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Avatar f tn Costco has really great prices on card stock invites. You get 25 for 17.25 which you could use their templates or download your own and print them as long as they are jpeg. I purchased a template on etsy for 8 dollars and got 50 invites printed. This was the cheapest I found and the quality is great!! Just wanted to share.
572651 tn?1530999357 Hi all, Don't forget how important it is to have an up-to-date medical card in your wallet or purse for emergencies. There is a great template at this website that allows you to TYPE your information instead of hand writing it on those little cards. This is a commercial website that also has some unusual med id jewelry but you don't have to buy anything to use the id card template. www.medids.com/free-id.
Avatar f tn t a way to add your own exercise, but it may be possible for us to add an exercise for you if you let us know what exercise you'd like. Do you think one of our calorie counts is incorrect, or would you want a calorie count option for exercises we do not have listed?
Avatar n tn I'm 17 weeks into an exercise program to recover from being pretty deconditioned. Starting out with 10 minute walks, and now I walk 30 minutes or go 20 minutes on my elliptical trainer every day. My resting heart rate has dropped from mid 80s to low 70s, and anxiety or mild exertion doesn't send my heart rate above 100 like it used to. But the last couple weeks, I've noticed that my heart rate has been going up more rapidly on the elliptical trainer.
572651 tn?1530999357 The mfg of Lunesta will send you a discount card that will pay your copay on insurance, up to $50 per month ($600 per year) if you use their sleep medicine. I figure this is information worth sharing with you ..... http://www.lunesta.com/dreamkit/lunesta-savings.html?
Avatar f tn I need to find a moderate- intermediate exercise program while I'm pregnant. I'm nine weeks today. And I'm already showing... I'd really like to keep the weight gain healthy instead of excessive. If anyone knows where I can find a program like that let me know. Thank you!
Avatar f tn I generally figure that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I don't know of any weight loss aids that work without some effort on the part of the user. I think I'd save my $ and work on starting a program that implements a healthy diet and moderate exercise.
Avatar f tn When I first began the program I had to pay$500 an the $100/month.
Avatar m tn Lots of advertisements are like that FLG. I bought an exercise program that was advertised on tv and they charged me for three months before the bank got involved (foolishly I charged it to my debit card - if you order something on line or through the tv NEVER do that it is MUCH easier to get it cancelled and refunded from a credit card...found out the hard way). Thank you for caring and bringing it to our attention.
Avatar f tn I used to do a similar style of circuit class but once I found out I was pregnant., my doctor said to stick to low-moderate intensity exercise particularly for the first trimester. To be honest I've been too tired to even think about doing those classes!
Avatar f tn ve learned a lot and I did my birth plan at 20 weeks. I started with a template I found online then revised it for myself. I have the link for the template in my journals.
Avatar f tn I am getting mine from etsy. It will cost me around $10 for the customized template. I'm going to take the template to office depot and have them print them for me on cardstock.
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Avatar m tn i had a nissen fundaplacation surgery one in 2006 another in 2011 what exercise for my stomach should i not do
Avatar f tn As stated in the above post, do be sure and check with your doctor before beginning ANY type exercise program.
Monkey Absolutely! Any exercise where your heart rate rises over 100 will be beneficial. Try to keep you heart rate elevated for at least 30 minutes 3-5 times peer week. Please consult your physician if you have any chronic medical problems. You will find that by dropping your calories to under 1800 calories per day you will be more successful at your weight loss. For most people they need to walk 35 miles to lose 1 lb of fat--possibly shorter for bike riding but not by much.
Avatar f tn Be careful, no unnecessary risks, and keep working your program, you will be fine. Are you in a sub program now, they should have told you this stuff?
1901977 tn?1333991726 I found this birth plan creator and think it's brilliant. I used their template and then copied and pasted the results into a Word document so I could keep tweaking it, but it saved me a lot of time so thought it might be useful for my fellow June procrastinators. :) http://www.pregnancyandbaby.
8550901 tn?1400740690 Theres a lot of free budget worksheets online, and downloading the app "mint" on your phone is great because it shows you where your money is going. Say it all goes to groceries, find a way to cut back, coupon/sales, etc. A great budget I use is called "you need a budget", you can download a 30 day trial for free (without entering a credit card or anything) and after a month just transfer all that info into a free template online.
Avatar m tn Now, about 3 weeks into my new exercise program, I am starting to get palpitations during the day, while sitting at my computer. I also sometimes feel them when I'm starting a walk, however, it seems that once I warm up a bit, I don't feel them anymore. It actually seems like the only time lately I'm not feeling occasional palpitations is when I'm in the middle of a walk.
655875 tn?1295695107 I was wondering about the 10,000 steps exercise program, but I'm a little confused. I was watching Dr. Oz(however, I'm not a fan) talk to this lady aout the 10,000 steps program. He stated that the 10,000 steps needed to take place at least twice a week in the same day. This sounds interesting to me, but I physically can not take the 10,000 steps without going into unbearable pain if it is done all at once.
1436330 tn?1284666036 Hello, about one year ago I to did the iop. It was a great program the only bad thing for me was when I heard some of the stories I thought to myself "well I'm not that bad" although I didn't use while I was there 8 am to 5pm. When I got in the car I took one half of a hydrocodone when Before I was takin 3/4 a day, so I made it thu the program but a few months later I was up to 6 a day! Now a year later I hate it that I didn't try harder!
Avatar m tn Your feeling that your breathing has returned to baseline normal is important but should not alone, be relied upon to make the decision to return to your full exercise program. In addition, even should all the preceding be favorable, it would be wise to resume exercise with a low-level program and increase it over 1-2 weeks, in a stepwise fashion, every 2-3 days. If still unsure that all is well, check with your asthma doctor.