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1741471 tn?1407162630 http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/dpp/health/New-Parkinsons-Program-Intensive-Exercise-may-10-2011 I wanted to share part of the original grant so you can see why i am so excited! Goal and objectives: The goal of the Capistrant Parkinson’s Center is to improve the health and quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease by delivering educational, therapeutic and support services in at least 3,000 patient encounters in 2011.
Avatar n tn Try increasing your protein to allow muscle growth and consider a regular exercise program. You may elect to add a product, like Ensure, that contains essential nutrients and a high calorie content to help you gain weight or try adding protein powder to a glass of milk. Hope that helps ..
Avatar n tn Work with a physical therapist to develop an exercise program tailored to your needs. This should include both aerobic and muscle strengthening exercises. Swimming or pedaling a stationary bicycle would be kindest to your knees. Continue to try to lose weight in the hopes that you will not need to have the knee operation. If there is no choice, try to put the operation off until you have lost weight and your muscles are no longer weak.
408795 tn?1324939275 Go on a body building / strength training program. Exercise like a body builder, eat like a body builder, stay clean like a body builder. You may not end up looking like Arnold but your body WILL be stronger and I truly believe your natural immune functions will be stronger. If my theory is correct your VL will go down and you'll be in the best position to begin treatment. I wish that I had made the connection before I started treatment.
1612720 tn?1298350509 I'd suggest that you speak with your primary health care professional before altering anything with your diet or exercise program. I am not a health care professional but have been successful in losing about 50 lbs in the last 6-8 months. I'd suggest perhaps you aren't eating enough, or eating enough at the right times. Small balanced breakfast, low on carbs...(carbs tend to make us more hungry) healthy snack before lunch.... balanced lunch.....
Avatar n tn I also lift weights and have done it for many years in the past (I am not a body builder though). My nightmare started 3 days ago. I have started to feel a very mild discomfort / burning sensation around my left chest area. Then my heart started to run fast continuously and it is not something which comes on and off. I ended up going to the ER last night. They did blood work, chest XR, and EKG. My heart rate in the EKG was 105.
Avatar f tn I take raw apple cider vinegar twice a day and raw garlic whenever I can get my hands on it. to date, I've avoided taking insulin. It has everything to do with my diet and exercise program.
Avatar n tn I even put on more weight that way. Or perhaps muscle but I am not a body builder so why exercise that way. this program works and it's flexible. I have done some study on this b12 shot and right off the bat everyone see's beautiful results, shiny, glowing skin..weight loss but some have experienced bouts of skin irritaion after awhile. I would put some caution into this.
20818866 tn?1522040633 What you do want to avoid are the simple carbs, especially those that aren't actually even food. With a balanced exercise program, this should keep you fit and healthy and also give you the energy you need for cardio -- that's fueled by grains, mostly, and whole grains preferably. Muscle is fueled by protein, and bodybuilders need a lot of protein, but bodybuilders don't do what they do to be healthy, they do it because they like it or are seeking to look a certain way.
Avatar n tn I managed to stay working fulltime and use my eliptical trainer at least 3 times a week, but that is it. I exercise my fingers on the phone buttons, remote control buttons and my computer keyboard. I used to do Hatha Yoga 4-6 times a week, some weights, and cardio too, but I've accepted the fact that I am no way going to look and feel like me this year. I accept that surviving this sh*t is what I am doing this year and the rest can wait.
Avatar m tn While the weight training is very good, maybe you need to add some other type of exercise to your routine? Is there a gym close by where you could talk with a personal trainer and get some advice? I would try that and give it a couple of months. If the weight was still not coming off, I'd speak with a doctor. Sounds like you need to ramp up your metabolism somehow? I hope someone else will respond who has experienced what you're going through. Just don't give up and try not to get discouraged.
Avatar n tn Of course my exercise program involves walking downstairs across the house to the frig (sometimes no easy feat) this could be a big problem. I have really cut down on the sweets now, except my Kern's Nectar, of course!
649848 tn?1534637300 I'd rather be outside walking but I'm not getting myself outside to do that, either!! I know exercise helps with digestion, building muscle etc but there are some extenuating circumstances and it's just not working as easily as I'd like for it to. Anyway, I have 4 pounds to drop in order to get back to where I was before we went up north, so I have to get with the program. I see my doctor again the first part of of August and I'd like to have them off by then; we'll see how that goes!!
