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Avatar f tn I think that exercising is the most important proponent of tx. I wake up in the morning and run on the treadmill, on my lunch break from work I go run and then when I get home at night I run, lift weights or do Muay Thai. On the weekends I go and hike 6 to 9 miles and I still keep up a 6 day a week job 50 hours plus. I have been extremely lucky with tx and I am very blessed. However, I think that because of the schedule I keep and the way I eat is why I experience absolutely no sx.
Avatar f tn And, at least most of the mold is in tucked away places for the most part. And, at least in the summer most of the clothes worn are the lighter weight clothes that can be hung up to air dry in the bathroom when necessary.
Avatar m tn You play such pillar roles in this forum that not only people like me who you address benefit from your expertise, sharing, and encouragement, but there must be hundreds even thousands who are silently benefiting. Thank you very much! 1. My doctor said for me e-antigen is negative. and e-antibody is positive. 2. As for combo treatment and genotyping, he requested me to see him to discuss them. 3. zellyf, we are similar in that we have children and spouse.
Avatar n tn Hi, Bill! I've seen your comments in other places in the Forum - In fact, your walking approach to collateral-growth stimulation inspired me to begin increasing my own walking activities lately. I note with interest your intention to climb Mt. Adams - the altitude issue in particular - because my first inkling of serious trouble came during a recent trip to Salt Lake City (from my home in coastal Maine).
Avatar n tn Since then, she has been in the hospital numerous times for a-fib and has been cardioverted several times (the last time requiring four shocks, increasing each time.) (Also, 24 hours after her last cardioversion, she went into congestive heart failure in a normal sinus rhythm.) She just had her first heart cath and had some kind of vagal episode in the recovery room in which her heart rate dropped to 37 (reversed with atropine.
Avatar f tn For a few weeks I started slipping back into old habits like sneaking money. My husband knew all the signs to look for and came down on me. I knew I needed to stop. I was starting to WD again from not using. I had some Tramadol (just a few from awhile back) and decided to wean myself off. I did that for a week and had a mess up and took 3 Roxy's. I really want to be clean!!! I want this!!! I want a normal life!!! I'm feeling ok today...
1440512 tn?1294475233 Once you have destroyed your ability to ingest oral nutrition, it is nearly impossible to correct the issues fully. But there ARE options to get your body the nutrition it needs. All the doctors in the hospitals are treating you for your acute symptoms, but not the chronic symptoms. None of them have referred you to a doctor you can see weekly (or more often) to help you manage your health?
Avatar n tn Hi there, I also have this problem and have tried biofeedback, and it's also not helping me. What I'm considering is the "Stanford Protocol" as recommended in a book called "A Headache In The Pelvis." While it's directed mostly toward men with pelvic pain, it also applies to people (women) like us. They have a 6-day seminar at Stanford University where people can go and learn how to do trigger point massage on themselves and also there's a relaxation technique you learn.
Avatar f tn can hardly walk in my den without stepping on papers all over the floor that need to be filed...money in bank but bills not paid .... etc...etc...etc. HA HA The whole time I was in his office he kept saying things about 'you don't know what it is like to be on this (his) side of the desk'.....yeah....it was "all about him" ya know? Glad I am done with this dude. Now I have to find somewhere else to go for help.
Avatar m tn We should all be worried, but it has little to do with the Affordable Care Act. Over the past two decades, the United States has run near the top of the pack in a competition no country wants to win – spending the most while getting the least. The American Journal of Public Health published the results of our study examining health systems of 27 high income countries over 17 years, and their efficiency at turning dollars into extended lives. The United States was near the bottom, ranking 22nd.
Avatar n tn A few months ago, I tried some weight work out, after almost a year off, with so little weights that I did not even get muscle aches next day; but yet I got sick in my stomach after the exercise and got the flu symptoms starting the next day. This time, a week ago, I increased the weight and did it only for 10-15 minutes each day for five days before falling ill. I did get muscle aches the next day but hardly noticeable any nasal inflammation or other symptoms.
Avatar m tn If you have some pounds to lose, that's the most important thing. Not only losing weight, but working on muscle tone and posture. Avoid using dairy, especially drinking milk, because it causes mucus and inflammation. Avoid sugar and high-carb foods, again because of inflammation. You could use those nose strips that hold your nose open if you have any trouble breathing through your nose. You could drink mint tea before bed. It reduces inflammation.
Avatar n tn same disc, i was 8/10 in pain. called an ad in the newspaper for the drx900 machine, (i tried lots of chiro and physio prior) and after 20 treatments (2 months long) i seriously am at 0 out of 10. i get a flair up if i was to lift heavy stuff over and over or play squash 5 days in a row. (i had a flair up after a squash tourney). i hate listening to doctors, and am part of the information age generation who always "googles" it.
901222 tn?1399146474 I've been trying to fend off pain with pills because I was too scared to go back in for the RF. It was complicated by the fact that my doc (whom I loved) was no longer doing this procedure and he was the one I worked with for over a year to get all the facet joints. He promised to be my 'go to' guy. Apparently my thoracic spine facet procedure is extensive and unusual. It took a long time to find another to do it. No one seems comfortable with the high amount of levels I need.
