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1741471 tn?1407162630 Like dopamine, norepinephrine has a stimulating effect, fosters alertness, and plays an important regulatory role in long-term memory and learning -Endorphins They are your brain built in chemical system that help us go through pain and also induce mild euphoria. Exercise it is the absolute best way for raising our endorphins levels and trigger that feeling of the 'runners high" copy and paste to see how neurotransmitters work [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?
477746 tn?1254788147 Another study reported that low-dose supplemental T treatment given to men with heart disease reduced chronic chest pain induced by exercise-exertion (22).
Avatar n tn As far as Terahydroisoquinoline(THIQ) goes,it is present in the brains of alcoholics to a much larger degree than Normals(due to genetic reasons) and is the cause of their increased Euphoria from alcohol and subsequent alcoholism.It participates in the same Dopamine Euphoria regulation sytems that Opioids are ligands to however I am not familiar with any involvement of it in the Opioid Euphoric state.Any new knowledge or references would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn My hubby will be with me and I made him read and exercise with me all the time so when the time comes and im under panick (which I know I will lol) he will be there and help me remember everything ive learned. PArtnes can be your hubby/bf/baby daddy, a friend, family member....anyone you are comfortable with and can rely on.
Avatar m tn It won't be an easy road ahead but at the end is the real possibility for true happiness and not opiate induced euphoria which fades and often ends in total destruction and death. You must believe and dig deep. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. Once you are off the subs and begin to feel again and find new and real happiness this fog will lift. You gotta hang on. Keep posting...
1458891 tn?1285647838 My family is very frustrated - I continue to try to manage things on my own (through meditation, diet/omega 3s, exercise). About 6 weeks ago I had a manic episode that was very scary. I was close to having to go to the hospital because I simply could not sleep! After several days I even tried sleeping pills, but I might as well have been taking a sugar pill - it did nothing whatsoever. The good thing that came out of it is that I have been able to pin down how mania begins for me.
709671 tn?1252929332 i don't care if the people i care about don't give a damn about me. maybe the medicine-induced euphoria is saying all this but its good nonetheless. i want to yell Gloria Gaynor's song "I will survive" to all the ****** people who have wronged me. i want to love myself and share the love with people who deserve it. bigggggggg teddy bear and santa hugs to all of you. muahh xxx god, the medicine's working overtime i guess!
189119 tn?1210170370 If you do have them – you tend to attribute them to other things – diet, lack of exercise, stress, old age – you name it. But then when you clear the virus you realize that so much of all that stuff you were denying was in fact the result of that pesky virus. Those symptoms were as real as the virus itself. • Now the treatment itself is very severe and there are after-effects of various kinds.
401095 tn?1351395370 Sounds like its time to review your supplements for taking more mood enhancing ones. Are you getting some exercise in? When we feel down, exercise is usually the last thing you want to do. We all have our down times, I just don't like it when I see it hit you. You have my email, well maybe not. (I'll PM it to you.) I am here for you.
Avatar m tn i hope you decide to stick with it. real joy is so much better than any artificially induced short lived euphoria.
Avatar m tn , life is much more difficult. The drug-induced euphoria is gone and you have to take life on as it comes. Nevertheless, I will gladly substitute a 30-minute high for my own dignity and integrity...although that little voice in the back of my mind will spend the rest of its days trying to convince me otherwise. God bles all of you.
Avatar f tn Barbituates, alcohol and Benzo's are the dangerous drugs to come off of CT. It's unpleasant but really not that dangerous. People have died in rapid detox but that's induced. I'm glad to hear there's no other med. It makes it a lot easier.
Avatar f tn I've felt over-medicated for a while and decided to start with the eliminating the patch because it tends to fall off when I exercise. I went from 100 to 75 without any problem. After a month at 75, I cut down to 50. I've been miserably I'll ever since with headaches, nausea, severe incapacitating dizziness, insomnia, chills, depression, and now pain throughout my body. I've been at 50 for 6 days. I'm about to give up and go back up to 75 because I feel so horrible and can't function.
Avatar m tn Functional neuroimaging is a promising tool for the investigation of the brain changes induced by psychotherapy. So far, only few studies have used it to assess the effects of CBT in OCD and phobia, and of CBT in depression. 2.7.2 For the most part, though, I did not manifest BPD symptoms like: elated mood, grandiose behaviours, decreased need for sleep, racing thoughts or hyper-sexuality.
Avatar f tn the serotonin reuptake inhibiter in this drug is what you are taking and is going to wreck havoc on your brain, believe me! Tramadol most certainly causes insomnia, and not sleep induced euphoria as other pain killers do, b/c of the other chemical makeup in this pill...I am a 15 year devoted tramadol addict, trust me. Today I am 14 days tram free, and it is a struggle to even get up in the mornings still, and I know that I have several more months of feeling like this, it is not worth it....
