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Avatar f tn I could not some days it was all I could do to get out of bed, let alone actually exercise. Today, June 11, 2014, I recorded weight 214 lb, and my BP during last week Dr checkup. Was 109/89! my depression and anxiety are under control, and my cholesterols are all "right where ythey shoulld be," and I am now near or on the lowest possible dosages for all of my meds, including those for depression and anxiety.
Avatar f tn Is your father on medication? Your father should get some physical exercise...is there an exercise routine associated with the Senior Center visits?
649848 tn?1534637300 Another problem I have is that exercising DOES give me energy, so engaging in any type of exercise routine, such as my Wii Fit, yoga, etc gets me all hyped up, so again, I don't have enough time for a separation between exercising and bedtime to get wound down and ready to sleep. Not to mention that I do have housework, laundry, etc to get done on a regular basis, which cuts out even more "ME" time...
242516 tn?1368227505 Physicians should advise patients, at the first sign of tendon pain, swelling, or inflammation, to stop taking the fluoroquinolone, to avoid exercise and use of the affected area, and to promptly contact their doctor about changing to a non-fluoroquinolone antimicrobial drug. Selection of a fluoroquinolone for the treatment or prevention of an infection should be limited to those conditions that are proven or strongly suspected to be caused by bacteria.
469720 tn?1388149949 Still, in rigorous studies in which elderly people were randomly assigned either to exercise or maintain their normal routine, the exercisers were less likely to fall, perhaps because they got stronger or developed better balance. Since falls can lead to fractures in people with osteoporosis, exercise may prevent broken bones — but only indirectly. And what about weight loss? Lifting weights builds muscles but will not make you burn more calories.
Avatar n tn There are many other reasons that could explain your inability to gain muscle despite exercise and diet; the type of exercise you are doing, the type of diet you eat, and your body may not be responding if you continue the same diet and exercise plan for an extended period. Consult a nutritionist or personal trainer at your gym for specific recommendations on how you could change your routine and see if that may help.
Avatar f tn During the first few weeks you should be spending at least as much time stretchiing as you are exercising-- stretching both before and after the exercise routine. You should avoid doing anything real strenuous until your muscles and heart have had some time to build up some exercise tolerance.
Avatar f tn (cancerous). The benign enlargement of the gland is usually seen among the elderly persons and as the age advances the chances of having enlarged prostate increases. Management can be medical and surgical which entirely depends on scoring system based on symptoms. More the score, surgery may become preferred option. The surgery is usually carried through an endoscope passed through the urethra and is like an office procedure.
Avatar f tn There are many conditions that can cause this. You probably need a routine check up with a full work up, including blood work, EKG and chest Xray. Let the doctor know what is going on.
Avatar n tn I would encourage you to do a daily exercise routine if possible. And drink plenty filtered or spring water, 1 hour away from meals. Please note that my comments and suggestions are not intended as medical advice. You should do your own research to verify the aforementioned statements and consult with a HOLISTIC DOCTOR. If you need details on anything post again or pm me directly. Best wishes. Niko PS You may also post at the Weight Loss and Heart Communities.
Avatar n tn I had gained a little weight during the time, while trying to decide if I wanted to go the HT route. With the new added energy, I went back to my exercise routine with vigor and reduced my weight back to normal.
Avatar f tn About 9 months ago my 57yr old brother-in-law moved in with us because his elderly father was unable to care for him properly. A new world has opened up for him and he is doing and experiencing many things that you and I take for granted. He has been great! He is happy and well behaved....until he gets to Adult Day Care. He has been going there for 3 years, and over the last few weeks his behavior has been increasingly worse.
414491 tn?1203388679 You can do some breathing exercise to relax your whole body helping it easier to go to sleep. → Do not exercise before sleep. Exercise will stimulate blood circulation and body muscles. It takes time to calm down your body to go into sleep. → Do not over eat before sleep. It will cause indigestion and affect your sleep. Tips for a better sleeping environment → Bed only for sleep. It is not recommend to do your works or watch TV in your bed.
414491 tn?1203388679 You can do some breathing exercise to relax your whole body helping it easier to go to sleep. → Do not exercise before sleep. Exercise will stimulate blood circulation and body muscles. It takes time to calm down your body to go into sleep. → Do not over eat before sleep. It will cause indigestion and affect your sleep. Tips for a better sleeping environment → Bed only for sleep. It is not recommend to do your works or watch TV in your bed.
