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Avatar n tn You can exercise all you want but if insulin is not present in the recipe then the whole thing is an exercise in futility. The medical community advises physical activity such as walking, mowing the lawn, dancing, gardening, etc which is better than just sitting in front of the television and becoming fat. So walking around from table to table and in and out of the kitchen is not a physical activity? You say:" 30 mins.
Avatar f tn //addictionsunplugged.com/2011/06/13/are-we-getting-fit-or-fatter). In good conscience, he will not advocate his exercise program unless his clients first change their food to a healthier diet. He claims that to do otherwise would be misleading the client, and even potentially dangerous.
6939846 tn?1386279412 Of course it's Saturday, so I can't see a doctor unless I go to the ER, which is an exercise in futility. I need an ENT specialist and an oral surgeon. A long wait here too, to see an ENT doctor.
Avatar f tn Determining a dosage of tramadol for dogs is an exercise in futility. As with people, if the dog has a history of seizures it is important to let your vet know this, and they will likely tell you about alternatives. While the dosage amounts vary from dog to dog, the tramadol dosage for dogs can be put into effect by using the dog’s weight as the determinant. The usual range is .5 - 1.8mg per pound.
Avatar f tn While I certainly don't mind spending money on something if it is worthwhile, I just feel like this might be an exercise in futility. Yes, it does appear that avoiding HSV 1 is difficult to say the least once your partner has it. However, should I use condoms in the future when receiving oral sex from her. Lastly, I have read that it is low risk for me to perform on her. Is that truly the case?
Avatar f tn ) The reason for my query in the first place ... was in all the articles I have read in regards to resistance ..especially cross resistance ...there are still many unknowns. And I agree with you entirely we are going to have to tread very carefully imho through the resistance maze until more is known and studied. Again ..thx for the input...
Avatar f tn First, let me express how badly we feel for you and your kitty. We know that you are only trying to get some help for him and it must be extremely frustrating to feel so helpless. Dr. Coyner has already given you the best advice that we can in this virtual type of forum. Since we can't see your cat, there is absolutely no way that we can diagnose what might be wrong. BUT...as Dr. Coyner said, these symptoms are severe and warrant immediate attention.
Avatar m tn good call, there is also the fear factor which many men will not admit to. Frightened if they push their heart in any way, it will cause damage.
600409 tn?1219750798 Waiting on the FDA seems to be an exercise in futility. Do we have any newer insights into the Calhoun Light Adjustable Lens? Anybody had them implanted?
Avatar n tn This will probably sound strange but start doing cardio for an hour a day like an exercise bike it will increase futility :)
Avatar n tn it is best to do the treatment(tx) only if you are ready and willing to go the length. You have to be mentally committed to do this or it might become an exercise in futility. These meds are hard on the body and its effects are different in everyone. Some hardly feel it, some feel it and can manage the discomfort with the assistance of their providers, and some feel it so bad that they have to take time from work. Until you start, you can't tell how it will be for you.
394017 tn?1255018132 I wondered why this was happening when I had had so many days that I didn't want to set foot in that place. Part of me feels like this was a big exercise in futility as this curse is just waiting to strike again. Early detection is a joke the way I feel today. I did everything right and it was 1.3 cm when it was found. Did they miss it last year but they are all protecting each other at the clinic here in town?
Avatar n tn on the tongue which are getting larger and now interfering with eating and swallowing. Talking to all of my doctors is an exercise in futility. They have no clue as to who or where to go to find a specialist that will surgically (or otherwise) remove or shrink them. So I don't need any more of "you should see your doctor" because they're all useless.
Avatar m tn Thanks Doctor, i appreciate your answer but i forgot to tell you that all the tests were all negative but i'm stupidly still anxious.
Avatar m tn I'm thinking this conversation may be an exercise in futility.
