscles or myopathy. It may be excessive exercise that may be causing twitching for you.
Avatar f tn Without knowing all three of your thyroid levels with Labs reference range, it is impossible for us laypersons to know what is going on with your thyroid via cortisol. From what I understand a high cortisol level are found in Cushing's syndrome, thyroid issues, obesity, ACTH-producing tumors, and high levels of stress.
Avatar m tn Treatment Overview 2 Latest Update - Treatment Log (Daily log discontinued updated only when important events occur) in reverse order First 2 weeks info moved to comment due to text limitation 3. Pre Treatment Blood Labs ___________________________________________________________________ #1. Treatment Overview GT2 F3/F4 Class A compensated Sovaldi/Sofosbuvir 400 mg 1x, Ribavirin 3x200mg 2x =1200 mg/day 12 Weeks Other journal link HCV History, other medical conditions etc.
Avatar n tn We do the best that we can by watching what we eat, diet, and exercise, that is all we can do. There is no magic solution to weight loss. Thyroid should only give 10 to 15 lbs weight gain (thyroid.org) that would be easily lost once regulated on meds and levels correct for you within Labs reference range. If weight is more, than its do to something else and not thyroid! One of the enduring myths about the under active thyroid is that it is responsible for obesity. It is not.
Avatar m tn long, Thanks for the post. Q1:"What would my true EF be if my resting echo EF is estimated at 60% and post exercise echo EF is estimated at 75%" During rest, your true EF if 60%, and during exercise your true EF is 75%. Q2:"What would post exercise echo EF normal ranges be and is the above EF difference normal?" Normal range would be 60-75%, at most centers.
Avatar f tn TPO AB 424 IU/mL (lab range: 0.00 - 35.00) TSH 4.24 uIU/ml (lab range: 0.50 - 6.00) FT3 2.23 pg/mL (lab range: 2.00 - 4.90) FT4 .79 ng/dL (lab range: .75 - 1.54) My primary care doctor tells me I am perfectly healthy. What do these labs mean?
Avatar f tn SINCE THEN I'VE BEEN TO THE DR AND DID LABS TO MAKE SURE IT WASNT A FALSE POSITIVE. MY LABS CAME BACK AS Ast 388 Alt 642 Viral 7.51LOG genotype 3a IN THE PROCESS OF WAIT ING TO SEE THE G.I Dr. Please share any info that may help me thanks.
Avatar f tn -) Started out taking a single sip of red with dinner, and now Its maybe a glass or two a week. Tastes like heaven. Its week 12 post tx for me. More labs again next Monday. C'mon UND!! Like NY, this is anecdotal. No science involved at all.
Avatar n tn Did they work you up in the ER with something other than labs, such as an ultrasound or CT, or -- did they just pull labs on you? Did your discharge instructions from the ER tell you to come back if you continue to have severe gut pain? Did they tell you to followup with a doctor on Tuesday, or.... is there a doc's name and phone number on those discharge instructions? You should not just sit there in that kind of pain waiting for someone to tell you something on Tuesday.
1530063 tn?1372268607 ALT/AST- alcohol use? heavy exercise? Glucose- meal within 12 hrs? All of the above are some commonly associated influences with the minor elevations on your labs. But with a history of HCV with those labs, I would ask my doc to write for a TMA RNA (<10 IU.... most PCR are only sensitive to <49 IU), and though TMA is far from absolute, it's the best commercially available.
Avatar n tn It's important to exercise when you have thyroid issues. It's a conundrum because you often don't have the energy to exercise, but you have to force yourself because it really does make you feel better. Supplements, eating right, and getting enough sleep are also important. Easy to say, harder to do with a baby in the house!!
Avatar m tn but now I am told I have hypothyroidism and should start medication within the next week along with diet changes and increasing my amount of exercise. Is this normal? I am 21 now and I feel like if I am having gallbladder and thyroid issues, then something else HAS to be going on. Not sure how much more I can change my diet and if I go to the gym anymore, I might as well sleep there. They never told me why my gallbladder went bad, they just said because of my age it was "strange.
Avatar m tn You build stamina by working into an exercise routine, slowly. Have you thought about trying yoga, along with other exercise? Yoga concentrates on relaxation, stretching, breathing, etc and go a long way toward building stamina.
Avatar f tn I have been seeing an RA Dr .for seven months , ran first labs 7 months ago and I was 1:160 ana titer and homogenous ana pattern sed rate 45 ,mchc was a little out of range 34.1, Rnp 135 ,WBC 10.51, sgpt 11, eGFR little off 58:76 ... And said that it was because I had two pregnancy ..and since my c3 and c4 was in normal range That I didn't have lupus , And just diagnosed me with chronic neck , back,hip, knee pain , fybromiagia ,alopecia, hypothyroidism ,malaise ...
Avatar f tn And I remember someone saying that if you run up and down the stairs/exercise before your labs are done they will go up. Any science behind that?
Avatar n tn After coming over here,I immediately got a job in science(since I have PhD as well) and I currently work as a scientist.I delivered a baby boy in January(first child) and my life totally changed.
Avatar f tn So Yes, you are over feeding. Labs have a tendency to get overweight so I would begin now with the right amounts and exercise where possible. If your mix is showing signs of pain and of excessive drinking, then he needs a complete physical exam to rule out kidney problems or diabetes. Also if he is developing arthritis (very common in dogs) he will need to be on a good non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug that will allow him to move more normally and perhaps get some much needed excersize.
Avatar n tn Science has done trials with thyroid patients and say no. No benefits to patients and symptoms. When people say it does, it usually a placebo effect - on the brain, i.e. fooling the brain into thinking that its working. None of the thyroid medications or drugs are a 100 percent cure-all for symptoms. T3 is no "magic" pill that will necessarily make us feel better. It might and it also might not.
2068716 tn?1372426744 I personally am a great believer in looking after my own health, watching my diet and trying to exercise although I do not think that this alone will ever cure me of MS.I have read a lot about miracle recoveries from MS and remain a little sceptical that diet alone can make this happen. I would encourage you to research for yourself as much as you can about MS but be careful not to pay for anything wild and wacky.
931415 tn?1244681111 ” That statement epitomizes the attitude that infuses The Oprah Winfrey Show when it comes to medical issues and science. Anecdotes trump science, and scientists should “respect” pseudoscience because of feelings and a desire for “quality of life.” Indeed, thees are exactly the attitudes that permeate the CAM movement and the antivaccine movement.
Avatar n tn excellent job mistybean! think SVR! and now to the other bean; glad Bill was around for you! Going the 36 wks extra will basically give you the feeling that you did everything "by the book", because there is no guarantee that 48 won't work or 56 will. I just got a Holiday card from a friend who did 72 wks total, she was free of the virus for over 14 months and still relapsed, Don A did one yr from clearing and it came back. I do 72 and it works for me, is it the biopsy stage maybe?
Avatar f tn Dr. Jacobson is very friendly but is VERY old school Endocrinology and told me that he only has one patient on Synthroid/Cytomel combo and only prescribes Synthroid for ALL other patients. Agreed that my labs looked good on combo though and said he would recommend I stay on both of them since it's already seems to be working.
Avatar f tn TSH - 3.18 Free T4 - 1.28 with a range of .75 - 1.8 Free T3 - 3.0 with a range of 2.5-3.9 Any idea what's going on. I'm told the endo treats symptoms, but I'm worried my numbers are too normal to get the help I need. Thanks for any feedback!