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3151606 tn?1420360212 I have collected E p test's report from the lab but didn't get chance to meet with him . MY dear friend , please help me..............
Avatar n tn They also run bloodwork prior to the physical and take you through a comprehensive exercise physiology component. These were my pelvic US results: Left ovary: 3.1x3.8 cm with multiple small cysts (tech said they appeared fluid filled) Right ovary: 3.2x3.9cm with multiple small cysts (same thing... fluid filled) CA-125: 22 H (range used for this lab is < 21 U/mL) No free floating fluid No fibroids seen No adnexal masses seen I was advised to follow up with my GYN.
Avatar m tn My cortisol drops to 10% of the morning value, which apparently in the report is really bad. A normal drop is 41% and when there is stress is drops by 61%. This is what the report said from Rocky Mountain Labs. Any help would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn Get a copy of report from ofc or from lab. Lab won't call Dr. Evidently radiologist recorded a spot in ?, or a nerve mis-fire, etc. during test. Dr. is probably giving you the brush-off because it's just not his knowledge or field. Get copy for hm-health-file. Law says you can have. That comment is terrible. Would make a person go crazy w/ fear. Go to Neuro but get copy so you'll know ahead what's going on.
565581 tn?1217448351 77, which is considered way within normal limits (as far as most doctors are concerned) and even though my lab report also said the following, absolutely nothing was done: "Hypersensitive TSH Exhibits performance consistent with the definition of third generation TSH.” (I think this means that further testing is needed to be done). So, I am going to try to find a doctor (good luck to me) who is willing to get and keep my TSH levels between 1 and 2.
15073429 tn?1515153637 The first thing I would like to do is review your thyroid related test results and reference range shown on the lab report. Just because the lab results fall within the so-called "normal" range does not mean that is adequate for you. The ranges are far too broad to be functional across their entire breadth for everyone.
Avatar f tn CDC officials diverted research funds away from CFS research and misled Congress about the matter, according to the Inspector-General's report. There is good news though... as a result of these scandals, the CDC did a public awareness campaign on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and there were commercials and even ads in magazines about this disease. (it is a disease.. IMO). Also, senators such as Harry Reid were involved and these senators demanded accountability from the CDC.
Avatar f tn and 117 lbs Have no issue be my cholesterol never lowers, I eat heathly and moderate exercise. TSH levels lab range .10 - 5.50 uIu/ML 2015 2.77 2014 4.44 2013 3.84 2012 5.71 2007 4.4 Free T5 lab range .8 - 1.7ng/dl 2013 .9 2012 1.1 T3 Total lab range 50 - 170ng/dl 2012 89 Cholesterol lab range =45mg/dl 2014 129 2013 140 2012 175 2007 127 look forward to your imput, thank you.
10948614 tn?1414177319 Well, when you see pitting edema, the first things you think of are indeed heart, kidney, and liver problems. Apropos of the last two, has your lab work ever turned up 'hypoalbuminemia'? Has anyone ever mentioned 'nephrotic syndrome' to you? Your ticker has been checked out thoroughly, right? If it has been found to be in good shape, the chances are that it IS in good shape, because there's nothing subtle about right heart failure. I gather you don't have congestive heart failure, either.
211563 tn?1189998110 FT4 was still within normal limits - also not yet hyper, but definately on the high side - which is also supposed to be a good thing as this is where most people report feeling their best. You are right - at the moment this is all not a very big difference from your pre-surgery levels. *Please ask for them to test FT3 as well - sometimes (here in Australia) they don't test it unless you ask.
Avatar f tn Money is not being donated to various veterinary medical schools to learn of both the genetics and the patho-physiology of this disease. The neurologist I went to see did diagnose her, but diagnosis is a diagnosis of EXCLUSION. I.E., you rule out other causes and in one of the afffected breeds we can say "it is probably DM". IF IT IS DM...The bad news is there is no cure. They will progress.
Avatar m tn i am also from delhi , when i read your post it felt exactly like my story , i also have crawling sensation all over my body plus all the symptoms you listed ,have been suffering for the last two years, i also had slight b12 deficiency , i have asked four doctors about lyme disease they just dismiss it because they say i dont have all the symptoms , i feel doctors here are just not properly educated about this disease , also one lab informed me that i can only get tested for this in bangalore n
Avatar f tn Then when I got to the results, my thought was confirmed... I think. What are the reference ranges for the FT3 and FT4? Ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report. That said, if your ranges are anywhere near what we normally, see, your FT levels are anything BUT perfect, since both are on/near the floor of the ranges. You pcp had the right idea, starting you on the levo. If I were you, I'd try to ditch the endo and stick with the pcp.
Avatar n tn Now she has a masters in exercise physiology and won't even take asprin. She doesn't believe in supplements or herbs - her attitude is if any label reads "do not take while pregnant" then it means it can do harm to a fetus so as she says, what do you think it does to you! So, she gets her nutrients and vitamins from food, exercise and a heathly life style. Plus she has a hubby and 2-yr old active child.