Avatar n tn Despite poor effect on controlig the virus and many permanent side effects on brain stems,******* doctors still continiue use this toxic garbage Before tx i was hyper body builder,i was super man.interferon damaged me.I live as a movable dead.who is responsible? NEVER SAY YES TO INTERFERON AND PEG_INTERFERON>PEG IS JUST WORSE AND KILL U BETTER.
Avatar m tn Dear Paul, In general pain that comes and goes with movement is usually due to musculuar-skeletal or nerve problems. These problems may be brought on my "overdoing" an exercise program or by some sort of trauma. Aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (e.g. ibuprofen) usually work well for this kind of pain. "Radiating" pain is a constant, steady pain that starts in one area and feels like in "moves" out to another.
572651 tn?1531002957 I finally took the time to upload some pictures of my family and some older ones of me. I do not have present photos because I shyed away from the camera because of my eye disease. Who wants to see BIG POPPED OUT EYES, AND CROSSED LOL It's not a pretty site, and its very embarrassing for me. Maybe the pictures i do have of my eye disease and surgeries I will get the courage to post, but i am still very uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn Step on a scale and be honest with yourself about your workout regimen. According to Mark Tarnopolsky, M.D., Ph.D., who studies exercise and nutrition at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, highly trained athletes thrive on 0.77 gram of daily protein per pound of body weight. That's 139 grams for a 180-pound man. Men who work out 5 or more days a week for an hour or longer need 0.55 gram per pound. And men who work out 3 to 5 days a week for 45 minutes to an hour need 0.
Avatar n tn I eat well and exercise occasionally. My total cholesterol is 285. Triglycerides 119 HDL 61 LDL 200 My dr wants to put me on meds and i would like to try to avoid that. she suggested taking coq10 and fish oil. I did some research and found Omega Q plus by dr Sinatra. http://www.****.*** Wondering if anyone has taken this and if it has been successful for you?
Avatar n tn Exchanged it for another... How do you guys like the EP program at Duke? I may be looking into their program. Any suggestions on doctors?
Avatar f tn Almonds were mainly for taking the Riba, they contain fat. I had a lot of nausea otherwise. The Dr. says they must be kept in the refrigerator as the oils go rancid. Now I just eat 5 or 6 a day. I have 2 lb. weights. I need to get 3 lb. ones. I don't want to take Fosomax. It gives you an upset stomach and you have to sit up for 30 min. after taking it and the pill is HUGE. You have to have special permission to take the liquid. I just got off of very strong meds.
414333 tn?1226195093 think positve as you can. keep the taper schedule. try to exercise, try to meditate or do relaxation. watch movies, play video games. write, there's magic in writing. then pray some more! i will pray for you also! God Bless Jay!
Avatar f tn Statins, change in diet and exercise have helped. My husband can barely walk due to PAD, blockages in the arteries of the legs by plaque due to high cholesterol.
Avatar n tn I went from a size 12 to a size 6. i LOVE this program. It has changed my life! the program i went through was all doctor supervised and always had diet coaches on hand to assist me with any questions. I am getting ready to start my 3rd round in hope of acheiving my goal of 137. only 15 more lbs to go!
Avatar n tn The lady who answered the phone said she has lost 21 lbs in 1 month. I plan to exercise and follow the program step by step. TRUST, if I don't see results I will let you all know!! I am very excited.
Avatar f tn Losing your life partner is a big deal.Do what makes you happy exercise,eat healthy,don't booze it up every night,trying to make you smile.The hardest part for me is realizing and accepting that my Mom's not going to knock on the door anytime soon.We have to learn and accept life must be lived in a different way now,were strong women,we can do this,we have no choice to learn to live without them..If I can help you in anyway,let me know and I'll do my best.Big Hugs to you.
Avatar n tn I've gone for the lipodissolve on my abdomen since my pregnancy, hysterectomy surgery, and scar left me with stubborn fat that diet and exercise won't cure. Hopefully, it will kill the fat cells and not just remove the triglycerides from them.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, Just wanted to drop in and tell my story. I am a recovering addict, drugs of choice "painkillers" I would take 7 or 8 80 ml oxycontin per day on top of 10 to 20 vicodin or any form of hydrocodone.