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1519085 tn?1318741890 ~grin~ For now, loud, LOUD, LOUD hard music that I work out by...music and exercise definately are the top 2. I have been playing with my 80lb. dog alot more too..am sure she is wondering what is up with "mom." As soon as I get the money, I want to join the gym, can't wait. Carpe Diem!
Avatar n tn I take Hyzaar for mild hypertension and K-Dur because my potassium level was very slightly below normal. I do not exercise the way I should, am overweight, and alas...smoke. I am not your model patient, but after today, things will change. Even though the doctor hasn't even seen the ECG report yet, I know that I must change my lifestyle and will make every effort to do so. My question is this: Is it too late? Has my notice to the Big Guy been given?
Avatar n tn I too was on synthroid for about 3 years and all of a suddent I started not feeling well,so my doc increased it from.25 to .50 and my blood pressure went sky high. so he thought maybe I had a conversion problem. He put me on straight T3 until my temp. got up to 98.6 for five days and thenstarted to reduce med til I was off it. My temp. is staying anywhere from 98.2 and up. I changed doctors since then for reasons, I won't get into.
Avatar m tn I am a college football player at the University of Pittsburgh and I have been dealing with PVCS/PACS since I was about your age too. I suffered terrible anxiety about it and I was always scared to work out. I was scared to do anything and every time i read about some athlete dying at a young age it freaked me out even more. I used to drive my mom nutts all the time becuase i would always worry lol. But like someone else said, its EXTREMELY rare for that to happen.
748543 tn?1463449675 Many of these patients have been cracking their own necks since they were kids. Later in life they have possibly seen Chiros and or other practitioners who have adjusted them. The result is the same, hyperlaxity of the connective tissue and ligaments that hold our skeletal system together. These patients can pull their vertebrae out by turning their heads suddenly or picking up a heavy object. This laxity needs to be addressed separately by another professional.
Avatar m tn 72 weeks of (old school) treatment got me SVR* and 100% SSI disability for life! At least the nurse for the University of Pittsburgh Liver Center Guru, again, the nurse apologized by saying "Sorry. We destroyed your life" over and over again... "Sorry. We destroyed your life"!... "Sorry. We destroyed your life"! One of the more honest humans in that cattle call. *I hate using *cure since we all know there is no cure for a virus!
574423 tn?1258662171 In fact, I am never to run again for any reason, except to save a life. No weight lifting. I bought an elliptical for exercise. Moderate exercise only...nothing to exhaustion. I sleep with my upper body elevated by at least 8-inches [head of the bed propped up on wood blocks]. This helps the cerebral fluid flow better during sleep, and prevents the herniation from blocking the opening in the skull. I sleep on a special pillow made for sleep apnea patients...
572651 tn?1531002957 Thursday I have Aqua therapy which I'm not sure if I'm going to go back. Then, on the 7th I'm going to Pittsburgh to get an opinion from the department of neurology with any luck maybe they will have answers for me. Let's see I know I'm getting ahead but, thinking out loud here. Then on the 10th of the month I'm going to the pain clinic to see about the pain pump. Then on the 13th I'm going to a Ent doctor to discuss my breathing/ swallowing problems that I'm having with food.
Avatar n tn Well, we are going to my parents this weekend for a cookout/pool party with my mom's family. It should be fun. Us, brother and his brood, cousins and their kids. It should be a regular daycare 6 kids under the age of 4; 3 of which are 6 months or younger! Any positive tests lately? I am sending baby dust from down south (and you know my family has lots of it from what i have just posted!!!
11003842 tn?1433999358 My fiance and I are both so excited were like little kids running around because it's a mini version of the both of us. We're having a little boy and we're naming him Cameron Josiah. I'm a store manager for a retail store so I get my exercise all the time!
Avatar m tn and all I wanted to do was pull up the covers over my head..I was told..EXERCISE..go for a walk...and I did, and it helped. Stay close, take the advice that is being offered ..keep posting..we understand. Take it one day at a time...in the beginning..sometimes 1 hr at a time..30 minutes at a time etc. God Bless You.
Avatar n tn Indiana. I'm in the IDEAL study here. I have health insurance, however I work in a hospital and level 1 coverage would be through the facility I work for (what about confidentiality you ask?). Level 2 coverage was not affordable, hence the study.
Avatar n tn I am also going to make lifestyle adjustments, such as diet and trying to exercise and reduce stress, before I even think about having another ablation. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
Avatar f tn I was doing all this through that same sensation of my brain moving that I had from my first concussion. One night after about a week of doing all this exercise and activity i was sitting down at home and got a headache, dizzy, groggy and nauseus. I finally told my coach i was out. After sitting out for a week with all those symptoms I went to a neurologist who told me i never had a concussion and that i was making it all up in my head...anxiety.
