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Avatar n tn I'm 17 weeks into an exercise program to recover from being pretty deconditioned. Starting out with 10 minute walks, and now I walk 30 minutes or go 20 minutes on my elliptical trainer every day. My resting heart rate has dropped from mid 80s to low 70s, and anxiety or mild exertion doesn't send my heart rate above 100 like it used to. But the last couple weeks, I've noticed that my heart rate has been going up more rapidly on the elliptical trainer.
Avatar f tn I have not been actively doing any exercise for a bout 6 years. What is the easiest way to get back into an exercise and dieting regiment, Without putting too much stress on the heart and body?
483733 tn?1326798446 Before my surgery (for a 10 cm cyst) I did exercise but easy things like the treadmill and upper body weights. I was a bit more careful at work when lifting and bending. Avoided lifting and twisting as much as possible. It's not good for the back any way. I didn't do yoga during that time. Too much squishing and twisting to be comfortable.
Avatar f tn I need to find a moderate- intermediate exercise program while I'm pregnant. I'm nine weeks today. And I'm already showing... I'd really like to keep the weight gain healthy instead of excessive. If anyone knows where I can find a program like that let me know. Thank you!
1081509 tn?1261546519 I also am on atenolol for tachycardia. I have been for 32 years. I started an exercise program with the Wii Active. My heart rate goes up very easily and after many years of the atenolol controlling it, I didn't like the feeling, even though it was SUPPOSED to get faster. It was something I had to get used to. Using the Wii Active allowed me to slow down, if I thought my HR was spiking too high. Fortunately, I have good recovery and that is what is really important.
Avatar f tn Between working, spending time with my kids, house work, I just don’t see were I can add some time in for exercise. How am I to loss weight if I don’t have any time for exercise ? I just started doing WW, so Im hoping this well do it. I want to be a MILF! LOL I know I need to loss a lot , but I would be fine if I could loss 25lbs. How do you guys have/put in time for exercise??
Avatar f tn I used to do a similar style of circuit class but once I found out I was pregnant., my doctor said to stick to low-moderate intensity exercise particularly for the first trimester. To be honest I've been too tired to even think about doing those classes!
990988 tn?1249273779 Hello, I am currently using www.Totellwellness.com as an emotional eating program and so far it has worked well even with out a diet. Is it true that you can loose weight with out traditional "gym" excercising and by overcoming your attachment with food? My program says to just move for 20 minuets, like taking a walk or playing with kids. I did so the past two weeks and have lost 3 pounds, this was with getting rid of all the foods I identified as addictive. thanks for you insight.
393685 tn?1425812522 If anyone has got the Wii program for exercise - respond to this post. It is amazing getting your muscles and fat burning back. It also is an online program - so we can build a support group for each other - and really give each other a chance to support and work on setting up a routine to work on this weight together. Between diet and maybe Wii - we can really get what we want to achieve.
Monkey Absolutely! Any exercise where your heart rate rises over 100 will be beneficial. Try to keep you heart rate elevated for at least 30 minutes 3-5 times peer week. Please consult your physician if you have any chronic medical problems. You will find that by dropping your calories to under 1800 calories per day you will be more successful at your weight loss. For most people they need to walk 35 miles to lose 1 lb of fat--possibly shorter for bike riding but not by much.
Avatar m tn i had a nissen fundaplacation surgery one in 2006 another in 2011 what exercise for my stomach should i not do
Avatar n tn Some might help in coordination with an exercise program. The main way to lose weight and improve health is to improve your diet and start an exercise program. I'm also wondering why the B6 and folic acid if you're not currently pregnant? Taking these two can interfere with B12 levels. B6 in excess can cause neuropathy, though it's not common.
Avatar f tn As stated in the above post, do be sure and check with your doctor before beginning ANY type exercise program.
