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171768 tn?1324233699 she'll sit in the boppy, bouncy seat, swing, etc... if i am there talking with her. same with the infant gym thing. i bought a bumbo yesterday, and she likes sitting in that too. i put it in front of the infant gym and it amused her for 5 minutes, but then she seemed to get overstimulated. sitting the bumbo in front of the window lasted about 5 minutes too. basically within an hour, i exhausted all of the options!
1456938 tn?1314577036 sounds like u get more than enough exercise so why the question? is it because u want to loose weight because exercise has little to do with it once u get a minimum . .
1382889 tn?1505074793 Not that I am chronically late or anything, but if something unexpected happens and makes me delayed or even prevents me from participating, I don't fret about it. About six weeks ago I was thinking that it would be nice to find a exercise class that was geared to women who wanted to not just exercise their bodies but their minds as well. Yoga was a possiblity but many of the yoga places around here incorporate heat in their workouts.
Avatar f tn I normally read it every day at the gym because it makes the boring exercise time go by and I don't feel like I'm exercising. Like for example, I can put the Kindle on the elliptical and do 45 min. on it and don't even realize I've burned over 600 cal. Or put it on the treadmill or stationary bike, etc. Anyway, I was so upset with myself at misplacing it. I called the gym this morning and they searched around and thank God, some honest person had turned it in.
1118884 tn?1338596450 Like a person who goes to a gym for the first time in a year or two. They have to break that pain barrier. But I would say a week or two and if the pain is still there I would have it looked at. I am not saying you have to live with the pain. The more you exercise, walk, and the likes, the more the body should adapt to the feelings all over again. Pain at first. But then it should go if you keep on walking on a daily basis. If you get my drift.
Avatar m tn On top of that, my employer didn't outfit the kitchen with floor mats, so I had been experiencing back pain since I began work there in August (from what I know now, I was probably experiencing some compression). I immediately experienced pain on the left side of my lower back and muscle spasms. About a week later, I began to experience numbness in my right leg and tingling and other nerve sensations (pinpricks and bursts) in both legs.
1448921 tn?1287793232 They put me on a recumbent bike to alleviate the orthostatic stress element and alleviate my fears of falling and getting injured should I faint; they placed two gym mats alongside the bike as a "crash pad" at the ready and told me to signal at the slightest indication that I needed to lie down (I did start to faint and they were VERY quick at swooping me up and lying me down on the mats); they had an RN present and right at my side throughout the test to watch my face for signs of m
404138 tn?1308945256 These wee pads could be bad news as when he gets older he may wee on othr things that are on the floor like mats!! If these crates restrict him moving around and space is limited that he cant run around that wouldnt be good for him.Do you have a secure yard for the little guy to run around and access to leave and enter the house? do you have any doggy toys and chew bars for him?
Avatar n tn I believe that a good diet with regular exercise such as yoga, aerobics, and light resistance training should take care of most problems. You can do this in conjunction with chiropractic or physical therapy.
Avatar m tn Eating more meals, but smaller meals in a day may be helpful to u and just eating healthy...exercise ..... I no longer take PPI's as they stopped working for me, I now use the H2inhibitors....they work for me along with modifying my diet and lifestyle. See tips in the Health Pages. And do talk to ur Dr in regards to med changes/concerns and diet changes.
Avatar f tn 120 lbs - so I would say that I am of a healthy weight (though I may not be particularly healthy - exercise repels me). It's currently winter in Texas - meaning it's pretty humid, rainy, and just slightly chilly. I thought it was strange that after the bruise began to heal that a small rash appeared where the bruise is beginning to fade (though it's currently still slightly yellow).
Avatar n tn Eat a better diet lower the sugars and the carbs, drink water ( a little lemon pinch of baking soda only) maybe some green or white teas. 2. Exercise moderately (walk in sunlight) 3. Read a good book or watch Family Guy ( reading makes me relax, Family guy carcks me up and laughing is a wonderful medicine) 4. Alcolize get the body away from acids ( I am trying but not so successfully) 5. Cleanse ( colon, liver, candida etc) 6.