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Avatar n tn I'm 17 weeks into an exercise program to recover from being pretty deconditioned. Starting out with 10 minute walks, and now I walk 30 minutes or go 20 minutes on my elliptical trainer every day. My resting heart rate has dropped from mid 80s to low 70s, and anxiety or mild exertion doesn't send my heart rate above 100 like it used to. But the last couple weeks, I've noticed that my heart rate has been going up more rapidly on the elliptical trainer.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Before you start with any excercise program, it will be very advicable to go to your Cardio for a stress ECG and get bloodtests, Echo done. Then, with the all clear from your Cardio, you can gradually start on a exercise program and work your way up to the "insanity" one.
Avatar f tn That would usually mean how vigorous it is as far as cardio workout. Someone who is in shape can exercise vigorously, but somebody who has not been getting any real exercise will need to start out with an easier program. Somebody in between can work out at a moderate pace. Everybody should exercise a minimum of 3 days a week to make any gains at all, and it really takes at least four to see fast results.
Avatar n tn I had started working with a new trainer and contributed it to that, but after about 6 weeks there was no improvement, and my trainer suggested I see my Pulmonologist . CPET was ordered. Results mildly low CO2 at peak, decreased O2pulse at peak, and low VE max. No EKG abnormalities. He ordered a new ECHO and referral to cardiologist. Last ECHO, a year ago, showed LAD of 4.2, mild diastolic dysfunction, RVSP of 33, and intra atrial septum aneurism.
3455166 tn?1347507133 nect have games that are fun and active plus they do use the Wii in some rehab centers and have shown to be good - you may be able to pick up a good used on and a sports or exercise program pretty cheaply.
Avatar n tn I enjoyed long hikes, backpacking, going to the gym, and doing hot yoga. I even started a weightlifting program with a personal trainer. However, once I got pregnant, I became terrified of miscarrying. I stopped everything and am now having a difficult time figuring out what I can do that is low impact. What are you all doing for exercise these days? I could use some ideas. Thanks!
583580 tn?1231136383 I am normally an athletic person to begin with. Is it normal for a woman to everytime they start an exercise program that they get bigger instead of losing weight. For example I normally do a combination of weights and cardio to get a balance. When I lift even though I'm using less weight and more reps I actually get bulky instead of thinning out. I like muscle definition but it kind of freaks me out a little because its not the results I want.
Avatar m tn Go onto YouTube and watch a program called 'Horizon: the truth about exercise'. Firstly, it's amazing, but as for you; it mentions that there are approx 10% of the pop who are 'non responders'. You could fall into that category and if so, calorie restriction could be the key to your weight loss. Check out the program and good luck!
Avatar f tn s just a bonus to a regular exercise program and is not the only thing you should be doing. Cardio and oblique exercises will get rid of love handles; but your exercise goals should be for health purposes not vanity.
Avatar f tn I am 4 weeks pregnant and want to know what cautions in exercise i should have. I went walking and feel very drained and dont want anything to hurt the baby. I know it us a dumb question but it has been 12 yrs since i have been pregnant. My son is now 11 and my daughter is 15.
Avatar m tn As stated in my first post it was my doctors advice to start an exercise program, I recently had an annual physical and was reported things were ok, also had exercise stress test done by a cardiologist which I was told I was ok but needed to start an exercise program since a heart scan showed some moderate blockage. I already eat very little sugars or fats and try to only eat complex carbs.
Avatar n tn Hi, you will need to check with your doctor regarding this, as he may want to do stress testing before charting out an exercise program for you. If the report is good he may suggest a gradual increase in exercise levels. Please consult your cardiologist. Regards.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you may be overtraining. Maybe you started too much vigorous exercise too soon. Maybe try a lower intensity cardio program like walking or light bike riding. Check out Sally Edward's book Heart Zone Training. Basically, she breaks up your heart rate into 5 zones. Zone 3 is 70-80% of your target heart rate and results in increased aerobic and cardiovascular fitness. Sounds like you are training in high Zone 4 or even Zone 5.
Avatar f tn Hello..my body is not bad but I have tummy..I want best exercise to get flat tummy in not long time:(...
Avatar n tn s always a good idea to check with your doctor before starting an exercise program, but most people can exercise and do as normal. The first thing I'd recommend is to try yoga - it works to strengthen the core muscles and really is good to tone and firm. You can get dvd's for beginners that go at a slower pace, until you work into something more..............
Avatar f tn As with any type fat, including baby weight, you have to reduce calories and implement an exercise program.
Avatar f tn Run/ walk is cardio; squats, planks, pushups etc. are strength and toning. So you decide hich you want as a priortity because you will have more energy to put into the one you do first if you plan to do them back to back.
Avatar m tn Since you are beginning a new exercise program, it is no surprise you have poor heart rate recovery and your heart rate rises rapidly. These are common findings in deconditioning. In patients with similar symptoms, these often improve with more exercise. If a patient reported similar symptoms, I would not pursue further evaluation in the absence of chest pain or syncope (passing out) or presyncope (almost passing out) or shortness of breath.
Avatar n tn Has any one who is on the boceprevir trial found that exercise has helped tolerate their side affects better? I was initially so tired, but now have lost over 20 lbs and have atrophied where muscle used to be. Prior to this I always implemented exercise into my schedule. I am running after two young boys so I don't want to deplete any energy that I may have, but now I am thinking maybe I am so tired because I haven't been exercising. Good luck to everyone!
Avatar n tn Yes, I am cleared to exercise by my doctor! No big medical conditions - I was getting borderline high with blood pressure, but have managed to get that down with some lifestyle changes (including exercise) and supplements to a very healthy level. Also, I've actually been exercising regularly for some time (over a year regularly, and was on and off before that) - it's just I've increased the intensity a bit lately. Sprint 8 looks interesting.
Avatar n tn I had a roommate who used one of these in bad weather, and Gym is right, it's much easier to maintain and use than exercise equipment. I like the home exercise equipment, but as i said, it always turns out to need a lot of maintenance even when new.
Avatar f tn do any of you ladies exercise I gained a lot with my first kid and it's been hard to lose I'm overweight due to not losing it all.
Avatar m tn Lack of exercise is a risk factor for coronary heart disease. Is it because no exercise can increase cholesterol or is there some other reason.???