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393685 tn?1425816122 If anyone has got the Wii program for exercise - respond to this post. It is amazing getting your muscles and fat burning back. It also is an online program - so we can build a support group for each other - and really give each other a chance to support and work on setting up a routine to work on this weight together. Between diet and maybe Wii - we can really get what we want to achieve.
Avatar m tn Please also suggest me what diet i should take for fit my body. I am a software professional.
Avatar m tn Also, if you are busy with work and don't exercise a lot it could be simply deconditioning of the heart. Getting into a regular exercise routine may help. So it can be a bit of a trial and error to sort it out but sounds like your tests show that you are generally healthy so just take a look at your lifestyle and see if there are things you can improve on that will help. Well hope you can sort things out. Take care.
738075 tn?1330579444 Exercise will usually only temporarily worsen your symptoms and if you are in a flair it is still okay to exercise but don't try and do a new routine that is going to wipe you out more, moderation is the key and listen to your body, exercise improves circulation, tone, gives off good endorphins and has many benefits, but listen to your body and adjust your exercise to suit how you are feeling, don't over do it! If you end up tired, exhausted etc. you might make things worse.
1556380 tn?1294666509 I take a nitrate pill prior to exercise, and I haven't tried exercise without medication for going on 8 years so I don't know my threshold tolerance without medication. Also. with medication and when I increase my excercise routine, I get leg muscle fatigue before I get shortness of breath or chest pain (angina), but sometimes there is angina (i.e moving the lawn, etc,) and take a nytrogen pill (fast acting short duration) compared to a nitrate.
Avatar n tn Hello everybody, I have just encountered this site and felt little bit confident after knowing that I am not alone, and people are on way to their solutions. I hope I will solve my problem too. I am 27, male, software engineer, Germany. I am having this problem for around one and half years and still I did not find any solution. I release gas all the time, I don't smell it but all people around me hold their noses, scratch their face. So it is obvious to me that the gas I release smells.
159619 tn?1538184537 She asked me again about my exercise routine, 45 minutes a day on the treadmill with no symptoms. The more she pondered, the more questions she asked and finally had the EKG done again saying based on my answers she thought there was a lead placement error on the original EKG. They did a second EKG and she said it was a perfect match for the last one in January and there were no changes, everything was fine.
Avatar n tn With Zoloft the most mundane job seemed just fine - Without Zoloft I craved a more challenging and interesting job teaching software. With Zoloft having friends with chemical dependancy and perverse relationship problems seemed perfectly fine - Without Zoloft I did not feel comfortable including them into my circle of friends. Now that I am off Zoloft I am struggling with depression and rage but the alternative is frightening.
Avatar m tn I always feel tired and lazy. But my lifestyles isn't an active one as well. Most I use computers since I'm a software person. Very less physical movement and whole day desk job. My lower body is huge and upper body has no muscles at all and it is very lean and weak. No broad chest or strong shoulders. Only pointy shoulders and weak and this wrists are there whereas I have a belly, too much fat in thighs and bum. Having love handles as well.
Avatar n tn Masturbation has become an obsession when it interferes with your daily routine and your relationships. If you find yourself masturbating instead of spending time on more important things on a daily basis (and you are no longer a teenage boy or girl!), then it might be time to break the cycle of behavior you are in. 2Isolate the cause. There is a reason or reasons you masturbate excessively, and you must find out why.
572651 tn?1531002957 Nothing exciting, just doc appts (cardiologist and PCP). and follow up blood work, x-rays, C.diff results. Canceled PT as I am too weak to do anything productive. My newest "exercise" is simply to lift my leg straight out and hold for a count of ten.Compare this to my old routines of riding a recumbent bike x 10 minutes. leg lifts with resistance - 6 different ones and one exercise for my Achilles tendinitis.
Avatar f tn In addition to routine M-mode measurements of left ventricular function, the mitral inflow velocity was recorded with pulsed Doppler. Doppler sample volume was placed at the tip of the mitral valve leaflets as they opened or at the center of the mitral prosthesis, thereby obtaining an apical four-chamber view. Continuous-wave Doppler also was used in patients whose transmitral flow velocity exceeded the measurable limit of the pulsed Doppler system.
572651 tn?1531002957 Feeling achy and tired so I need to hunker down and do some exercise and start a routine for that. After a really ling time, I have decided to try dating again. Bachelor #1 and I are going for coffee tomorrow night. I met him online so another first for me. Despite my horrendous constructiinal and visuospatial issues, I am also going to attempt my first jigsaw puzzle. Not sure if this is all leading up to some sort of mid-life crisis or what. Have a good week everyone!
1633474 tn?1391261048 I have a big plan. To exercise in the morning - anti-depressant (if I have the energy) - and to meditate at night - TO KEWL my mind gradually ... so very early nights. Any tips? P.S. I've tried reading up at the User Groups, and reading the sleep disorder posts, but that's a HUGE job, so I started a new thread. Sorry if that's not blog "etiquette" (manners).