Avatar n tn Personally I find the taper method to be an exercise in futility. I always take more just to "normalize". I am on day 9 off of a habit that was 3 times higher than yours. I followed the Thomas recipe and started exercising on day 4. The physical has subsided with the exception of RLS. Just think you give yourself a terrible flu to get a brand new life. The best quote I have seen said "I may have another high in me but I don't have another withdrawl".
Avatar n tn It sometimes seems like an exercise in futility trying to get a Dr to listen to you. (I speak generally). Not being invloved in your treatment isn't neccessarily depression. It could be pessimism. Once you've had a few Drs look at your levels and pronounce you normal even though you feel bad, you start to question yourself, maybe I am overacting, maybe it really isn't anything, I am just depressed. That's an awful feeling.
Avatar m tn On a side note, it is irrational to contemplate scenarios in which another person has injected your food with blood. It would be an exercise in futility for someone to do so, given that HIV can't be transmitted by ingesting blood.
681148 tn?1437665191 I did not come up with this one. It came off of an entirely different site and forum, but it fits: "The majority of us are familiar with the "Spoon Theory". It's a lovely story about having just so much energy (spoons) and how we should all choose to use them wisely. Naturally I'm paraphrasing as the story is about a broader message but you get my drift. I'm speaking now about the antithesis of this theory; this is the "Fork Theory".
Avatar m tn In such cases, removal of gall bladder will be an exercise in futility. If you search in this Forum it self, you will get many instances of such cases. So, my advice to you is to visit a well equipped hospital and get a detailed diagnosis done.
Avatar f tn Condoms did not break when we were ready to : "Finish", we did on each others stomachs and cleaned up
231744 tn?1189759427 ) Between hyperthyroid and hypothyroid there are a lot of symptoms, most of them are shared by other ailments as well, so guessing is an exercise in futility. The heat symptom you describe doesn't ring a bell with me. I have become less tolerant to heat and cold, but nothing like "hot flashes". When I get in a hot environment though, I get hotter faster and sweat more than I used to. The butterflies in the stomach, got them right now.
Avatar m tn Trying to convince the average x-ray tech to use additional shielding is an exercise in futility. Complaining will probably do no good. The entire profession is unconscious regarding radiation hazards.
Avatar m tn Diagnosing and medicating a hypo patient based on TSH is an exercise in futility. Doctors like to believe that TSH is the best measure of thyroid status;however, TSH cannot be shown to correlate well with either of the biologically active thyroid hormones, Free T3 or Free T4, much less correlate with symptoms, which are the most important consideration for a hypo patient.
Avatar n tn I fall asleep even when I have tons of things to do...things that I like to do. I used to exercise regularly and I enjoyed it so much, but now I have no energy, and when I do have a minute of free time I'm sleeping, but I don't feel like I'm sleeping by choice. I also have been experiencing some very strong head aches on occasion. I feel I am very healthy otherwise. I'm in my mid 20's, I eat well, and get plenty of night time sleep.
Avatar m tn You will NOT get a different answer regardless of how many times or people you ask. It seems like an exercise in futility to make you accept the truth. - HIV can and should NEVER be diagnosed by the PRESENCE or ABSENCE of ANY SYMPTOMS. If you have persistent symptoms which concern you, please see your Dr. - If you feel a pressing nedd to be tested for HIV, you have that right at any time. -You've asked your questions and have been givin an assessment( repeatedly).
Avatar f tn First of all, it is really an exercise in futility to judge someone else financially. You don't know what demands she has on her money, and you are going down a slippery slope if you try to judge this. There is nothing wrong with saying to your fiance that he should not be giving her money, but you may as well shout at the wind. If she asks him, he will probably give her some. Even if she is wasting her money by your standards.
Avatar f tn But if they are running your life, I understand the motivation. See my comments to the earlier post-- just tapering down on one's own is always an exercise in futility-- everyone just keeps on trying, but it doesn't accomplish anything. Long-term, happy recovery requires working a program.
Avatar f tn But being cautious can never an exercise of futility, and it provides peace of mind. Sorry to hear of the stress you son is experiencing. Hope it gets better. Thank you for your response, and I wish you and your family well.