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Avatar n tn I think it's great to exercise on treatment if you can however exhaustive exercise like that required for a Marathon doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Your liver is stressed by that kind of exercise. It takes awhile for your liver to recover from a stressful event like that plus you are trying to allow your liver to heal so stresful events like that are working against your goal. Extensive exercise can raise your ALT meaurements, something you are working to keep down.
649848 tn?1534637300 Ok - I have a question. I see posts where some of you spend an hour or more daily on your exercise routine. I think that's great if you have that much time every day. I usually don't!! For example, this past week I had to work 10 hr days beginning at 5:00 am and ending at 3:30 pm. In order to get to work by 5:00 am, it was necessary for me to get up at 2:45 am, which meant that I had to go to bed no later than 6:30 pm in order to get enough sleep.
Avatar m tn In a recent Annals of Internal Medicine study, patients who took red yeast rice during a 12-week diet and exercise program cut their LDL by 27 percent, compared with 6 percent for those who only dieted and exercised. Dose: 600 mg, 3 times a day (Consult your M.D. if you're on heart meds.) Resveratrol Problem: Cancer risk You can't stop the clock, but you can slow it down. This chemical, found in the skin of grapes, seems to interact directly with genes that regulate aging, says Dr. Katz.
Avatar m tn I've had 2 iron infusions in this time which builds up my blood count only for it to fall again gradually. I get tired and fatigued, out of breath, pale skin etc (my Dr can't believe I can even get out of bed), but I still find the energy to work long hours, exercise and party late. My worry is that no-one has been able to find the source of bleeding. I have had a colonoscopy, gastroscopy, duodenum biopsy, fecal blood occult tests with no sign of any problems.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am almost 20 years old and have been experiencing PVC's for about 2 years now. I get them about 6-10 times a day. I have gone to my cardiologist and have been through almost every test in the book, and they all came up normal. My PVCs have been caught on my holter, but my doctor just told me to wait and see and wait it out. These things really scare me and i often get 3 or 4 in a row.
Avatar m tn In discussing this with the doctor, I felt that the TSH level wasn't super high and wondered if medical intervention was necessary at this juncture. I am very reluctant to take medication for the rest of my life, but my doc was pretty convinced that I should start the meds. As the conversation continued and the doctor began explaining some of the symptoms of hypo (fatigue, insomnia, joint and muscle pain, etc.
Avatar n tn Add me to the total column for men. Been hypo t and on T4 meds. for over 30 years. Learned a lot from this forum including the need to check free T3, to assure the body is converting T4 adequately ( which mine was not). Seems like I have read somewhere that over 20 % of the population has thyroid problems, with women being substantially higher, especially over the age of 35. It was interesting that when the range for TSH was revised downward from .5-5.0 to .3-3.
Avatar f tn Not all men cheat and not only is it men that cheat. Some do it for the excitement, some for the chase, and some because they are missing something at home. Not saying the last one pertains to you but just saying. Yes you will find someone out there that will love you fully and will not cheat on you at all!
1731671 tn?1398528929 It took me and my boyfriend about 3 years to get pregnant again. He told me that he had low sperm count, and it took this one time to conceive. We never took precaution and I was never on birth control. We have a 3 year old daughter, so in a way I'm surprise it took us this long to get pregnant. We weren't trying but then again we weren't preventing it either.
Avatar m tn I would absolutely love to resume this intensity of exercise (I only run these days) but don't feel I ever can due to the problems it has caused and the problems it would continue to cause. I would love to get my ED sorted and go back to some form of normality as I don't want to rely on pills to get an erection. I guess this will never be possible but even to get back to 70% of what I was used to would be fantastic. Anyway it is actually good to get all of this out and share it.
Avatar n tn Also has been suggested that jogging and running increases HDL's only to a certain point, than HDL levels off and decreases.What is the best exercise in terms of frequency, intensity and time for increasing HDL cholestrol in men between 40 and 50 years?Does HDL decreases if a individual exercises more than 30 to 45 minutes,but less than marathoners?What is the optimum total cholestrol?Thank you.
Avatar n tn I'm trying to lose weight by controlling my eating and exercising for a half an hour a day. I want to do crunches, but I'm worried they'll make my stomach bigger, because I have a strange pregnant look about me already. My upper abdomen BULGES outward even though I'm only about 20 pds overweight. I used to be in shape and exercise and think I might have made my stomach muscles too big, but it might be genetic also.
Avatar f tn There are many questions that you have asked for answers to and I can only suggest that you try and find a way to talk to your partner as I beleive that the key to any relationship is trust and honesty. It may help you to find a couples counsellor. Many pepole think that giong for counselling is for those who have a problem which can be fixed but the reality is that the person or couple have taken responsibility and are motivated and committed to wanting to change something in their lives.
