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Avatar m tn Fat burner 3. Creatine 4. Glutamine These supplements i should use when i am in that tranformation program! So pls tell me the disadvantages of these supplements!! I dont have any knowledge abt these supplements! So please help me out!!
Avatar n tn It is unlikely your symptoms are due to the mitral regurgitation and you are on a good exercise program that you need to continue. You also need to be on a good diet for weight reduction and the combination of diet and exercise will help.
Avatar f tn I am very fit - this is how I noticed something was wrong, as I could no longer run at the same speed, lift the same weights or even walk up the stairs without getting out of breath. Now I am on carbimazole and verapamil (don't know the US names for these, verapamil is a calcium channel blocker) and I don't know whether I'm back in sinus rhythm yet. Will have repeat ECG on Monday. So until then I'll hold off on exercise. But what happens after that? Can I go back to my normal training routine?
Avatar n tn I think I have seen about 9 names out there saying they are doing the HCG program either from a clinic or starting to order online. Bass_Master and Night Owl - our dear researchers Want2bealoser - 15 lbs in two weeks - our weight off leader And then the rest of us - in waiting: elusiventity, Aunt_Susan Shewoolf China 2 donner 1 and then myhealthmatters2me. Sorry if i left someone off. Let's us know. With so many negative responses to this program, I can say I am here to support everyone.
1299318 tn?1377812519 I couldn't remember the names of the streets in my neighborhood, or my kids middle names etc. Very scary. My memory returned a couple of hours later. My family doctor is sending me to a cardilogist, but I don't know if this is what is wrong. I'm a 40 year old male, 5'8" and 160 pounds with relatively low body fat. What should I be checking for? Anyone's assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar m tn All participants were asked to carry out a twelve week exercise program consisting of walking on a treadmill at moderate intensity while being supervised by a personal trainer. Before and after the program, both groups were asked to complete memory tests. While both groups experienced a ten percent improvement in overall fitness levels, researchers found a significant increase in the intensity of brain activation in eleven brain regions as the participants correctly identified famous names.
106886 tn?1281295172 she developed a program called Body logic. You could google the names to find information about Umana and her program, but, again, I did not order anything over the Internet, but I found her website interesting. I mean, I felt like Superman lying on this ball...as if trying to fly! ************************************************************************************************** I put updated information at the bottom of this page, verifying that this really did work (for me at least!)...
Avatar f tn I just lost my job because I'm not remembering instructions. I invert names and numbers. I have been on no medications since my only two risk factors were stress and smoking. Does anyone ever recover fully?
Avatar m tn A proper diet and exercise plan is very beneficial to your health as well. With a proper cardio/weight lifting program and a meal program, youll be on your way to recovery. coming from a person who suffered from panic attacks and now, down to 0 due to simple changes in my life, can really help yourself without medications or a doctor telling you " you have a disorder" which i believe its all ********. The power is within you. You are your problem and you are your solution.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone My names Shelby. I'm new and I have a question! I recently found out I have PCOS and I'm at high risk of diabetes. I need to cut out sugar and go on a low GI diet, but so far most low GI foods I've found are really complicated recipes. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, I'd love to know what you eat to stay healthy!
Avatar f tn Hello, my names Darius. I'm into almost 30 hours of my cold turkey and doing okay. I have less motivation to get up off this couch. I've been watching movies and trying to keep my mind distracted. My rls isn't kicking in yet but I know this comes tonight when I'm trying to sleep. This has totally wrecked my life and I started 2 years ago...I was taking 6-20 a day. It's so sad. I cry when I think of it. I want my life back...I will prevail!!!
1654058 tn?1407162666 Under the PROMACTACARES Program, only prescribers, pharmacies, and patients registered with the program are able to prescribe, dispense, and receive PROMACTA." Additional Safety Information Regarding Risk of Hepatotoxicity: Reinitiating treatment with PROMACTA is not recommended.
242532 tn?1269553979 If you are worried enough about your health or just plain ready to start taking care of yourself, you will begin a new diet and exercise routine. But if you are like most people who have gone down that pathway it either won't last long or you may make some significant gains, feel better, but then slowly your weight will creep back up again. But you might not even be convinced that you have to lose weight.
Avatar f tn Those people have bent over backwards and about tied themselves in knots to adapt the program to my specific needs, rather than making me fit into some pre-fab program (which was my fear). My exercise stress test was done on a seated piece of equipment rather than standing on a treadmill (!
