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116879 tn?1266519849 I am 1 month and so far other than sleep loss, I feel okay. I have not had a regular exercise program before other than once a week dance class.
Avatar n tn Should pregnant women keep on with an exercise program? How much should we be doing? As of now I ride my stationary bike for 10 minutes on gentle speed. My thirst picks up and I get tired so I stop. What do the rest of you do for exercise and how much?
Avatar n tn I think anyone as young as you and as motivated as you sound should be on the Vasa Method home program. Look at www.brainstrokes.com and see what you think.
Avatar f tn pull ups, body squats, and push ups are great. don't underestimate them. all are compound movements, meaning they engage a lot of different muscle groups.
483733 tn?1326802046 I do exercise but I can't say I enjoy it. If you want to start some program I would highly recommend you do it with a friend. It helps the time go back more quickly and you're more likely to commit to it. We did invest in a recumbant bike for home. It's easy enough to sit there, leaning back a bit and reading a book while I pedal. Or set it up in front of the TV and watch a show. I do enjoy my bike.
Avatar f tn How important is exercise to recovery? If someone has been in hospital for 9 weeks and is very weak it is difficult to "make " them exercise if they are not feeling well. Any suggestions??
29837 tn?1414538248 So, in the face of this enemy we’re trying to kill, let not the enemy win by being complacent and forgetting your entire exercise program (whatever it may be), but instead, bite the bullet and stay strong. An enemy hates a strong adversary...
1436330 tn?1284669636 30-7:00. I am really nervous about going but I cannot sit at home and hide or go to work and pretend everything is going to be alright. I understand I have to do the work to stay clean. I feel blessed to be double insured so I got to interview two progragms and choose which one I wanted to attend. Feeling anxious today.
Avatar n tn Well, I went ahead and decided to start the diet program. Basically you get 30 phentermine and I did a lypo-b / b12 shot at the dr's office today and brought 2 more (one for each week) home with me. I go back in a month and will take another shot and get 2 more plus the meds, etc. They do give you the option of doing up to 3 shots a week instead of just one but I want to see how I do right now just taking the one a week.
Avatar n tn I have been searching for the answer to your question for quite awhile. I think the classic model is the 12 step program which is relapse prevention based on religious attendance of NA/AA meetings and the corresponding spiritual development or self awakening process of practicing the 12 steps. They seem to have a high success rate but I would not be deceived by that. I don't think any program anywhere accurately tracks numbers of people who stay clean.
Avatar f tn I was thinking about working out, how much I use to enjoy hiking, the gym, swimming. All those things I do not have energy to do any more. not to mention a bad foot. So I have replaced some of the things I used to with the things I can do now. Used to do: An hour of step aeorbics, Now: Up and down the stairs twice or three times a day Used to do: An hour or so in the gym Now: grabbing a can from the pantry, bicep curls, 1, 2, 3, go sit down, open it later.
Avatar n tn Rajul Vasa's home program (which I learned about from this site), and I'm so pleased with the initial results I intend to take him out of his residential rehab program so he can devote whole day to Vasa program at home. Wish I had known of this program immediately after my husband's stroke, when he was being given six 45 min. therapy sessions per day, of which he could only make use of the first 5 or 10 min. of each session because of lack of stamina.
Avatar f tn http://www.livestrong.com/article/379524-the-best-workout-for-obese-people/ Be sure to get the OK from your doctor before doing any exercise program!
Avatar f tn Just wanted to update you guys on how my exercise program is going. I have been meeting with a personal trainer now for two months, twice a week for about 45 minutes. I have had NO major setbacks so far!!! She happens to also be a nurse, so I felt less anxious about working with her. She was unfamiliar with Dysautonomia, POTS, but researched it so that she would understand my condition(s). Needless to say, she was nervous about working with me and saw me (as I did) as fragile.
