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Avatar n tn When stress, like exercise, increases the heart rate, it makes you a higher risk for stroke and heart attack in this profession. Since the stress levels suffered by EMTs in emergency situations, your heart rate may prevent you from getting and keeping a job. Alot of time exercises that are aerobic bring down the heart rate. Biking, swimming, low impact aerobics and power walking are good exercises that will give you a good workout without raising your heart rate too high.
Avatar n tn I don't feel stressed and why does it come on when I exercise or do heavy work? Isn't exercise supposed to relieve stress? I don't know if I am making it worse by plowing through or if that is the best thing to do.
Avatar n tn You obviously can't select your daughter's friends - she's in charge of that. You can set reasonable limits, espouse sound values and standards, and exercise your judgment in the best way you can, knowing that you can't determine the outcome. Consider having your daughter meet with a therapist, who can address the impact of the divorce and the facts of your daughter's current situation.
Avatar f tn causes the heart rate to increase dramatically. Given just the facts of your youth, your female sex, your normal weight and good blood pressure, your chance of occult heart disease is approaching zilch. When you factor in your your severe anxiety--most notably being bedridden for months due to this problem--Inwould say your chief problem, the one currently preventing you from enjoying your life--is untreated panic/anxiety plus a cardiac neurosis (you can google it).
Avatar f tn I encourage you to visit Dr Mercola’s site to learn more about Peak 8 fitness because I personally feel that it is one of the best ways to exercise, especially considering the speed at which you can lose fat and build muscle. I highly recommend you read this article and watch the videos on the page.
Avatar n tn If the total grams of sugar on the Nutrition Facts Panel is more than five grams, don't use it! Drink more water daily. Even if your weight isn't going down are your clothes fitting better and how about your measurements? are they getting smaller? The University of California recommends changing the type, duration and intensity of cardiovascular activity to break through a plateau. If you usually walk for half an hour, try pushing yourself on the elliptical for 45 minutes.
Avatar m tn And i am surprised of few facts that makes people totally helpless. Knee pain, back pain these are very common today but what is the proper medication of this problem? Thanks for the answers in advance.
Avatar n tn I am 6 feet 1 inch, weigh 229 pounds am in good health and exercise high intensity daily for minimum 60 minutes. Would like to loose 15-20 pounds in 3 months.
Avatar m tn 00 Exercise 0.0 0.0 63 100/60 63 1.0 1:00 Exercise 1.7 10.0 70 2.0 2:00 Exercise 1.7 10.0 66 4.1 3:00 Exercise 1.7 10.0 62 4.6 4:00 Exercise 2.5 11.9 90 102/68 91 5.7 5:00 Exercise 2.5 11.9 83 7.0 6:00 Exercise 2.5 11.9 82 110/68 90 7.0 7:00 Exercise 3.4 13.9 108 8.3 8:00 Exercise 3.4 13.9 115 110/70 126 9.8 9:00 Exercise 3.4 13.9 113 10.1 10:00 Exercise 4.2 16.0 136 120/78 163 11.4 11:00 Exercise 4.2 16.0 141 124/80 174 13.1 12:00 Exercise 4.2 16.0 143 13.4 13:00 Exercise 5.0 17.
Avatar f tn you can live without alcohol, but not without a liver.....no more pot either...such is life. but those are the facts JUST the facts, hope the helps.
921323 tn?1268679412 We place people on blood pressure medications and cholesterol medicine when the combination of diet and exercise just doesn’t cut it. But we also have data that shows that reducing blood pressure and cholesterol with drugs actually reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes and makes people live longer. HGH? Not so much.
Avatar n tn His only real symptom now is fatigue and sometimes his eyes look really tired. I musn't leave out that he has been heavily prayed for. He was a youth pastor before he got sick but doesn't have the stamina for that job right now. He is however working and functioning quite well considering. I believe that the extra attention to his diet has helped a great deal. He misses the junk food sometimes but has adjusted. He has really learned to enjoy a lot of fruit.
Avatar m tn You can try some breathing exercises such as deep breathing (breath in for a count of 3, hold, out for a count of 3, hold and repeat), meditation, yoga (boys do yoga too) and overall, exercise is helpful for feeling better emotionally. You are at a stressful point in life! So many changing hormones, so much pressure and you are just trying to figure out who you are!! Can you tell I have a son close to your age. :>) I understand how hard it can be.
Avatar f tn If you call coolaide "facts", then so be it. Your claims for planning an invasion for 15 years? Prove it. You won't; you can't, because you either read blogs that are baseless or you made it up. Its better to simply say your hate Bush than make up BS to drive your agenda. I don't like Bush, but at least I try to go by facts. Bet you didn't like I liked Bush huh?? ;-) Am I better off today than several years ago, absolutely. Do i like whats going on today, absolutely not.