Avatar m tn Congrats on day 8!!! Crank up the music all the way up, change that mind frame, go exercise, move!!! Take it an hour at a time, baby steps... Tomorrow is gonna be really awesome and you're gonna be so thankful to be still clean.
Avatar f tn I also know that you're in a lot of pain, but try to get as much exercise as you can. Walking is great exercise and it will help use up that sugar that's in your blood. Don't give up... we can help you work through it.
1158221 tn?1327976203 Not eating healthy this morning, eggs bacon and biscuits lol!!! Can't help it though, our hospital has a nursing home and they have a cafiteria and the food is pretty good!! My boobs hurt some today, which is really reasuring, and if work asks about the bathroom, I'm just going to tell them that I have a kidney infection lol!! Yeah, what makes it worse is that I can't really tell anyone at work because I don't know who I can trust.
284738 tn?1283110419 I also confess that I wear the same pants more then once before washing them. I confess that my kids drive me CRAZY must of the time(but i love it) I confess that I dont do the dishes everyday, I wait intill they pile up then do them!! LOL I think part of me hopes that Dh will do them!! I confess that I am on MH and FB way to much!!
Avatar n tn she is a staffer at a medical practice of doctors affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. She has not expressed any great concern about the issue and made some diet modification suggestions and sent me an article on flatulence--telling me, basically, that this can be normal. She noted that if I was terribly concerned, I could come in for an exam.
Avatar n tn I have similar symptoms but have been exacerbated recently by vigorous exercise. The headaches are also causing anxiety and nausea and sometimes panic attacks. I am also seeking a alternative solution and hope we both can find solstice. Any synthetic drug cannot be good for the body for long periods of time due to dependency and side effects. I will be glad to share info with you. The more input we can all get the closer we can be to a solution! All the best.
2059648 tn?1439770265 after reading thru my list of post treatment issues (about 1 year later) to one of the head nurses at the University of Pittsburgh Liver Center the nurse repeated a number of times "I am sorry we destroyed your life!"... things have not gotten any better so I would have to say that treatment not only destroyed the hep c virus but my life. Thru it all I do try to stay positive but I will never forget those words. At least a validation but WoW!
Avatar n tn I live in Pittsburgh, so I used Dr. Rodney Landreneau at Allegheny General/West Penn ("AGH"). He did the transhiatal esophagectomy ("THE"). There is another outstanding esophagectomy surgeon at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center ("UPMC") named James Luketich who sees patients from all around the country. Both hospitals were listed in USNews' top 50 cancer centers the past several years (This year I think AGH was 47th and UPMC was 11th).
680296 tn?1229624581 Aqua therapy is the thing to do, seriously. It may not make the pain subside, but it will allow her to exercise her other muscles, which are more than likely weakening. She's got a long road ahead, as we all do, but the sooner she gets this under control the better her quality of life will become. I imagine any type of relief will help her at this point. Three years of having RSD before being diagnosed is extreme. Wow. Feel free to give her my e-mail address, Deb.
206807 tn?1331939784 And that stocking shelves, working a loading dock, and taking inventory while standing on concrete floors all day is some dang fine exercise. Way better than a game of handball or swimming a couple laps at the Club. Ingrates should be glad they aren't being charged for that fine exercise Hey, that's why they call it Sam's Club!
Avatar n tn the most that happens to him is he feels drained, but b/c I always take care of the kids, he is able to take naps and feel better. I still to this day cannont figure out how the hell he didn't have any withdraws from the herion. He lives by the saying "mind over matter"...which leads me to believe it's true. I will be honest, I think I will have to have him ration them out b/c I am very weak. If I don't keep myself busy...I will take them.
Avatar n tn B12 when you aren't deficient does give you energy but doesn't help you lose weight not in the long-term anyway. It may however increase your ability to exercise, which in turn helps your metabolism quicken. Taking an abundance of any vitamin? well I think the Doc's would say the Jury is still out on that one! Be careful.
Avatar m tn First analyse your pain how does it feel and when after exercise before exercise after stretching and icing. have a mri and ultrasound ASAP when you start feeling pains. Supplimenets that helped me: cissus quadragelis, hylauronic joint complex, fish oil, ibuprofen, chymoral enzymes look them up and search about them miracle workers.
620923 tn?1452919248 Hi, my decompression surgery is next week August 19. My neurosurgeon is Dr Gardner (UPMC Presby~Pittsburgh) Strangely, I'm not afraid. I just want to get it over with. I hate the anticipation and unknown.
Avatar n tn I will travel (obviously) to get some help, I just don't know where to go anymore. Pittsburgh has been suggested but my GP tells me I need to stop jumping from dr to dr or I'm just hurting myself. Any advice? We live in rural western PA, so we don't have any specialists here. Thanks for listening!