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Avatar f tn Well, there's good news and bad news... Don't you hate that? Which do you want first? I've heard StarryNight say this and I've said this, but not too sure anyone believes it. So, I went OUTSIDE for some backup. If anyone is interested, please read this short article concerning spot reduction: http://www.truestarhealth.com/members/cm_archives11ML3P1A2.
Avatar f tn t try to get on a routine schedule just take it as it comes to you. You may only exercise once a week for awhile.Your right in staying away from aerobics for awhile. Like yourself I was very active lifted three times a week, ran, and coached HS Football. In four weeks I was sitting in a recliner trying to figure out what was happening to me. I stopped exercising for 8 mos 4 of those months I was not being treated. I struggled to get through practices.
Avatar f tn Muscle ache often happens because with statins patients indulge in rigorous exercise. The exercise level should be raised slowly over a period of time. Some times dose adjustment helps. Starting at a very low dose and slowly building it up. The level of creatine phosphokinase enzyme should be checked. If this is raised then there is muscle injury and the drugs should b stopped. If CPK is normal, then the dose and exercise adjustment should help.
Avatar f tn I am 15 years old and I'd like do do some exercise ...... do you think zumba is a good idea??
1906433 tn?1321844691 I would like to get back into exercising more, however I'm concerned with how my cranium will handle it, because it's still healing from having a tumor removed in 08/11. I do walk, but I did more before the tumor was diagnosed. My neurosurgeon doesn't address anything that he doesn't seem to think is his field. My chiropractor says walk, walk, walk. Which is ok, but with the weather getting colder, I can't tolerate outside much.
Avatar f tn t keep me either (with my first). Bounce on an exercise ball and walk walk walk!
335728 tn?1331414412 I went to my exercise program today at the hospital and I weighed in and since last Tuesday...I have lost 4 pounds!!! I worked really hard today and I am feeling it now but I have a question. When I am on the exercise bike or (today) I was on the treadmill and I keep having those darn muscles in my right thigh and right calf tighten up in a ball and it hurts like h*ll!! I drink water while working out and warm up and do stretches after each leg exercise but it doesn't seem to help.
Avatar f tn TERRIFIC news!! Here's to pain-free days! Now, you can really enjoy the peanut ball (I think that's what you called it....
Avatar f tn t getting it like uterus and ovaries. Exercise increase blood flow. Certain supplements that thin the blood can help more of it get to the ovaries. (vit E, garlic, **** quai, royal jelly, baby aspirin, etc.) So just know that you might have a little work to do on helping your ovaries get back to being able to function, but you CAN do it! It just takes a commitment to work on it, to get to know your body and what works best for it.
Avatar f tn 38 weeks along and just purchased an exercise / stability ball! I'm actually pretty excited about it as I've read great things and seems like a great natural tool to help move things along :) I've only used it gently for about half an hour but already my back feels so much better after hurting all day. I don't expect it to bring on labour (though I definitely wouldn't mind!), but was wondering if it has for anyone else?
Avatar f tn PS If it was the exercise who cares keep it going on whatever - prayer exercise ANYTHING I can't believe this it's so great I never finished the bottom of your post till after posting (I got too excited).
Avatar f tn Hi there: I am a 33 yr old female, 5'2", 113lbs, quite healthy, and yesterday I had a scary episode during an exercise class - which I suspect was a case of tachycardia. I've had this a few times before and it usually happens just after strenuous exercise. Normally it subsides after a minute or so but this went on for about 8 minutes. This is the 2nd time this week that it's happened during this class as we combine weightlifting with cardio activity.
10947 tn?1281404252 Hi, Ever since the launch of the first MedHelp tracker, members have flooded us with requests for an Exercise Tracker. We're pleased to announce the much-anticipated Exercise Tracker, the nineteenth tracker in a series of Personal Health Applications (PHAs) that helps our members keep track of health metrics, symptoms, treatments, test results and events.
649848 tn?1534633700 BUT, that was NOT considered exercise because his body was used to it. His doctor told him he needed exercise outside of work. BUMMER. God news: I read a tip for very quick toning: keep a set of dumbells by your bathroom sink and every time you are in there, do a set of 10 - 12 on each side. One time, do regular bicep curls. The next time, do front arm raises (elbows no higher than shoulders). Another time, do side arm raises (again, elbow no higher than shoulder).
Avatar n tn Irony of ironies, as an exercise coach and life coach there was I feeling dreadful; anxious, stiff-limbed and putting on weight.(90kg to 100kg) I put it down to raising our two young boys over 4-5 years. With the benefit of hind-sight this had been creeping into my system for a number of years. The good news is that it was detected when being blood tested for something else and taking a slowly increasing dose, now at 100 my tsh is down from 20 to 6.9.
Avatar m tn Get plenty of exercise. Studies have shown that moderate to high intensities of aerobic exercise increases the hematocrit, or blood cell volume in athletes. Blood cells contain hemoglobin, whose primary function is to deliver oxygen from the lungs to active tissues." Read more: http://www.livestrong.
Avatar m tn wonderful news, waiting for next month to hear what my future will bring. Its going to be a LONG couple of weeks.
Avatar n tn My 20-year-old son keeps fainting with exercise. He has no other health conditions, and has had a stress echo, basic blood work, chest x-ray. He has seen 2 cardiologists and has only been diagnosed with a high voltage ekg. He does not use drugs or alcohol. He fainted twice in his Ju Jitzu class and today playing flag football. He often skips breakfast, and probably doesn't drink enough fluids.
Avatar f tn FANTASTIC NEWS...
1339244 tn?1279721938 I've recently started back on a regular exercise routine and notice that about half way through, I start itching. My legs and abdomen start itching like crazy. There aren't any marks or spots, just my skin is itching?? I've been thinking that it's due to the blood starting to flow back into my veins... I sit all day at work and don't have any other sort of exercise...i.e... that's why I'm getting back to a daily regimine. Any ideas of why I get the itchies??