655875 tn?1295695107 I was wondering about the 10,000 steps exercise program, but I'm a little confused. I was watching Dr. Oz(however, I'm not a fan) talk to this lady aout the 10,000 steps program. He stated that the 10,000 steps needed to take place at least twice a week in the same day. This sounds interesting to me, but I physically can not take the 10,000 steps without going into unbearable pain if it is done all at once.
Avatar m tn Now, about 3 weeks into my new exercise program, I am starting to get palpitations during the day, while sitting at my computer. I also sometimes feel them when I'm starting a walk, however, it seems that once I warm up a bit, I don't feel them anymore. It actually seems like the only time lately I'm not feeling occasional palpitations is when I'm in the middle of a walk.
1436330 tn?1284666036 Hello, about one year ago I to did the iop. It was a great program the only bad thing for me was when I heard some of the stories I thought to myself "well I'm not that bad" although I didn't use while I was there 8 am to 5pm. When I got in the car I took one half of a hydrocodone when Before I was takin 3/4 a day, so I made it thu the program but a few months later I was up to 6 a day! Now a year later I hate it that I didn't try harder!
Avatar m tn Am I expected to see an increase in the IQ score for short term memory after the program (our child has average IQ overall with mid 80s for memory but above average for other IQ components)? Are all providers of the program equally proficient or do I have to also research their credentials?
Avatar m tn Thanks very much, doctor, for your detailed reply. Unfortunately, at my place of residence, I don't think I would be able to undergo all the tests you recomend. But I shall follow your advice and build up slowly.
Avatar f tn It is lovely to hear some good news within our community x It is recommended for us guys to try and exercise if and when we are able, for some it aids recovery. Strengthening of the leg muscles is especially beneficial. It is also extremely important for us guys to avoid becoming deconditioned as this only makes things worse. There is a doctor in Texas, I think his name is Dr. Levine, that has been conducting research into exercise and recovery from POTS.
Avatar f tn Someone who is in shape can exercise vigorously, but somebody who has not been getting any real exercise will need to start out with an easier program. Somebody in between can work out at a moderate pace. Everybody should exercise a minimum of 3 days a week to make any gains at all, and it really takes at least four to see fast results. Once the heart is in shape and the body muscles are used to a light program you can step it up to something more moderate.
Avatar f tn I know it is too early (1 week post op), but looking forward, has any found a relaxing exercise program? My first thoughts were yoga, swim, or Zumba. I kook forward to trying something when the time is right. Thanks!
Avatar n tn My last period was about 3 months ago. I also have been on a diet and exercise program for abou 8 months and have lost about 35 lbs. I do aerobic exercise 4-5 days a week for 30-45 minutes. I have spotting after exercising. It ususally is very light. Should I be concerned.
Avatar f tn Hi sorry been off the radar for a bit. I do a dvd pregnancy program by Pure Beginnings called Lean Mum2Be. I am in Australia & this program was founded here but it is available through their website I believe worldwide. I am trying to stick with it at least a few mornings a week. I also do 3km walks about 3 times a week & my home treadmill I just purchased is great to jump on for 20mins here & there :) My GDs (gestational diabetes) has really kept me motivated.
1646836 tn?1301430573 See your doctor before you start any exercise program. If you haven't worked out in a while (or ever) start with a walking program of about 20 to 30 minutes, 3 days a week. Every day, ask yourself how you will make your life healthier. It can be as simple as drinking more water or parking farther away from the front door.
Avatar m tn Hello I just wanted to let you know what worked for me. I lost 75 lbs with the Phentermine and b12 diet program along with healthy eating and excersize it is a really good program. In order to get on the program you have to talk to your doctor he/she may offer it if not get a list of doctors from your health insurance and start calling to see if any of them offer it. Good Luck .
Avatar f tn One of the wives whose husband is in the program will take some of the kids to her house so people can attend their meeting. It really works well for the one parent families. She is providing a life saving service to those who need it. Go to a meeting and ask around and see what others are doing. Maybe they have something like that in your area........