Avatar n tn usually like 3 or 4 days out of the week) -- Ambien [10mg] for sleep obviously I exercise almost every day, smoke some pot at night occasionally- sometimes recreationally and sometimes just to get to sleep. I take vitamins, fish oil when I remember, sometimes take pepcid or whatever is around the house for heartburn... No medical problems besides sleep and occasional social anxiety, but the anxiety has gone down alot over the last year. Except for the incidences I'm talking about.
Avatar n tn Just for the shear joy of terrorizing you further, there actually IS one more thing to be concerned with (truly) when taking Vicodin, my friend -- Tylenol-induced liver damage. True, for two years running I took up to 100 Vicodin per day (each pill with the equivalent of an extra-strength Tylenol in it) and through some work of the devil, I'm still walking around and my liver test three weeks ago was incomprehensibly normal.
Avatar f tn Flare-ups of pre-existing >auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis >and Crohn's Disease are common. Marijuana can mitigate the majority >of these side effects as well as offering effective help to those >patients where alpha-interferon treatment is not indicated.
Avatar m tn Before I started getting all these panic attacks, My ejaculations were great, felt such a rush everytime i did it, my veins would stick out as I would get a rush of joy and pleasure throughout my body, NOW all that good feeling has been traded with panic and anxiety and chest pains , headaches, no more veins popping out, no more euphoria or thrills, its just all negative stuff. Something happened here.
Avatar f tn But with all addicts we tend to have heavy baggage and kid ourselves we are taking it for pain but really we are taking it to block of all the bad stuff that has happened to us in our lives that we cannot deal with, or can no longer cope with. We like the euphoria, the energy and being able to block things off. So we end up addicts. Beg. of Nov. started on 6mg of subutex. First 6 weeks no withdrawals and just felt normal but emotionally nothing.
Avatar f tn I was on Opiates for 6 years, I think, I lost count! One day there was a little spark in my brain while I was on my exercise bike listening to my fav music. I got mad and told mysef that this is my choice to live like this and I can do this! I did a fast taper in week and suffered most of WD during taper and very few during CT, I use Thomas recipe, I knew that if i did not stop I was going to get in a car accident, die, get sick or get in trouble at work.
Avatar n tn You have to constantly exercise self-control and that's pretty damn hard once the w/d really sets in. So you have this incredibly strong person (an addict??) holding it for you. Hmmm. Why drag it out? 8 to 2 is making you sick right? My guess is that as soon as the 2 wear off you will be sick until you take the next 2 the next day. So you're going to feel sick until you completely quit and get it over with. I hope I don't sound judgemental. I don't mean to at all.
Avatar f tn drink plenty of fluids, take otc advil for the pain, take hot baths with epsom salt, for pain and rls, take vitamins, exercise, eat bananas for rls, immodium for the bathroom issues. pray,pray,pray, you will be through the physical withdrawals in about 5-7 days. the tramadol needs to be tapered this can cause seizures going cold turkey. so someone will have to hold those and dispense those to you.
Avatar n tn It's just a wierd thing on my part. I exercise diligantly so bone loss and heart disease are not a big risk. Once I reach menopause, I may start it. I know women who swear by it. They usually started because of hot flashes. Since I exercise in an unairconditioned gym, I'm used to feeling overheated and sweating buckets so although hot flashes are uncomfortable, I don't mind them that much. As for the Ambien, as I mentioned, I am the only person I know who ever had nightmares.
2122443 tn?1335785718 Staying hydrated and eating anything helps, and AS SOON AS YOU CAN, ANY exercise, especially getting outside and in the sun will help. A walk in a park, anything. Keeping busy....which is why the movies help, even this forum, with the insomnia. Just KNOW that you will get over this and then you can decide what to do about your treatment plan with a clear head. Best wishes and prayers...
416848 tn?1203286355 And I just left my husband of 16 years the other day because I couldnt take it anymore. Ive been off the pills for 43 days now, and woke up from my drug induced haze to find that my husband is not a very nice person and is part of the reason i was medicating myself to cope with him.
1006065 tn?1251482269 I won't touch it. I already have a seizure disorder after a lupus-induced stroke at only 22 years old! Anything that can potentially cause a seizure, or combine with my current meds to trigger a seizure, is off-limits for me. My very wise pharmacist, who has also been helpful in this process, told me that if you combine more than any three medications at a time, the risk for interaction goes up to around 50%! Scary, huh?
Avatar n tn PHENYLEPHRINE HCL is so mild (that's why it's over the counter) that, with a little will power, mild exercise and, say, a good strong cup of coffee to give you that lift you'll miss, you should be able to get off the spray pretty easily. The drug is so mild, your addiction is mostly psychological. Stop using it, take regular walks for a few days, and drink a cup of strong coffee if you feel you need a little lift. That should get you past this addiction to PHENYLEPHRINE HCL.
1374011 tn?1297473893 But the damage I have caused myself is already done and I am in a self induced financial ruin due to the addiction and the OC escape. I sincerely can relate to anyone who is having problems with OC and this drugs is the devil. If you are just starting, STOP now. If its prescribed, ask you're doctor for something else.