627388 tn?1222201812 The types of exercise best suited to you and those which you should avoid The intensity of the workout (how hard you should be working) The duration of your workout and any physical limitations Referrals to other professionals, such as a physical therapist, who can help create a personal exercise program that meets your needs. The type of exercise that works best for you depends on your symptoms, fitness level, and overall health.
Avatar f tn It also changes from time to time if you have RRMS. For those who are badly disabled you do need a PT trained in MS to set up an exercise program for others it is working out what you can and adjusting with your disease. For those who are not able to exercise I think they should not be hard on themselves. For those who can we need to keep moving even if we have to change what we do.
451870 tn?1209949094 Try to get outside everyday for at least a few minutes of fresh air (you won't feel like it, but try). If you can force yourself to get alittle exercise (short slow walk?), you'll feel better faster. Tons of really hot baths will help with RLS and other symptoms. Hylands Leg Cramps with Quinine will help the RLS too. Lack of sleep will be one of the worst and longest lasting symptoms and will cause depression, mood swings etc. So do what you can to sleep.
2081753 tn?1334769285 Does anyone have any exercise tips that will not flare your symptoms up? Thanks in advance.
335728 tn?1331418012 I hope that everyone thinks long and hard about making a choice to go out and find an exercise program that will work for you and get started as soon as possible. We all have good intentions about working out at home but that takes an amazing amount of will-power that realistically we don't all have...if you join a group you are much more apt to go because others are expecting you to be there. So go for it people and if you have any doubts...
1646836 tn?1301434173 //www.fitwatch.com/exercise/10-ways-you-can-exercise-at-home-without-any-equipment-10.
Avatar f tn He completed a home detox and started with NA. He relapsed after taper/40ish days clean. When he finally came clean about the relapse ( I had been having suspicions and questioning him for a week) after using again for two weeks. He quickly jumped right back in where he left off using 6-8 M60 or O30's. He admitted himself into an inpatient detox program yesterday. They use suboxone therapy. I am so scared. Besides being completely angry, disappointed, etc, etc. about the relapse.
97676 tn?1340408973 While I agree completely with the responses above, I must chime in here to relay my experience with Lucinda's program. When I ordered the program I was housebound (agoraphobic), unable to drive, and having multiple panic attacks on a daily basis. I knew I needed help and being that my finances wouldn't allow me to seek the professional help I needed and the fact that I was choosing to remain med-free, I decided to give the program a shot.
1990784 tn?1331875378 ...opps posted on accident. Many are assuming, "this isn't going to work, she needs to be in a program." Well guess what...I AM in a program. Just bc it isn't nationally recognized doesn't mean it or I will fail. I am in MY program and its working quite well.
1339241 tn?1275947093 You have to go to a qualified exercise therapist with experience in relieving disk pressure on a nerve. Generally they will only take referrals from an M.D. after evaluating an MRI to avoid litigation by recommending exercises that would cause damage. These people are pretty good and the exercises really have to be shown in person. Exercises to improve muscle tone are used because that is what keeps disc separation within normal limits. Usually intermittant mild axial traction is recommended.
393685 tn?1425816122 If anyone has got the Wii program for exercise - respond to this post. It is amazing getting your muscles and fat burning back. It also is an online program - so we can build a support group for each other - and really give each other a chance to support and work on setting up a routine to work on this weight together. Between diet and maybe Wii - we can really get what we want to achieve.
Avatar n tn One is Pilates for Pelvic Pain, by New Dawn Pilates DVD. This has a simple exercise program for bad days and goes up from there, you work at your own level!! The second one is a book called Heal Pelvic Pain by Amy Stein MPT this book is like a step by step physical therapy exercise guide to help heal the muscles etc. in the pelvic region! Hope this helps!
723952 tn?1231861132 The role of physical therapy here is to prepare the patient for the required, preferably gym-based exercise program outlined below. 2. Relieve pain and muscle spasms utilizing multiple modalities as available and as indicated: massage, heat, ultrasound, and passive and active range of motion. DO NOT use ice or electrical stim unless specifically ordered by our office. Paraffin baths can be quite useful. 3.