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15594879 tn?1441632876 What surgery did you have and how long ago did you ask the doctor about exercising?
Avatar f tn how long is average recovery time for a orthopedic knee surgery for large meniscus tear and athritis?
Avatar n tn I was calorie restricting and keeping an intensive exercise regimen for about a year and a half. About a a year ago i started to have pain when I ate and started gaining weight rapidly and retaining fluid. That was my wake up call to get better. My question now is. I have started eating healthy and often. I've done this for about 3 months now. However I still have terrible pain with eating and drinking. Although I drink plenty of water I still seem to be retaining it.
Avatar m tn I've been making a real effort to exercise and get back into shape and eat right. No more gorging on sweets and high carb foods and I'm still drinking lots of water. I think this effort has really paid off in terms of how good I feel. I agree with Can-do-man that 6 months is realistic and it's also what my NP and Dr. told me. Just like treatment, everyone's different, but I'll bet you start feeling a lot better in time.
Avatar m tn since the heart surgery he has made progress like being able to slowly communicate through head shakes and saying no(very very simply things though) I need to know what can help speed up the metal aspects of recovery. im still not sure to what extent his brain might be affected. what exercises can i do with him to help his memory/motor skills come back?
1070610 tn?1279278010 Is this because the resistance in the water has worked my legs more and I have just tired them out even though it seemed not a lot of exercise ?? I did ask the physio the temp of the pool and it was 34 degrees celcius.....93F. Could it be the hot pool??? Hot days do fatigue me to the point of unable to function feeling weak but It has never affected me like this before. I was really shocked at the lack of strength in my legs when leaving the pool.
Avatar f tn Hi there and welcome to the forum! A HUGE congrats on your 13 days off heroin!!! It's really good to hear that you are planning on setting up some new recovery tools now that you have moved away from "old haunts". There is nothing quite like being in the physical presence of other recovering addicts that already "get" what we are going through.
Avatar n tn I have recently went through detox, and am wondering how long it will take before the strong cravings stop. I know I need a plan of recovery, and am working on that right now. Can anyone suggest things to do to help me get through this?
Avatar f tn High performance athletes would be increased to 90% of heart rate maximum, yet post exercise the overall recovery of each group showed quickened compared to non exercise patients. What I found interesting is the researchers chose the 80% of maximum heart rate completely arbitrarily. I wouldn't go over 70% of your max. heart rate. Talk to your doctor first.!!
1436330 tn?1284669636 FInding that I have so much anxiety that buils up all day and that exercise in my new best friend, just like it used to be before my unhealthy love affair with opiates.
Avatar f tn I would refer this type of question to primary or surgeon, each individual is different in recovery phase. Upon examination, vitals check Etc.... Your physician can advise you, when best to work out. Wishing you well.
Avatar f tn Try as hard as you can to stay fit, limber and graceful and your labor and recovery will go much smoother!
1906433 tn?1321848291 Which is ok, but with the weather getting colder, I can't tolerate outside much. We have an exercise room with several different machines, but I don't want to overdo it. I still feel off-balance with bending down & up & around too much, so vertical or sitting down outstreched maybe. Any suggestions would be appreciated so I don't hurt my head. Thank You.
Avatar n tn I decided to do something to improve my situation and just want to make sure I am on the right track January 1st I started diligently working on weight loss and cardio exercise. When I began the endeavor I weighed in at 280 pounds. I had almost no ability to exercise , as I would become winded an feel a burning discomfort around my chin bone after about 5 minutes of brisk walking.
483733 tn?1326802046 While playing the waiting game to hear how they are going to treat my issues, is it OK to exercise? I'm not a normally active (exercise wise) person. I don't want to do anything that would cause cysts to burst or twist. What do you think?
159619 tn?1538184537 If you only dropped 12 beats in the first minute post-exercise, that would be considered abnormal heart rate recovery. However, you drop 15 beats which is good!! In regards to your 2nd question, no, I am not exactly saying that. I would just be able to assume that if you can get to 85% of your maximal predicted heart rate and at the same time exercise at least 8 METS, you have a good functional capacity and are able to do an good amount of exercise without any symptoms.
Avatar f tn How important is exercise to recovery? If someone has been in hospital for 9 weeks and is very weak it is difficult to "make " them exercise if they are not feeling well. Any suggestions??
Avatar n tn At the same time I started having lots of liver pain which I have never had before (Have had this about 30 years, dx 3y.ago) Yiks. I didn;t know what to do, exercise or not. So, I still exercise and have talked with two different docs about it, but they didn't seem to think there was a relationship between exercise and raised alts,asts. I do. But, I feel so much better and the exercise keeps me from falling into a depression. Keep pumping the iron girl, we need to keep as strong as we can.
Avatar n tn I think it's great to exercise on treatment if you can however exhaustive exercise like that required for a Marathon doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Your liver is stressed by that kind of exercise. It takes awhile for your liver to recover from a stressful event like that plus you are trying to allow your liver to heal so stresful events like that are working against your goal. Extensive exercise can raise your ALT meaurements, something you are working to keep down.
Avatar m tn Is it true that PVC's during the recovery period after exercise are a bad thing? I notice that I have them, sometimes quite a few, sometimes not so many. I am concerned because I have had PVC's for years, and had numerous exams, though the last one was about 10 years ago. Should I be concerned?
1211508 tn?1343083205 Thanks Tom "Whereas exercise PVCs were related to the heart rate increase with exercise, recovery PVCs were related to coronary disease (previous myocardial infarction, coronary revascularization procedure, or pathological Q waves on resting electrocardiogram) and ST-segment depression." So I'm assuming that all the ones that had recovery PVCs had one of the coronary diseases listed?
Avatar n tn First experienced weird heart palpitations about 6 years ago, they've been there ever since in varying degrees during rest (sometimes none for weeks, sometimes dozens a day), but the constant throughout has been their presence during recovery from cardio exercise (at their very worst I couldn't walk up the stairs at normal speed without triggering them).
Avatar n tn The regimen should include the following: - Aerobic exercise via treadmill for 20 to 60 minutes for three to seven days a week. - Strength training with resistance or light weights two to three times per week for the muscle weakness. - Stretching and flexibility Exercises two to three times per week performed either before or after the aerobic or strength training exercises to treat difficulties in raising arms and moving legs.