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Avatar n tn I am getting so discouraged. I drink the water and exercise maybe twice weekly. Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong. I am so very careful about what i eat and follow the rules to the letter. This morning i had a protein drink and lunch i had a protein bar(very few carbs). Dinner will be a lean cusine. I took a diet pill so i don't really feel hungry. I also take one a day carb smart. What am i doing wrong. I am currently 172 and need to lose 20lbs.
Avatar n tn Sometimes these symptoms are due to poor physical conditioning and if the tests are negative you should talk with your doctor to outline a progressive exercise program.
Avatar n tn Staying on a 500 cal program is really committing. I understand the HCG will keep you from being hungry in Simmons outline. And I recall it saying that on the days you don't take it, you may feel hungry. So, just curious from those of you that stop on the weekend - is that the case or could that be the reason the doubling up of the HCG on Friday... Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Please see your Doctor who can outline for you a program of diet, exercise and medication that the American Diabetes Association recommends. Diabetes can be controlled for a lifetime, if you are willing to abide by all the recommended treatments. The above note from caregive list otc meds not found to be effective to treat Diabetes.
Avatar f tn Exercise Exercise in an integral part of any AS management program. Regular daily exercises can help create better posture and flexibility as well as help lessen pain. Most people with AS feel much better with exercise. A properly trained physical therapist with experience in helping those with ankylosing spondylitis can be a valuable guide in regards to exercise. Click here to learn more about exercise in our Patient Resources section.
Avatar n tn Because this is new to me, I would like to ask several questions. Can I continue my exercise program with this? I am a type one diabetic and need to exercise. What are the possible ways that I could have been subjected to this spore. I live in an area where there are lots of fresh water lakes. I'm an elementary school teacher.
Avatar f tn I have printed it out and will try and get one more month of my prescription filled so that I may start this step down program asap. It was very kind of you to outline this for me and to ease my fears of withdrawal as well. As bad luck would have it, I experienced an anxiety attack today at work. I did not take anything for it as I usually do not carry any with me due to the sleepiness I experience. However, the attacks do leave me feeling very weak - like I've run a marathon.
Avatar m tn For the most part, though, this account, this statement I have written here in some 32,000 words is an outline, a description, of this partially genetic-family-based illness and my experience with it throughout my life. 1.3 Some of the personal context for this illness over the lifespan in my private and public life, in the relationships to my family of birth and my two families of marriage, in my employment life and now in my retirement are discussed in this document.
Avatar n tn I also would like to hear of the success stories, but I`m thinking if this could at least get me started in my weight loss it would be a motivating factor for me . I think I could at least work to maintain myself at a lesser weight. (at least that`s what I would like. It certainly is easy to say...
Avatar n tn I would like to postpone any further treatment to try to get my body in a more optimal condition (lose 30 pounds, start a moderate exercise program, etc.). I estimate about three months and then re-look at the problem. Other than the very occasional atrial fibrillation -- I feel pretty good ... work a full-time job, drive my car, am not depressed ...
Avatar n tn I havent heard of many people at this board or from the natural cures board that are going there. If there is someone out there going to Transformations, how is it going? Do you like their program? how much weight have you lost so far? I appreciate any responses.
Avatar f tn This includes things like going to a park and doing everything possible there----------- running, swinging, climbing, jumping, rolling, skipping, etc. Jumping on a trampoline, swimming is the perfect exercise to quiet an over active nervous system. And what I didn't realize is that these types of activities have an after affect that results in a child being more calm in a classroom. We do this stuff just about every day and it helps my son maintain well in school.
242532 tn?1269553979 You have to sort this out piece by piece and step by step and that is why I created the shrinkyourself program and wrote the shrinkyourself book. It is a process in which you can reach the goal but you will have to put in effort and there are times when you will have to struggle. At the end it is worth it. Even if you have diabetes now, the loss of weight can actually make the diabetes go away or diminish the need for medication.
Avatar f tn in a tourist village at Lake Tahoe, where the CDC ignored thebiomarkers found by Drs Cheney and Peterson which validated the disease, and continuing to the present day with its 25-year marketing exercise in rebranding this serious disease similar to M.S.
Avatar m tn As I indicated above I have written a more detailed account of these years elsewhere but this outline, this brief sketch here, of particular episodes and the periods between episodes will suffice. My experience of these highly diverse emotional and psychological swings of mood in everyday experience away from the norm, from my norm, is only part of my story. But it is a crucial part.