318307 tn?1193934917 i am watching my diet very carefully and taking a multivitamin in addition to supplements of niacin/vitamin b3, omega 3 fatty acid, and ginger for the nausea. i am trying to exercise every day even when i feel like ****, and i think that has been helping as well. i have only been on this medication for a year and it isn't a very high dose so i am assuming/hoping that these side effects are subsiding and won't last much longer. can anyone tell me how long they usually last?
Avatar m tn clinical phenomenology, neuropsychology, neuroimaging, chronobiology, and genetic studies. See also: D. Healy cited in New Research Findings, internet blogspot, 22/8/08. But I do not deal with these areas in any depth. Functional neuroimaging is a promising tool for the investigation of the brain changes induced by psychotherapy. So far, only few studies have used it to assess the effects of CBT in OCD and phobia, and of CBT in depression. 2.7.
Avatar n tn I learn not to plan ahead What’s the point You’re fine Don’t worry How can I not You don’t understand In my head I’m relieved But at the same time there has to be a cure for what I’m feeling Pent up frustration Anger Fear I’m too young Too old To feel this way So I learn to live half alive Watching myself as time goes by Wasting my youth Wasting away They don’t understand They don’t get it Until you feel how I feel We feel It’s hopeless
1723029 tn?1312377181 Lifestyle management, such as alcohol abstinence or diet and exercise to mitigate the damage to the liver Welcome and Good Luck wrayc
579258 tn?1250652943 And in it, people give 5 random facts about themselves and then tag 5 people to plan. From what I can tell, the game has been going on for a long time (I could look at the date of the original post, just don't feel like doing it right now). We could play something like that, but only tag 1 or 2 people...?
Avatar m tn If you want to feel like your old self again, bag the street drugs, get off the Xanax, (and stop the drinking until you do) then work on getting yourself healthy through exercise, eating right and all that other stuff. If you're still having issues with anxiety, get into some therapy and deal with it that way. And don't let anybody ever prescribe Xanax for you again! If you got off the X and whatever else you were doing, you can do this as well.
Avatar n tn I'm glad some of you managed to research the drug and find out all about the withdrawals, the full effects, despite GSK not stating the facts. The facts you found out would mostly be from people who had already gone through withdrawal WITHOUT first having been able to rely upon other victims' testimony.
Avatar f tn Known facts 1.You are not asthmatic. 2.Doc says there is nothing wrong with your lungs. Therefore you do not have a disease. 3.You suffer from anxiety which makes people over-analyze their bodies looking for signs of a disease. It is very common for anxiety sufferers to think their chests and lungs don't work right because they focus on them instead of just ignoring how their breath works. You sleep ok until you wake up then think your lungs aren't working.
Avatar m tn //cigarette-facts.com/cigarette-smoking-the-scary-facts/ Watch it there, I got so scared since I know I've smoked way more than 2 boxes...
1462810 tn?1327364049 I want really listening, I was thinking about that voice I'd heard. Suddenly the third youth spoke up and blurted something out. The other two turned and looked at her in surprise - I later learned that their technique was to travel in pairs, one to talk while one prayed... the third person that day was a trainee and was supposed to remain silent. What she said was, "There's a revival going on not a quarter of a mile from here, we could take you there.
Avatar n tn I'm sure the total approach (incl meditation and exercise) helped me heal the damage, make the most of the tx and continues to keep me alive. BUT, it did not cure the virus. As to what and how much to take, that's individual. Tallblond's suggestions are a good start. I use massive more amt's of many of the herbs & suppliments. I beleive in the top end of suggested use, and rely on Dr Andrew Weil's recommendations.
Avatar n tn That being said, I would recommend an EMG to evaluate you for motor neuron disease (ALS), myopathy or other neuro-muscular problem. Fasiculations (twitches in muscles) are found in normal people, after excessive exercise, after a viral syndrome (no specific virus is known, but occurs after many) and in association with neuromuscular diseases, such as motor neuron disease (ALS). Fasiculations are not an "early sign" of ALS and are in no way specific for ALS.
1310633 tn?1430227691 s. You have to operate on facts and statistics when you're looking at something like this. We protect places like banks, office buildings, amusement parks, malls, hospitals, just to name a few, with armed guards every day in this country. Look at the measures taken post 9/11? Most pilots are now trained and armed with a gun in the cockpit, not to mention the armed plain-clothed US Marshalls that were placed on every flight. A lot of them still have Marshalls.