967168 tn?1477588089 I'm always referencing that article :-) I used to only get recovery PVCs when I was younger. Now I don't get them during recovery. I've been ona statin as a precaution for about a year. I will be interested to see any follow-up. They said that next step was going to study if statins have any effect on stopping recovery PVCs. This would lend more evidence to the findings.
Avatar n tn I'm a mid 30's overweight female who needs motivation or the right exercise routine to assist in losing weight. My dr has prescribed the medication meridia to assist me in losing weight but I need to start an exercise program. I do belong to a gym called curves although I haven't gone in a long while. I find that it's better for maintenance or toning it's not a hard enough training for weight loss.
Avatar n tn However, I have researched the issue at length and found evidence that at max exercise in trained men, SBP of 210 to 230 is the norm. To answer the question for myself, I enrolled in a cardiac rehab class and had them check my bp at varying levels of exertion. The significant finding was that bp tended to shoot up rather quickly as I started exercising, but if I did an extended warmup at heart rate of 110 or less, it reached significantly lower levels at the greater exertion.
Avatar f tn Could my cardiologist have been wrong about it being safe for me to exercise? I usually exercise for longer than the 14 minutes I did in the stress test. Should I take a beta blocker to try and stop the post exercise PVC’s? I wanted to avoid beta blockers because I’ve been hoping I’d improve on my own. Thank you!
733390 tn?1232937474 ) Did to work in enough time not just to do the jog/walk treadmill stuff but do something aerobic everyday and then my Pilates a couple of times a week and strengh training. Did strength training work out help--want to specifically work on toning my arms--look like 'old lady' arms.
Avatar m tn A Kegel squeeze is performed by drawing your lower pelvic muscles up and holding them up high and tight. For men who aren't familiar with that term, it's similar to trying to stop urinating in the middle of the flow. This squeeze will allow you to feel and focus on your abdominal muscles. If you want to work your six-pack rectus abdominis muscle, drive your chin down toward your toes while you're focused on squeezing your bellybutton in.
Avatar m tn 5 or less in men and 12.0 or less in women. The anemia reported in clinical trials for HCV drugs as an adverse effect (side effect) was less that 10.0 in men and women. I think what I am reading is that in trials if a patient's hemoglobin was more than 10.0 it was not reported as an AE.
Avatar n tn I get them a few days a week, a few weeks a month, usually in bursts (5-10 a minute for a few minutes, then less for an hour, then gone). Everyone looks for triggers (exercise, eating certain foods, etc.). For sure, dehydrating (and low potassium) will make them worse, so on hot humid days lost of OJ is a good bet. But in my (humble) opinion, the repeatable triggers tend to be psychological.
Avatar n tn My 20-year-old son keeps fainting with exercise. He has no other health conditions, and has had a stress echo, basic blood work, chest x-ray. He has seen 2 cardiologists and has only been diagnosed with a high voltage ekg. He does not use drugs or alcohol. He fainted twice in his Ju Jitzu class and today playing flag football. He often skips breakfast, and probably doesn't drink enough fluids.
Avatar n tn com suggested a lot of people exercise way to hard, and when they think they get aerobic benefits, they are actually in CO2 debt and causing themselves severe anti-oxidant problems due to the overly high level of exercise. Half the people in the study considered themselves very fit, but only two of 30 were actually getting aerobic benefits at 80% of max heart rate, the rest were in varying degrees of CO2 debt and hurting themselves at the pace they were at.
Avatar n tn 1. Is it common for PVCs to get worse with exercise? 2. Does an increase in heart rate put extra strain on the heart to cause PVCs? 3. Do I get a 2nd opinion? My impression is that the doctors see a slim young female and don't take my issues seriously. Thanks so much for your help.
Avatar n tn I've been having PVC's during exercise, after exercise, no exercise for 45 yrs and as you can see I am still alive. My heart was checked out several times over the years, the recent one last year, and I am a o.k. The Cardiologist told me to ignore the PVC's and keep on exercising which I am doing. Sometimes your subconscious mind can bring them on i.e. "will I get PVC's again this time while exercising", I'm sure I bring mine on at times.
Avatar n tn surgery, I became aware of a tendency for my head and face to sweat while doing only moderate levels of exercise. I initially attributed it to one of my meds, Altace and Lipitor, but I have been on and off of these over the last three years and the tendency persists. This sweating occurs even in quite cold weather while running when sweating at all seems inappropriate. I am concerned about the heart connection since excessive sweating is often a sign of an MI.