Avatar f tn as well as taking a fresh look at my family of origin's signs. I thought I'd kind-of outline our experience here and see what you think. Daughter: More on Cece: Remember infant arms moving quickly, didnt like arms swaddled from birth, fluttering/much movement early in utero, Hiccups in utero Cried much, trouble sleeping from birth Needed swing to go to sleep (fast front to back motion only) Needed loud white noise to fall asleep (used ocean waves).
203342 tn?1328740807 This topic is a hugely controversial one simply because no one can adequately and legally define a puppy mill. You would think it would be easy...but everytime you set a limit on number of dogs or a specification on cage space, etc, bad breeders will find a way around it. In addition, many of these types of breeders simply pack up and move to a different locale where they won't be bothered by inspectors.
Avatar n tn I am going to try harder to take less than perscribed even, and exercise. Of course exercise with heavy weights when I was younger is part of the problem, and falling, but, when I do aeorbics it does help me and I feel better. Take care and love to all on the forum. Please don't let what anyone says that is abusing drugs on this forum upset you. They are just messed up and need help.
Avatar m tn I did suffer from a mild RSI and various other maladies in addition to COPD, some of which I treated with exercise, thus lessening their overall effects. These several medical problems exacerbated my remaining BPD symptoms and I have outlined them in appendix # 4, below. 7.1.
572651 tn?1531002957 Do you look at the clock first thing? What are your thoughts as you go to bed and fall asleep? (It is possible to 'program' ourselves to wake up at specific times.) Maybe it's time to ask a doctor to review your meds? (Changing a dose or rescheduling the timing of some meds can make a big life difference.) For sure it is time to notify your CPAP prescribing physician, give an update and ask for suggestions. That's a specialist in sleep disorders for you, right?
Avatar m tn ” But after beginning the effexor medication in 2007 I could not find the enthusiasm or energy for such a level of exercise. In 1980 after I had taken on a vigorous exercise program of running for several months I had another bad BPD episode and had to be hospitalized. In the process, I became somewhat sceptical about the positive effects of rigorous exercise for me.
Avatar m tn I'd suggest the book End Your Addiction Now, by Charles Gant. He outline a need-specific (as opposed to one-size-fits-all) amino acid and supplement program that literally jump starts the addicted brain to get the levels of critical neurotransmitter to levels the levels they need to be. It's hard to stay clean when life (after withdrawal) just seems to be a never-ending chore. We (formerly active) addicts need the same feel-good neurotransmitters as the Earth People -- probably more so.
206807 tn?1331939784 After the complaint was received May 17, Morehouse Parish School System attorney Steve Katz advised school officials to remove what was to have been a clergy-led prayer from the program. When the program was reprinted, it showed a moment of silence to be led by graduating senior Laci Mattice. Just prior to the start of the ceremony, BHS principal Stacey Pullen said she reminded Mattice that the program called for a moment of silence.
748543 tn?1463449675 Ever wonder why your chiropractic adjustments don't hold for long? Of course we can exercise and be mindful of our posture. However long-term we see that this conflict will have its say. In my experience, examining both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients of my practice, I have found most often that even in asymptomatic patients the area of conflict lies within the spine; namely the cervical area. So the price for accommodation to the poor bite is most often paid for by our neck.
Avatar m tn Red Cross Info 6.1 Blood Pressure 7. Exercise Program Sheets 7.1 Sleeping Record 7.2 Benign Vertigo 8. Special Prayer Package 9.
Avatar n tn They took the usual drug history, had me give a urine and then began to outline their treatment program. Their program included random urine testing for opiates, daily visits for the first 2 weeks in order to detox and mandatory drug councelling. All of this for a fairly hefty price. I explained to them that in spite of a nearly 30 year drug history that I have been generally happy and successful in my life. I am a professional with a good career, a wife, daugher and a home.
Avatar f tn the link must have had an something in it that the MedHelp program deleted. Why don't you post a portion of say..this years timeline here. We can give you suggestions and you can adapt the suggestions to the other parts. Have you read the "Timeline 101" thread?
Avatar m tn Consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program, taking any medication or, indeed, taking any action at all as a result of reading this work. I am not responsible for any action taken in reliance on the information contained herein and for any damages incurred, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of errors, omissions or discrepancies contained herein. __________________________________________________________ 1. Preamble and Introduction: 1.