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Avatar n tn Remember that if you're embarking on a muscle building program, you'll need to eat extra protein. This isn't necessarily a healthy thing to do, but you'll need it if you want to add and keep the muscle. You don't need to go overboard, but it does help your muscles recover so you can keep at it and feeds the muscles.
Avatar f tn depending on what you are doing for exercise, you may be building muscle which weighs more than fat. Muscle BURNS fat.. keep it up!
1339241 tn?1275943493 You have to go to a qualified exercise therapist with experience in relieving disk pressure on a nerve. Generally they will only take referrals from an M.D. after evaluating an MRI to avoid litigation by recommending exercises that would cause damage. These people are pretty good and the exercises really have to be shown in person. Exercises to improve muscle tone are used because that is what keeps disc separation within normal limits. Usually intermittant mild axial traction is recommended.
Avatar n tn Of course, always check with your physician before starting an exercise program, especially if it has been some time since you’ve been physically active. Once you get the green light, go slow — just ten or 15 minutes a day — then increase to 30 minutes a day as you build stamina, Dr. White suggests. Include at least one activity from each of these three areas: flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular. Ready? Check out these 8 arthritis-friendly workouts. They’re sure to get you going.
Avatar f tn re exercising, your building muscle. You should take your measurements and see if they are getting any less. Muscle is much more dense than fat, so if you're losing fat, but gaining muscle, you still might not see the scale move a lot. Go by your actual size. Do your clothes fit any better or different. Yes, you need protein in the morning, but you also need it throughout the day.
Avatar f tn also take up a whole body weight training program to build up lean muscle mass, so it shows through once the body fat starts to strip off. Think of it as diet strips the fat & exercise builds the muscle. I recommend hiring a PT that's experienced with building bodies to have you onto a minimum 12week full body program, to have you seeing real results. Michael Matthews books are very informative, I recommend getting one (can download as an Ebook) & reading up.
Avatar f tn Your mother is right. You are building lean body muscle mass with that exercise and that weights more than fat so you have a 'weight' gain. Suggest using a tape measure and not your scale so you know you are decreasing inches. Your clothes will start to fit looser too.
Avatar n tn I've been using Sublingual HCG for 2 weeks as well, and I lost up to 12lbs, but then I've gained back 2lbs, while still on a VLCD. (500 calories), I am hungry, and the initial burst of energy I had the first week, has diminished, and I'm tired and hungry. I'm concerned about a lot of things that a VLCD can cause, especially in people who are very sensitive to drastic decreases in complexed carbs, and lean proteins.
522699 tn?1250590716 Does anyone have any good advice about building muscle at home - I don't have the money to go to the gym right now and I don't have room for big equipment... so any ideas?
Avatar n tn brice1967 is correct! but to add to this topic to get a 6 pack takes a lot of work and dedication. To create definition in their abdominals with consistent and appropriate training. Muscle-building techniques increase the size and definition of your abdominal muscles. However, the length of time it takes to get-six pack abs depends upon your gender, how consistently you train and whether or not you have an excess amount of body fat.
Avatar f tn Also, for cardio (and some muscle-building), walking is great. Low intensity exercises help burn fat, while high intensity help build and strengthen the heart. Good luck and keep it up!
Avatar n tn I'm 17 weeks into an exercise program to recover from being pretty deconditioned. Starting out with 10 minute walks, and now I walk 30 minutes or go 20 minutes on my elliptical trainer every day. My resting heart rate has dropped from mid 80s to low 70s, and anxiety or mild exertion doesn't send my heart rate above 100 like it used to. But the last couple weeks, I've noticed that my heart rate has been going up more rapidly on the elliptical trainer.
Avatar n tn As I have gone on a muscle building program I have become aware that my thigh muscles cannot last more than a minute and a half on the elliptical machine,even when the rate is set at the lowest level. I assume Zocor didn't agree with my muscles. Is it possible that I will ever be able to regain my muscle mass by continuing to work out and eating more protein? Is there a magic pill which might help me in myendeavor to become strong again. I need muscle support!
Avatar n tn I don't know your age, but I'd guess that for your weight, 1200 calories is not enough, each day. I'm not sure what you mean by "eating clean"; different people put different definitions on that term. You can be eating healthy, and still not be eating the right things to lose weight. You also have to watch portion sizes. I agree with changing up your exercises.
627388 tn?1222198212 The types of exercise best suited to you and those which you should avoid The intensity of the workout (how hard you should be working) The duration of your workout and any physical limitations Referrals to other professionals, such as a physical therapist, who can help create a personal exercise program that meets your needs. The type of exercise that works best for you depends on your symptoms, fitness level, and overall health.
Avatar n tn Hi Most people believe that for exercise program to be effective, the body must be in continual and steady motion. However, if we allow some period of recovery to the muscles, that proves to be more efficient in muscle building. This is the reason why most exercise experts recommend the High intensity interval training (HIIT) as compared to the steady-state cardio exercises.
Avatar n tn t have medical problems, you can use the cardiovascular recommendations on line for cardiovascular work out which is related to age and pulse (heart rate) or look for guidelines on building strength versus muscle mass. all have different guidelines, and you don't indicate your specific goal.
Avatar f tn Ellipticals are very good at building muscle if you can handle high resistance -- the setting is up to you. They are mostly cardio if you work at low resistance and move quickly; they are mostly resistance training if you put the resistance up very high in which case you will have to go much more slowly.
Avatar f tn Your overall weight loss since January 1st does not sound like too much. The two punds in three days is likely an anomaly. At some point your weight loss will plateau, and a that point you will probably be near your naturally healthy weight for you. :) And congratulations! I think it sounds like you've done a great job.
Avatar f tn The only way I can see this helping in the long-term is if you also start a weight lifting program at the same time, as it might help with muscle building somewhat.
Avatar n tn You should avoid excessive exercise that burns calories, a muscle-building fitness program will help you add lean muscle mass instead of fat tissue from the weight-gain supplements you consume.
Avatar f tn No maam. Mine has always done the same. Baby #3, healthy.