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116879 tn?1266519849 I am 1 month and so far other than sleep loss, I feel okay. I have not had a regular exercise program before other than once a week dance class.
483733 tn?1326802046 I do exercise but I can't say I enjoy it. If you want to start some program I would highly recommend you do it with a friend. It helps the time go back more quickly and you're more likely to commit to it. We did invest in a recumbant bike for home. It's easy enough to sit there, leaning back a bit and reading a book while I pedal. Or set it up in front of the TV and watch a show. I do enjoy my bike.
Avatar n tn I am getting so discouraged. I drink the water and exercise maybe twice weekly. Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong. I am so very careful about what i eat and follow the rules to the letter. This morning i had a protein drink and lunch i had a protein bar(very few carbs). Dinner will be a lean cusine. I took a diet pill so i don't really feel hungry. I also take one a day carb smart. What am i doing wrong. I am currently 172 and need to lose 20lbs.
Avatar f tn He admitted himself into an inpatient detox program yesterday. They use suboxone therapy. I am so scared. Besides being completely angry, disappointed, etc, etc. about the relapse. I read all these horrible things about suboxone and how much harder they are to come off of. After he completes the detox program, he starts intensive outpatient therapy, three days/week for three hours. I thought having him gone for detox this time would make things easier on myself and the kids.
1990784 tn?1331875378 My recovery plan is my college, my family, my friends, and my kids (by kids, I mean the high school students...I'm student teaching this semester.) That's what keeps me sober. I'm at the high school 2 days a week and I look at those kiddos and I get "high" off their joy and their sweet comments to me.
97676 tn?1340408973 While I agree completely with the responses above, I must chime in here to relay my experience with Lucinda's program. When I ordered the program I was housebound (agoraphobic), unable to drive, and having multiple panic attacks on a daily basis. I knew I needed help and being that my finances wouldn't allow me to seek the professional help I needed and the fact that I was choosing to remain med-free, I decided to give the program a shot.
393685 tn?1425816122 If anyone has got the Wii program for exercise - respond to this post. It is amazing getting your muscles and fat burning back. It also is an online program - so we can build a support group for each other - and really give each other a chance to support and work on setting up a routine to work on this weight together. Between diet and maybe Wii - we can really get what we want to achieve.
Avatar n tn I agree with changing up your exercises. It's true that when first beginning an exercise program you can be building muscle, rather than losing weight. You should always take your measurements before beginning an exercise regimen, because often measurements will decrease while the scale will not. You should also get checked for medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance and PCOS, which can all cause weight gain/inability to lose.
333672 tn?1273796389 I am naturally inclined to be a lazy bum :) and haven't really tried to exercise seriously for some time. I walk to work (about a half mile each way), but that's about it. So I thought I'd try to walk more. I went for a walk on Saturday (a little over a mile--not that much and at my pace probably not aerobic at all). By the end, my legs were all wobbly and didn't feel like a part of me anymore. I was sort of weaving and hoping that my legs would just hold out until I got home.
Avatar n tn At present i am trying to do a final year research project in my physiotherpay degree. Part of it includes using an exercise test to establish the relationship between VO2 and Heart Rate on healthy individuals. I did a pilot study using the Bruce Protocol, however even with a fit participant this is a very aggressive protocol.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm intersted on your thoughts on this one? How safe is exercise? I know it depends on the person but if you are generally seen to be healthy.....statistically how likely is it that you could have a heart attack out of the blue when running, etc? Horrible thing to think about but I was chatting to a nurse the other day and she said she would never advise anyone to go out and exercise now.
Avatar f tn my kids and sisters run marathons..my kids that don't are big time snow boarders...do all kids of stuff...bottom line exercise is a part of my life...the one thing i did notice in the past years reading posts here is it seemed to me that the folks here that exercised and pushed it through tx didn't do as well as the folks that were a little careful through tx...for me as soon as i started tx i was done...i would just pass out...
Avatar f tn As long as she has an illness, I'm sure she qualifies for free home study, and anything that makes her education more accessible for her case. Here in CA, we have what's called the 504 program for children with disabilities. The schools work hard to ensure we have what we need for our children, without going too far out on a limb. I wish you luck and strength. Please let us all know what you come up with after talking to the school administrators.
1081509 tn?1261550119 I also am on atenolol for tachycardia. I have been for 32 years. I started an exercise program with the Wii Active. My heart rate goes up very easily and after many years of the atenolol controlling it, I didn't like the feeling, even though it was SUPPOSED to get faster. It was something I had to get used to. Using the Wii Active allowed me to slow down, if I thought my HR was spiking too high. Fortunately, I have good recovery and that is what is really important.
Avatar f tn I tried to workout on the elliptical while Natius was sleeping and the other kids were outside playing. Sixtus didn't cooperate. I need Little Momma in the house to help out with the baby while I workout. So, in only got a partial program in. This evening I jogged and walked H.O. and F.G. Good stress reliever.
