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143123 tn?1274300825 To what extent can you exercise when your pregnant? I'll be 6 weeks Monday. I had a m/c in 2006 and so I'm scared to death of doing something that will cause me to m/c, even though I had no control of my m/c. I'm feeling blah and when I work out it always makes me feel better. I'm not talking about an hour running on the treadmill and lifting weights. I just want to take a nice stroll on the treadmill for a little bit.
Avatar f tn I was very active before i fell pregnant and stopped because had no energy and on top of it, I work and study. Has anyone felt the same? What's your advice?
18524847 tn?1465595901 How do you all feel about exercise when pregnant? Did/Do you keep up your usual routine? Did you slow down? Did you add things, not do things you normally do? Recommendations?
Avatar f tn I would suggest that Covid makes everything a little more difficult. It seems to throw a psychological dragginess over doing things. So if your exercise routine isn't particularly inspiring, as Pax says, it would not only be hard to stick with in normal times, but to me it seems unsurprising that it would be harder to stick with it now. I agree that doing something that's a workout in itself but you like, is a good way to exercise.
Avatar f tn I am remaining on my same fitness routine I had prior to becoming pregnant. I attend yoga sculpt 1-2 times per week, zumba and run a few times per week. There's a great book called The Pregnant Athlete. Fitness is always important to me but has become even more of a priority now that I'm pregnant. It's supposed to help with pregnancy, labor and bouncing back after baby. Good luck!
Avatar f tn try a dvd by zumba or another trainer you like, and mix it up. Don't do the same routine all the time. Confuse your muscles by having a different routine every day.
1809845 tn?1316440672 thanks guys! Mr.coffee, good answer! lol i just got back from my Doc.
571042 tn?1271447141 I was a somewhat avid exerciser before I got pregnant. It was hard to keep a routine in the first trimester but I think I have a good one now. I go to the gym Tues -Thurs. I primarily use the treadmill. I walk at about a 2.8 - 3.0 pace in the "random" mode. This gives me some up hill and flat walking. I figure the uphil walking would work my butt and thoughs pretty well. Anyway, I do kind of a graduated workout so it doesn't seem so monotonous.
10028419 tn?1416841704 Im 24 weeks and before I got pregnant I exercised all the time. (Mostly jogging, squats, crunches) just to stay in shape. I walk occasionally now but would like to start exercising again to help with weight gain and labor! Any one else exercise? I need tips on whats safe and what I should be doing!
Avatar f tn Elliptical is easier on your joints! Try the following routine make sure your Dr. says it's OK to exercise!! The Peak 8 routine it will quickly raise your heart rate 8 times for very short bursts, with a cooling down period in between. Ideally you’ll be sprinting or cycling full throttle for 30 seconds with a 90 second cool down in between each outburst. This is the fastest way to lose fat and build muscle in the body. Peak 8 actually stimulates the growth hormone in the body.
Avatar f tn My doc told me that if u have a normal pregnancy u can continue ur normal exercise routine all the way through as long as ur tolerating it well. She had me eliminate fall risk at 12 weeks... for me this was snowboarding. But other than that I am 34 weeks and still exercising 5 days/week. I still run, do yoga, do insanity videos with some modifications, T 25 videos, elliptical, and hike on weekends (6-7 hilly miles at elevation), etc. I modify things on a daily basis.
394803 tn?1326295603 I had a m/c in November....and at that time I was only walking around an inside track. I was concerned that that contributed to my m/c so I consulted my doctor. She said absolutely not....I had a blighted ovum which has nothing to do with your exercise routine. She said it's completely fine to walk a track or treadmill, even lift weights..as long as you're not straining your body. But always consult your doctor before doing so.
Avatar n tn As your skill builds, the added poses become increasingly challenging in different ways, which makes yoga an exercise routine that grows with you. Another basic yoga concept is that everyone is on his or her own path, progressing at his or her own pace. So leave behind the competitive spirit or fear that you’re not as good as others. Be sure to let your instructor know you have arthritis so he or she can help adapt the poses to match your personal physical limits.
Avatar f tn Early on in your pregnancy you can basically follow your pre-baby workout routine at a lower intensity. It is important to keep your heart rate lower, but you should be able to maintain the same activities (Lifting,running, etc.) into the second trimester. The key is to listen to your body and stop if you feel any pain. I ran until about 30 weeks and did sit ups through the first trimester and feel like that has been a large part of my complication free pregnancy (so far at least). I am 38Wks+2.
Avatar n tn I am trying to get pregnant and still don't know if I could be pregnant waiting for my period but not late yet. I don't know if I can exercise as I do regularly if I am pregnant and don't know it. Does anyone know? If I am pregnant, could that hurt the pregnancy or would it prevent me from getting pregnant? I just exercise moderately nothing extreme...
381606 tn?1242090749 I was advised to only walk and moderately at that. Every time I went back to heart rate pumping exercising after an IUI or IVF, I did not get pregnant. This time, the only I did was walk and not in a gym and I got pregnant. I've heard that exercise can take blood away from the uterus and that's where we need lots of blood to get pregnant. I'm not planning to hit a gym again until after the 1st trimester. For now, I just walk and try to eat right.
Avatar f tn Do arms and chest then the next day do treadmill and then legs and butt. Break the third day and start the routine over. I was doing pole , floor/chair, & stretch classes and gym before pregnancy up until my second trimester. But due to schedule conflicts I stopped the pole.
Avatar f tn It depends what you did before falling pregnant. Mostly it's said that you can continue to exercise to the same intensity you did prior to pregnancy. I've been doing pole fitness for six years and am an instructor, I haven't changed my exercise regime at all. On my days off instructing I do about an hour kn thw treadmill and stretch. Everyone is different though.
Avatar f tn Any of you ladies exercise? If so what is it you do that's not to hard on you or baby. I need to get a routine going.
Avatar f tn Thanks. I want to stay healthy for my someday baby's sake. I've also heard staying in shape before and during pregnancy can help a lot.
Avatar f tn I know they say that water aerobics and light excersizes are good to treat the fibro pain, but whta about hitting the gym to do a normal exercise routine? i have been working out on & off the past few days and my body feels like ****! it seems that when i pull a muscle its 50x worse than it was before i started suffering from fibro. im just trying to figure out if working out will show some long term affects in reducing pain or if im only making things worse.
Avatar n tn I'm 35 weeks and I use the stationary cycles at the gym. I also walk, do light arm, chest and back workouts with weights (no more than 25 pounds), and though I haven't done it I've heard swimming is great. You'll know if you're over doing it.
Avatar f tn Hello jeenapedersen, Just a note depending on the strength training routine you can get into fat burning doing strength training.