Avatar m tn There are some short term things you can do which other can help you with, I want to focus on the full picture of what your mother may be facing in the future so you are aware that she needs a long term plan regarding her health as well as just concentrating on hepatitis C treatment. I don't pull any punches in the things I say. I am just saying them to impress the true situation of a person with cirrhosis and what is likely to happen in the future.
1612312 tn?1324795460 00 mins and stopped using my asthma meds im now 16 and i experience no asthma ..what are my chances of joining the military?
Avatar m tn The other problem is that we had a big refractive error – if I remember the numbers right, I’ve ended up about -4.5, but (at least with the stitch still in) wit about +2.25 of astigmatism. The surgeon said that effectively leaves me around -3.5, an unhappy result. She’s ruled out explantation of the IOL as too invasive because of the multiple surgeries, says that when things settle down I could do either a piggyback lens or have Lasik. So here are the questions.
233488 tn?1310696703 In general cataract surgery is generally offered when a person is experiencing moderate or severe visual difficulties in activities they enjoy or need to do and the cataract is the sole or main cause. Although the person is usually the one that makes the determination about how much of a problem his/her vision is in some cases surgery is strongly recommended by the ophthalmologist, optometrist or family.
Avatar n tn I have heard about people trying acidophilus and swearing that it works but from what I've heard from several doctors is that it helps keep a natural balance in the colon but not in the vagina. Also with lactobacillus present in yeast can not live in the vagina but will help the colon.
657315 tn?1319494987 Federal taxes take a big chunk of our money, speaking of my own, and I am sure there are many in the same boat. The insurance will be paid through additional taxes, and we will pay taxes on the gross money so those taxes will be taxed. All the care,meds, devices taxed. All the many, many, committees overseeing it all have to be paid. We will pay co-payments, just like insurance. I don't see how any money is not going through the roof to cover all of that.
Avatar f tn This sounds very much like a side issue and I could not agree it would be worth pursuing at all. Having Googled them for the city I live in here in Australia there are none advertising at all. The only ads that come up are for the US. That tells me a lot. Then your statement that a lot of anxiety can be mania. I disagree entirely.
Avatar n tn The thinking, which sounds logical to me, is that opiates replace the brain's natural endorphins and the brain stops making them in favor of the opiates. You stop taking the opiates and there's no endorphins waiting in the wings to step in and make you feel OK. So you feel like **** instead. The Lysine is what your brain needs to make more endorphins and other neurotransmitters; the B6 is a catalyst in that process.
Avatar m tn August Neck pain returns Pain in both elbows now On and off pain in upper arms, biceps Shooting pain into the palm of my hand Numbness in fingers goes way down, almost 100% gone September Neck pain is constant and severe Feel intense pressure in the back of my neck when bending down Feel a buzzing sensation in the bakc of my neck Shooting pain down my arm to my hand when typing on the computer Sounds like a pinched nerve right?
Avatar n tn I've done my two and am going back to see this new Dr on Tuesday (who, by the way, said he'd put money on the fact that I'm platinum resistant!) So, in essence, I've put myself through 2 treatments of taxol/carbo for nothing! I feel really good about this new Dr and am anxious to see what he has to say on Tuesday.
921323 tn?1268679412 While some forms of the diet might be so liberal as to allow 700 calories, the most common recommendations hover in the 500 calorie range. That’s a bagel with cream cheese - for an entire day. Sure, you will lose weight, but ultimately isn’t the goal is to get healthier? Balanced nutrition, fewer trans fats, less processed food, and smaller portions will help accomplish that, with more than the double the daily calorie intake.
Avatar m tn An FDA spokesman said the agency has revoked device approvals before, although the step is rare. ReGen, based in Hackensack, N.J., asked the FDA in 2005 to approve its device under the so-called 510k system, which allows speedy approval for devices that are similar to products already on the market. ReGen argued that the Menaflex was comparable to shoulder joint implants sold by Johnson & Johnson, Stryker and other companies.
Avatar m tn ) Right now, I'm sticking with it because I am physically able and I'm saving money for future flexibility. My wife is in school and the hope is that, when she finishes, she will be able to get a decent job and we will be able to re-evaluate our options. We'll be ok.
Avatar m tn Vertex seems to be the masters of hype. The proof will be in the pudding. As with all drug companys they tend to bend the data to suit their needs. The phase 3 trials next year will give a clearer picture as far as the 24 weeks are concerned. Strange protocal with 12 weeks of vx-950 followed with 12 od soc.
4200034 tn?1351184553 ) Support can come in many forms...church, counseling, addiction specialists, NA/AA, etc. I had to start somewhere. I decided to talk to an addiction specialist in private. Small steps. One of the best decisions I've made. Imodium worked great for getting through the workday...relieved bathroom issues (obviously) and helped with overall fatigue.
Avatar f tn I have been researching Suboxone the last few years and once I was ready I was extremely fortunate to find a compassionate doctor that isn't in it just for the money. The key to any success program is to truly being mentally ready. If you aren't there mentally then I don't think you will be successful long term with any program. You have to do it for yourself. To everyone on here who is sober...regardless of how they got there...you should be very proud of yourselves.