9808697 tn?1406016684 We are a team of Santa Clara University students with an assignment from the professors of our Software Engineering class. Our assignment is to design a software application that can increase the happiness of patients who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness involving the thyroid. We would like to get your help in completing this assignment. Your responses are anonymous and will only be used to derive a set of software requirements for our project.
382218 tn?1341185087 Ask your friends to pick up whatever products you'd like to try, and give it a go. ---Can you exercise at all? Even 10 minutes, 3 times a day would be good, and you will release lots of endorphins for that feel-good natural high. If you have a Wii system, all the better. Put on an oldies station and dance to the Beatles. Really shake that thing! It's only about 2 or 3 minutes. ---Take glorious naps, cuddling with your critter. ---And of course, answer lots of posts here.
382218 tn?1341185087 Ergonomic office equip and automatic doors were already in place so nothing additional needed to be done for me, other than speech recog software which I am still training on. It can be tricky! But if I used it more I could really let my gimpy left hand get some rest. While I was off ill for a year from 2007-2008, it was paid disability leave.
Avatar m tn To resolve, find ways to include mild exercise, like swimming, into your daily routine. At work, take regular breaks -- get up, walk around, stretch your arms. If you cannot, make your work area posturally correct, or find another job. I once knew a man, a trained controller for a large company who opted to leave his office job and work as a landscaper.
Avatar f tn I did initially worry the headaches were a brain tumour but a CT scan came back negative and was normal so i ruled that out. Other tests i have had were routine blood tests when the headaches first started and all was normal except for a slightly elevated white cell count. I was never retested after that but when the symptoms didnt go away the drs said that it must be anxiety related and sent me to the psychiatrist.
427801 tn?1203848162 Exercise is huge to battling this issue. If you can get into a good exercise routine this will make a huge difference. When I was in college, classes that involved turning off the lights and slide shows knocked me out almost instantly. What I found is that I had to keep myself focused and moving. I did that by going to class with something that I could eat continually through the class like nuts, fruit, granola or something that I could just continually grab for.
Avatar n tn With an exercise echo, the patient will then get on a treadmill or bike and exercise to peak capacity. Immediately after exercise cessation, the person moves back to the echo bed, and a second echo is done while the heart is still beating rapidly. The two echo image sets are analyzed for differences in wall motion, valve regurgitation, pulmonary pressures, etc.
579258 tn?1250652943 oh … and eating healthier and moving (exercise). I lovingly refer to them as “Baby steps” … making small changes that you can keep for a lifetime … and then making a few more. I love MedHelp and all the information that is shared in this friendly and supportive atmosphere. We host periodic challenges to help us stay motivated and set achievable small goals and I am blessed to help pay it forward in honor of those who have helped me.
Avatar n tn I have no symptoms other than light headedness which occurs at an exactly predictable interval after I get on the treadmill during my fixed exercise routine. Now I can go slower and avoid it altogether. My wrist BP monitor has told me on many occasions that towards the end of my routine, my bpm is on the low side 50-60.
572651 tn?1531002957 School work, house work, fun (and not so fun) daily routine with the kids. My family is coming over on Saturday for a Game Night get together. I'm finally recovering from the cold and UTI of last week. I'm so glad my PCP was willing to just call in a prescription for me on Friday. It helped so much! I'm getting tired easier, but at least it's been almost a day since I had chills and sweats! Because of that, I'm going to be taking it as easy as I can for the next 3-4 days.
Avatar f tn She started me on percocet and avinza to address the pain, and worked with me to management pain, improve exercise, nutrition, sleep, and to reduce stress. I am now feeling better than I have in 6 years and have slowly ( and voluntarily ) reduced the amount of pain meds to half of what I began with. Now, I only take the percocet a few times a month when I feel really bad. Just knowing that I have it available, if I need it, actually reduces the stress and worry about having another flare-up.
1396846 tn?1332463110 I am finally getting over the feeling of being overwhelmed and getting into a normal routine. I focused most of my time on school. I have to say it has paid off because I am doing really well in my classes :) I will be getting the insurance pay off check for my car and planning to go car shopping as soon as I do although with gas prices at 4.15 a gallon I don't see me doing much driving anyway lol. Personal life is doing good also, haven't had anymore devistating moments as of lately.
233616 tn?1312790796 as best I can tell there is no controversy over the fact that in-range BMI can play a role in improving SVR odds and that a good diet and exercise always make sense, whether pre, during or post tx. Nor about the existence of a dangerous connection between diabetes and accelerated fibrosis progression. Nor about the fact that monitoring blood sugar levels should be part of routine health checks.
Avatar f tn The doctor suggested some exercise to start with the simple ones. I am also going for some walking. I will also look for the option of going for physiotherapy and yoga after consulting my doctor. Thanks a lot for your post. It has given me some positive feelings. I am sure I will be alright in a few days to come. Will keep you posted on my health often.
Avatar f tn Whether it's due to a link between cholesterol and CAD or because of injured arteries as you state, in either case they would increase their risk. Statins have helped many of us who did change their diet and exercise routine and lost considerable weight and moved to a healthier lifestyle but still struggled with high cholesterol levels, why can't you just accept that and give it a rest. You don't want to take them, good for you I hope whatever you do works for you.