Avatar n tn I don't feel stressed and why does it come on when I exercise or do heavy work? Isn't exercise supposed to relieve stress? I don't know if I am making it worse by plowing through or if that is the best thing to do.
Avatar f tn Between working, spending time with my kids, house work, I just don’t see were I can add some time in for exercise. How am I to loss weight if I don’t have any time for exercise ? I just started doing WW, so Im hoping this well do it. I want to be a MILF! LOL I know I need to loss a lot , but I would be fine if I could loss 25lbs. How do you guys have/put in time for exercise??
1346146 tn?1299364097 Also has anyone heard of the exercise program from the couch to 5k? Its supposed to get you able to run a 5k within a couple of months. I just started it yesterday. The first week you walk briskly for 5 minutes then you run 1 minute walk 2 until you do it for 20 minutes. You do it 3x a week. Next week u add more run time and so on. I haven't ran in 5 years and I didn't die!!! Got me dome Adidas trail running shoes and they are awesome. Anyhow I was extremely bored tonite can't ya tell??
2157870 tn?1336746127 The eye-blur problem with overheating form exercise sounds much like what I experience when I exercise on dry land, or even if I get too hot from the shower and using my blow dryer. But I have never had this problem in a pool. Exercise in water can be as gentle or as rigorous as you might be able to tolerate and it has the added benefit of lowering the stress on your joints.
Avatar m tn ) I haven't joined yoga yet cos I've told the yoga instructor about my ms and she is yet to develop a program for me as she knows I wont be able to follow the program that her regulars do. I think there is an element of fatigue relating to my weakness after exercise and I know a lot of people face this. BUT why can't I seem to do more than a minute at most? Is this how it is from now, that my exercise days are over? I've been thinking this for a while.
Avatar f tn The earlier study found that fewer than 8 percent of kids had been diagnosed with it. Researchers calculate about 5.4 million kids have been diagnosed with ADHD, which suggests that about 1 million more children have the disorder than a few years earlier. Scientists don't have clear answers about why there was such a significant increase. Study lead author Susanna Visser of the CDC suggests greater awareness and stepped-up screening efforts as part of the explanation.
Avatar n tn I have had trouble with my metformin on my stomach so I am doing novolog pens right now.. I have started a exercise program where I do cardio 3-4 days and wieghts or resistance training 2 days.. I am very sore later that day. My problem is my blood sugars are also spiking after my work out to about 250.. now if I give insulin on that number in a few hours I fell shaky.. I check 15 to hour after work out and it is high. my NP told me to not do any resistance.. i am bummed..
Avatar f tn Growing up, my father thought I was fat. I had asthma and couldn't exercise like the rest of the kids. (I was not fat on numerous doctors accounts) My dad constantly beat me mentally over my weight.... every time I saw him he had something to say about my weight. My dad went as far as to take me to his doctor to have me weighed and his doc told him the same thing..... "the boy has asthma, he gets exercise, he's fine...
1299318 tn?1377812519 Hello I've had two episodes of severe temporary memory loss after resistance (weight lifting) exercise. Temporary memory loss included not being able to immediately remember or remember at all, the combination to my lock, computer passwords, my own address & phone number, names, the current date etc. The first time I went to emergency and all of thes tests (CTScan bloodwork etc) were all fine. The hospital neurlogist suggested dehydration or low blood sugar.
1741471 tn?1407162630 One of the greatest ways of improving these brain chemicals is through exercise. Try this exercise to feel how these chemicals function in less than 10 seconds: From a standing position start clapping and taping as fast as possible. how do you feel? Exactly your brain chemicals are functioning! Exercise improves our brain chemicals. Over hundred studies have shown the incredible benefits of moving.
98010 tn?1305903335 It seems like everytime I add exercise to my healthy eating I tend to gain weight instead of lose. After several weeks of trying to be patient and give the exercise program (mostly aerobic walking) a chance, I tend to get frustrated and give up exercising because my goal is to lose weight not gain it. Does this happen to anyone else? Am I not giving exercise enough time to see the benefits? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I think that im going to stop breathing like all the air from my lungs is being sucked out, and my heart will stop because it's beating soooo fast. Im so tired of it all. I'm just wondering if it gets better. With my other kids i was fine but this 3rd is worse. Im sooo emotional. I feel so alone.
1741471 tn?1407162630 I see her 4 times a week and she engages in quite intense structured progressive exercise program that has left me speechless on how well she adapst every time and how great she feels after helping her to use exercise as a “medicine” for maladaptive behaviors, better sleep and strength especially keeping an optimal weight. However what i feel it is more important is that feel part of a process where I am helping her to be successful and not only her but her parents as well.
1741471 tn?1407162630 com/2012/10/24/children-brain-development-and-linking-movement-to-academic-achievement/ Physical exercise is crucial for the present and future of our kids. The kids brain reaches at age of 10, 90% of the total adults size. However, the development of different areas of the brain are very different between kids and adults. In the issue “ The Brain,Discovery June 2007” refers on how kids and teenagers rely more heavily in the frontal cortex that is associated with emotions.