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Avatar f tn Aloha everyone! I currently got a gym membership and was curious if any of you could help me with a gym routine. I can't afford a personal trainer they are very pricey! Is it better to do the elliptical or run? I heard running breaks up fat better/faster? Anyways I'm 195 pounds 5'1 and looking to loose about 60 pounds by New Years. Any an all help is welcome. Mahalo!
Avatar f tn Typically, you can continue your exercise regime for as long as you are able too during pregnancy and this is actually encouraged by drs (check with your dr first though to make sure there isnt a reason why you cant exercise). As others have mentioned, watch out for overheating and dehydration.
Avatar f tn Do arms and chest then the next day do treadmill and then legs and butt. Break the third day and start the routine over. I was doing pole , floor/chair, & stretch classes and gym before pregnancy up until my second trimester. But due to schedule conflicts I stopped the pole.
Avatar f tn No, I'm not on the Mediterranean diet but it does have merit. At the request of my endocrinologist, I am doing intermittent fasting and it has worked wonders, far better than the Mediterranean diet ever did. My vitamin d levels have remained very steady since my diagnosis. Most recently my 25(OH)D test proved my levels steady at 62 nanograms per milliliter. Everything I do regarding my health is under the guidance of my doctor, of course including my exercise routine.
Avatar f tn I am remaining on my same fitness routine I had prior to becoming pregnant. I attend yoga sculpt 1-2 times per week, zumba and run a few times per week. There's a great book called The Pregnant Athlete. Fitness is always important to me but has become even more of a priority now that I'm pregnant. It's supposed to help with pregnancy, labor and bouncing back after baby. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I know they say that water aerobics and light excersizes are good to treat the fibro pain, but whta about hitting the gym to do a normal exercise routine? i have been working out on & off the past few days and my body feels like ****! it seems that when i pull a muscle its 50x worse than it was before i started suffering from fibro. im just trying to figure out if working out will show some long term affects in reducing pain or if im only making things worse.
Avatar n tn I'm 35 weeks and I use the stationary cycles at the gym. I also walk, do light arm, chest and back workouts with weights (no more than 25 pounds), and though I haven't done it I've heard swimming is great. You'll know if you're over doing it.
Avatar f tn My doc told me that if u have a normal pregnancy u can continue ur normal exercise routine all the way through as long as ur tolerating it well. She had me eliminate fall risk at 12 weeks... for me this was snowboarding. But other than that I am 34 weeks and still exercising 5 days/week. I still run, do yoga, do insanity videos with some modifications, T 25 videos, elliptical, and hike on weekends (6-7 hilly miles at elevation), etc. I modify things on a daily basis.
Avatar n tn I assume the gym has trainers! I suggest starting with her/him.
143123 tn?1274300825 I gained alot of weight, but because I had a good exercise routine before I delivered, getting back into the routine was not that hard. BEST OF LUCK!
Avatar n tn As your skill builds, the added poses become increasingly challenging in different ways, which makes yoga an exercise routine that grows with you. Another basic yoga concept is that everyone is on his or her own path, progressing at his or her own pace. So leave behind the competitive spirit or fear that you’re not as good as others. Be sure to let your instructor know you have arthritis so he or she can help adapt the poses to match your personal physical limits.
381606 tn?1242090749 When I have been trying for baby (and it was proving difficult), I also changed my exercise routine. I was also underweight. I went ahead and allowed myself to put on a few pounds. That was a big deal then for me to do that but I do think it helped. Being too thin or too heavy impacts fertility. Anyway, when do you find out if you have been successful with the transfer?!
Avatar f tn ) and was about to buy my 1st mountain bike so want to ease myself back into the gym first. My v basic handbook from the hospital says 8 weeks before I start cycling and gym but my general practice dr who I saw about something else yesterday says I'm in good shape for 3 weeks post-op. although my stitches still pull. I'm walking 2 hrs per day (split into 2 x 1 hr) and fairly active around the house.
10028419 tn?1416841704 I walk occasionally now but would like to start exercising again to help with weight gain and labor! Any one else exercise? I need tips on whats safe and what I should be doing!
Avatar f tn t want you to take on a complete new exercise routine right after finding out you are pregnant. If you are already doing all that it's fine to keep it up but double check with you Dr. I know a lady that ran marathons until the day before she had her baby. So running is fine too. I've known a lot of people that continue running.
Avatar f tn I have been trying my own workouts and dieting and lost 6lbs since the beginning of the month, but I am worried that I may not be going about this the correct way in terms of the type of weight loss and transformation i am working towards. If anyone is willing to help out and show me the most effective routine I can stick to each day to reach this goal it would be GREATLY appreciated!!
973741 tn?1342342773 I do do it whenever I take an exercise class. And I always have. But I'm getting to the actual gym less. Working out at home more (youtube makes doing a class easy right from my living room!) I was just curious on a time schedule. Is two times the right amount, three or one or ???
172023 tn?1334672284 Endurance is built over time with consistency in your routine rather than overdoing it when ever you exercise.
Avatar f tn Most people simply choose their favorite machine at the gym or they go for the one that’s easiest to use. In order to choose the “right” form of exercise, it’s important to know what each has to offer. Choosing will often be a decision between desired goals, ease of use, availability, and comfort. Many people overlook this basic form of exercise. Walking has a low impact on the joints and is good for those who are just starting a fitness program.
1237562 tn?1360989580 Wondering if others exercise while on therapy, I'v been able to keep up my regimen of alternating between cardio and strength. still in the first week of therepay, feeling pretty good but....... Drinking over a gl of water a day. this group has been so helpful.
571042 tn?1271447141 hahahah exercise .. the only exercise i do is run around after my kids.. littest one being just about 10 months.. thats all i get .heehee and thats enough. im not a fan of it.. and i have only gained 2 lbs so far and im 21 weeks and 2 days..... so just relax and do wht you want for ur pregnancy.. either way its labor wheither it be a hard one or a easy one you still get the same result in the end ...
Avatar m tn after i had some pain chest, last one was after gym when i did some exercise for my back. The doctor said is not very bad but i should quit working out at gym cause this disease might progress , or at least to workout with light weights. I saw on internet that working out at gym is good for the hearth, but now i dont know who to belive :(. Is it safe to keep working out at gym or i should just quit ??? PS : Im 28 years old, 141 pounds, blood pressure normal, cholesterol normal.
Avatar f tn I'm 16, 180cm and weigh around 93kg. I need to start loosing weight, but I don't where how to start or what sort of plan to go by. I don't want to go to the gym either, I'd rather do it from home. Any advice?