370181 tn?1428180348 My doctor has just told me that I am pre-diabetic. My fasting glucose was 124. Needless to say I'm pretty scared and would like your advice on what I need to do to either reduce or even reverse this diagnosis. Can anyone recommend a good book that lists the foods I need to avoid and ones that are very good. Is there a supplement I can take to help?
Avatar n tn I just moved to Japan and have yet to find a cardiologist, please excuse the long post. Some history: 44 years old, AMI in October 2001, 40% of my heart dead. At first, my EF was around 50%. Around Mar 2003 I stopped exercising regimen and gained weight. By Dec 2003 I went from 75 kg to 94 kg. The results of an Apr 2004 stress echo were "clinically and electrically negative. There were no ischemic ST changes and no arrythmias.
Avatar n tn old male who is 90 pounds overweight, but I do exercise almost daily. About a year or so ago, I remember feeling quite bloated one day and out of nowhere I had fluttering what seemed like maybe just below my heart, and I nearly passed out. I had been standing up for nearly 15 minutes already. My vision faded all the way out and I was very close to passing out but I didn't lose consciousness. I had an EKG 20 minutes later and it was normal.
398059 tn?1447949233 Meet with your IR, make sure you understand all of the tests and medications. There is not one standardized aftercare program....yet. There will be in the years to come, but the IRs and vascular doctors are learning as they go. And each patient is a different, unique situation. Your aftercare may be very different from someone else's. Before anyone is treated with angioplasty, I recommend knowing what your blood coagulation numbers are. This can be accomplished with a variety tests.
394678 tn?1201072343 Also, the working memory problem often seen in children who display ADHD can be addressed by a five-week, in-home, software-based program called Cogmed Working Memory Training. The program has been very successful in helping children, teens and adults to achieve (a) improved ability to sustain attention, (b) improved impulse control and (c) better complex reasoning skills. You can learn more about it at the website Cogmed.com.
Avatar n tn A family member is seeking information on reducing cravings and depression since quitting heroin . She has already detoxed and it was recommended to try wellbutrin with an exercise program and counseling.. the whole well rounded package. This will be her initial alternative to trying methadone. What is best to try.. wellbutrin or Zyban?? Are they the same.. we understand that Zyban is a time release form of wellbutrin... but for this young lady's needs what would you recommend ?
2105456 tn?1334368647 You can ask your doc or therapist for the names of good books to read, exercises to do (for the mind), you can journal your feelings, use mood trackers, like the ones that are here on MH, start a light physical exercise program, the list is endless. I am a HUGE supporter of meds, because they have given me my life back on several occasions, but I also had to work hard, and be patient. The meds controlled the symptoms enough to allow ME to do my part.
Avatar n tn Many people who have type 2 diabetes will have a high reading from time to time without it being serious if you get it under control. If you can't get your blood sugar down with proper diet and exercise then perhaps you will need insulin at some point. Really watch your carbohydrates and portions when you eat. Get out and walk. Are you on Metformin or Glyburide? If you are not you need to see your doctor Asap and discuss a program to get things in a healthy way. Good luck.
Avatar f tn His latest study, published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, names this kids' favorite an optimal post-exercise recovery aid. Take a look at chocolate milk's ingredient list. For a high-endurance athlete, Stager's team sees it as a catch-all workout recovery drink. Compared to plain milk, water, or most sports drinks, it has double the carbohydrate and protein content, perfect for replenishing tired muscles.
Avatar f tn In the last couple of years I have put on a significant amount of weight (although I have always struggled with weight my whole 52 years of life) . I try to exercise and I make myself do my own yard work but after working all day as an elementary teacher ( standing just about all day long) my legs are in pain by the day's end so it is difficult to make myself do very intense exercise consistently. I have to get them elevated to ease the swelling from lymph fluid.
Avatar m tn Join a good trainer and start an exercise program that will help you build up stamina. Try doing an activity a day that interests you. Try to remain calm. If nothing helps, all tests for TB should be repeated. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn But in the end what you need is to loose weight, and a supervised exercise and diet program is my recommendation in addition to a formal polysomnogram. I suspect that if you set realistic goals of weight loss, as you loose even small amounts of weight your energy level and mood and overall quality of life will improve dramatically.
Avatar f tn You could google the names to find information about Umana and her program, but, again, I did not order anything over the Internet, but I found her website interesting. I mean, I felt like Superman lying on this ball...as if trying to fly! ************************************************************************************************** I put updated information at the bottom of this page, verifying that this really did work (for me at least!)....hoping this helps.