Avatar n tn I started in a low impact aerobic class, and it was basically all elderly women. Yes, even elderly women work out 3 times a week..After a few months, I moved up. They offer everything from yoga, pilates to step classes, cycling, and weight training. It doesn't matter....if you want to lose weight and keep it off....you absolutely will not maintain it for a period of time without some exercise program. Sorry, but true...hey....it's not that bad.
649848 tn?1534637300 As some of you know, I've had some major changes to my life, with having to bring my elderly aunt to live in my house, so the past week has been pretty difficult. I'm hoping that things will settle into a routine soon, but in the meantime, the stress level is pretty high. My weight has been all over again, ranging from a low of 143 to a high of 148; this morning, when I weighed, I was 145.
Avatar m tn Exercise is good but be sure to listen to your body! I was traning for the cycling leg of a triathelon about 2 months into tx and noticed an increased heart rate compared to my riding partners 172bpm for me and 92bpm for them! Most likely due to the anemia - my Dr said I could still ride but didn't recommend that I compete. Good luck with your treatment, use common sense as your body is combating this virus and the meds. Rest and water will be your friends!
649848 tn?1534637300 he understands my need for that 30 minutes of exercise. I resent his not leaving me alone for 30 minutes to get through an exercise routine and it's easier to just not try to exercise than it is to have to deal with the "attitude". I know I'm sabotaging my efforts by eating fast food, not exercising, etc and my reasons for doing so are not acceptable.
11079760 tn?1483389730 I actually use to teach kids with ADHD how to redirect their excess energy by stretching, and on the flip side of the age coin, my elderly mil has been doing a mild strength and stretching program for the elderly for years now and her specialists and surgeon all believe it's one of the main reasons she's still mobile and recovers as quickly as she does (her stubborn personality the other lol)....
Avatar f tn I think if you could add a little more exercise to your daily routine, assuming that you are able to exercise, it would help to lower your BP a tad, I think. You should talk to your doctor before doing this, as you surely know. You may still get to below 150 when the BENAZAPRIL takes full affect. I read on the directions that came with my Avapro that the full affects might take 3-4 weeks.
Avatar f tn I've had osteopenia for about 10 years. Worked very hard at it and with a regimen of calcium, magnesium supplements, along with adequate exercise, managed to rebuild quite a bit of lost bone. Is this your first thyroid scan?
Avatar n tn The fault with using thse for elderly patients is the small button is difficult to press. These are ideal for a stroke patient to summon help or assistance. Since you have two signals, if they can understand one can be used for emergencies (come right away!) and the other signal used for a routine call. She him lots of magazines with pictures and consider getting a large print newspaper and large print books. Even though his eyesight may not be affected these are easier to read.
Avatar m tn Although you are in age of 60s and most common memory problems come with this elderly age as an Alzheimer’s disease, it is essential other possibilities of memory loss like hormonal imbalance, stress/depression, and vitamin deficiency need to be evaluated thoroughly. In this disease, normal day to day activities have been affected more than memory loss. Therefore, I would suggest consulting a doctor to rule out other possibilities first with the help of doctor. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I know many people that have done that, but unfortunately for many it is easier to just take the pill which will lower their cholesterol without the work. Remember, do not start any new exercise routine without getting your doctor's approval.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I cannot walk at all and have to stop and find a place to rest. I try to exercise daily but it only makes me feel worse. Am putting on weight so am overweight now, which I wasn't before, but am moving less so hardly surprising. Any further suggestions? Thanks again.
649848 tn?1534637300 I have hypothyroidism and I understand about being so tried. I am trying now to get in routine to exercise since my doc said it will help with weigh loss. I gain it like over night now I have to learn something new and keep with it. I like to walk and want to do yoga. Did you go to a class to do yoga or from tapes? Please advise. Thanks.
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Avatar dr m tn This ingredient is a strong antihistamine (used for allergies) that also can make you drowsy. Some elderly who use it have experienced mental status changes as well as other various side effects. There have been many studies using melatonin. Melatonin is a natural hormone that your body produces more of as you fall asleep. Darkness causes melatonin to increase and sunlight stimulates receptors in your eyes that cause it to drop.
Avatar n tn My very elderly uncle--who is also about 250 pounds overweight and gets little to no exercise--has had congestive heart failure for about 15 years. He seems to live a normal life and gets along fine. He moves very slow, but then he is 80 and very very overweight. He just basically doesn't push himself and takes a LOT of breaks. So even though it's not something you want to have, someone young like you should be okay. You will just have to probably slow your lifestye down somewhat.