Avatar n tn Sleep disorder - Most FMS patients have an associated sleep disorder called the alpha-EEG anomaly. This condition was uncovered in a sleep lab with the aid of a machine which recorded the brain waves of patients during sleep. Researchers found that most FMS patients could fall asleep without much trouble, but their deep level (or stage 4) sleep was constantly interrupted by bursts of awake-like brain activity.
Avatar m tn I'll give this a shot, along with my increased exercise and meditation lately and report back in the next month on how things progress. Thanks everyone for keeping an eye on this thread! So very helpful!
Avatar n tn KHAJI, I too have bilateral de quervains I work as a lab tech and this all started Jun 09. I was off 6 weeks last summer with injections and 24/7 splint wearing. Got better went back to work got worse. Had surgery Oct 09 and have been off (except 3 days in Dec I tried to go back and had to go back home) My surgeon just released me back to work with the restrictions of no blood drawing.
Avatar m tn At age 25 (just guessing) - if you promise to take care of you heart otherwise (eat well, don't smoke, exercise, watch your weight, etc...) yeah it's worth it. Good luck. Do you know what the max out of pocket is for your insurance plan? If not, call and find out... that's how much cash you need on hand.
Avatar m tn I've done countless research online and went through every forum with people who report 'hard flaccid penis'. A lot of us share the same symptoms which leads me to believe that the problem derives from one source, be it poor circulation, nerve damage, or imbalanced hormones, but yet nobody has made the connection. I too suffer from a back injury as some others, but I definitely ruled out the theory that this is caused by spine problems.
387660 tn?1242600342 i am 33, male, good shape, try to exercise 5 times a week and eat somewhat healthy (i do have a weakness for pizza and beer, but try to keep that to weekends, and in moderation). I sleep 8 hours, usually pretty deeply though sometimes my little dog wakes me up. I used to get very tired driving on long trips, but now it seems if I'm driving longer than 20 minutes, I get dangerously drowsy.
Avatar n tn Took that for 20 days with little change in symptoms. Went back to doc and they did some more lab work. Checked my blood and urine this time. Everything came back clean again. Now it seems the head of my penis is red, but I don have any discharge or anything. I am still urinating allot more. I am going to see the urologist finally. Had to wait for the doc to give up and refer me. I am starting to think I have non bacterial prostatisis. Is it safe to have sex still?
Avatar n tn Get a copy of your report. Normal doesn't mean negative. Means `I have a hunch or wait to see more symtoms.' If no ear- fullness, pain, or sinus symtoms, many Dr's. (ENT's) overlook a vascular swelling problem. Vascular usually doesn't move rt- to left from shifting. Neck bent like at a computer/reading/etc can swell vessels & cut flow to head. Sometimes U have to rule out things by Brain/C-spine MRI. Stress/anxiety also causes this so might read my earlier post.
Avatar f tn He gained a double Major in Bachelor of Science in physiology and psychology. Anyway I'm not in therapy. I hope soon things will become clearer. Thanks for your thoughts JJ.
Avatar dr m tn I think the metabolic stress HR refers to is partially associated with obesity, overeating, smoking, drinking etc, lack of exercise and consumption of sugar or things that result in elevated blood sugar. The usual suspects. I seem to remember him discussing that, but obviously he should be the one to clarify. The search function on this site leaves a lot to be desired.
Avatar f tn yesterday i just had my lab test in freindly care mandaluyong..hopefully mga lab tast ko may nice result na..by friday punta ako NKTI for my DNA lab.. i've been taking BARACLUD since then and until now.. but i guees it's not that effective though low na percentage ng viruses ko from 2008 result na over 100,000 na viruses less than 20 nalng viruses ko last six months ago.. my doctor sai okay daw kasi far na ako magkaroon ng liver cancer but still i am positive..
Avatar f tn One thing I have not tried is drinking more water each day. Maybe dehydration is the cause of the chills.
Avatar n tn Many questions need to be answered. What is the physiology of the metabolism change? How PERMANENT is the metabolism change and the weight loss. What do you do AFTER you lose the weight? If you have had poor habits before the diet and revert back then what is the use? How do you maintain the weight loss? Will a basic improved change in eating habits ( no sodas, eat a high protein breakfast, eat mostly organic, etc) keep the weight off after the hCG diet?
Avatar m tn You could also accidentally rub infected snot into your eye and get an eye infection, if you are careless. The physiology of your head may be different from my head and you could experience a problem that I would not have, so it’s another risk you must assume. This technique will work for almost any infection of the nose, if you‘re willing to take the risk. If an unfortunate side effect should happen to you, well, I am sorry.
Avatar m tn I'd exercise some caution here. For years stevia has been pushed by the medical quack community in an effort to disparage artificial sweeteners, which makes me rather suspicious of anybody who advocates its use. It is illegal in both the US and Europe to use stevia as a food additive, primarily because of its carcinogenic properties. If I were considering using it, I would do LOTS of research before putting it in my mouth.