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Avatar n tn I had a roommate who used one of these in bad weather, and Gym is right, it's much easier to maintain and use than exercise equipment. I like the home exercise equipment, but as i said, it always turns out to need a lot of maintenance even when new.
Avatar f tn //www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/02/best-exercise-routines-fo_n_776736.
1551655 tn?1294260921 If you wish to purchase hand weights or stretch bands to use at home, stores like Walmart in addition to Sports stores carry such equipment at very low costs. Yard sales are an excellent source of used exercise equipment! Have fun with exercise, if possible, so that you will look forward to it! Cheap DVD's (or old used video tapes) are also available, at a very low cost.
Avatar f tn When choosing exercise type,light, moderate or vigorous. Is that based on the exercise itself or how many times a week its done. Please let me know.
973741 tn?1342342773 Instead of spending money on expensive equipment you might not use, why not buy something used? There are always treadmills, etc for sale in my area and I, actually, got my treadmill at a place that sells used exercise equipment... might have been "Play it Again Sports" or something like that. I'm glad I didn't spend the money to buy a new treadmill because for a lot of the time I've had it, it's been a blanket rack...
Avatar f tn Try to lower your Carbohydrates if they are over 100g a day. You can do 15 min interval body weight exercises without any exercise equipment at all an get amazing results. I recommend something like 20-30 seconds on 10 seconds rest between each set. Squats, push-ups, Mountain climbers, Crunches or Leg Lifts, lunges.
1646836 tn?1301430573 http://laurensfitness.com/2008/07/02/no-equipment-no-excuses-20-exercises-you-can-do-at-home/ http://www.fitwatch.com/exercise/10-ways-you-can-exercise-at-home-without-any-equipment-10.
Avatar f tn Are you saying while working at a constant/level exercise aerobic level your HR will drop from 180 to 34? This sounds like equipment failure to me. I did read that you get these strange readings on different equipment, but are you using the same transmitter? For example, my Polar wrist monitor with a chest strap will also drive the HR on some tread mills and other equipment, so if the chest strap/transmitter is producing errors, those errors will be displayed on all compatible equipment.
Avatar n tn If you lessen the pressure it has a direct effect on the reading as well as if you use too much pressure. Almost any equipment used for rating of the heart and blood pressure has to be calibrated on a regular basis for accuracy...there are so many questions here...my bet is on the equipment and i think that gatewaycat and Pamz are right on the money w. this one....you could always ask your doc to put you on a holter monitor for a week or so to get an accurate idea of what is really going on..
Avatar f tn //www.livestrong.com/article/379524-the-best-workout-for-obese-people/ Be sure to get the OK from your doctor before doing any exercise program!
Avatar f tn All my exercising is done either at my gym (and I clean the equipment well before I get on it), or on my home equipment where I have a treadmill and a stationary bike and 3 lb hand weights. When I'm feeling anxious, getting on the treadmill for 10 min. does wondering. When I'm feeling blue, same thing. When I'm feeling arthritic, stiff or sore, same thing. I can't take NSAIDS so, I can't just pop an Aleve or a Motrin or Advil, because those are NSAIDS.
Avatar f tn A recent study conducted by the University of Buffalo’s Concussion Management Clinic suggests that cardio vascular exercise performed on a equipment that does not involve a lot of impact or bouncing such as a stationary bike, elliptical or treadmill can speed the recovery process. One of the lead researchers Dr.
Avatar f tn I do but the only things I use are the treadmill and the elliptical. A lot of the equipment is off limits while pregnant so be sure to talk to your dr before trying something new.
1906433 tn?1321844691 I would like to get back into exercising more, however I'm concerned with how my cranium will handle it, because it's still healing from having a tumor removed in 08/11. I do walk, but I did more before the tumor was diagnosed. My neurosurgeon doesn't address anything that he doesn't seem to think is his field. My chiropractor says walk, walk, walk. Which is ok, but with the weather getting colder, I can't tolerate outside much.
Avatar f tn I really feel motivated to exercise and workout the muscles that haven't been used in probably 8 years. lol! Back when I was 14-17 I would join my father in the gym, but his trainer gave me different things to do to just be fit and toned. I do have some equipment at my house and my husband works crazy hours so we can't just go to a gym. Plus, I would like to look semi-decent to be able to even show up at a gym. (Yea, I've let myself go that bad.
Avatar f tn Huge boobs, but really small nipples, and my baby had a hard time latching on (hard to latch on to a balloon right?) So I used a shield. Problem is, I hated using it. It was a pain in the butt and not very convienient or discreet. Anyone else with this problem?? If so, what did you do? Any suggestions? I want to bf my next baby, but without the shield!!!!
Avatar n tn ll have an exercise program, and most physical therapy equipment can be purchased for not a lot of money over the internet. Over time, you will get stronger in a way that suits you, and hopefully break out of your rut. But for any of us to tell you specific exercises to do is difficult, as we don't know what's really going on nor how strong you are nor how you'll react to a specific exercise.
Avatar n tn The gadget uses power output to convert to calaries burned, also only down by 10% in the same exercise time. Some exercise equipment uses heart rate to calculate calaries burned ....I think power output is probably more accurate. It would seem to me that if you extended your training session by an amount of time comparable to the power output reduction (say 10%) you would burn the same amount of fat as before.
Avatar f tn Having had home exercise equipment, you'll probably just damage the machine. I do find it odd that it would have so little resistance -- maybe you're not using it properly? But for best results, either go to the gym where they have better bikes or buy a heavier duty one. Or, and I know this is radical these days, buy a real bike, go OUTSIDE, and ride hills.
Avatar f tn t know of any lotions that will really get rid of cellulite; nor will exercise. Exercise and a good diet should help you lose fat and/or tone muscles, which could diminish the appearance of cellulite. I also must tell you that it's probably not going to happen "fast". Some lotions may "plump up" your skin which could also help diminish the appearance of cellulite. There are a lot of exercises that you can watch online -- and require no equipment.
Avatar m tn The HIV patient has sore throat and throat ulcers. Immediately without sterilizing the equipment, the doctor used the same spoon like equipment to check my throat. I am worried, whether I will get HIV infection. Please help. The spoon like equipment might have contacted the sore throat and throat ulcers of the HIV patient and it could have contacted me too. Please help with your suggestions.
Avatar n tn m not sure that I would put much trust in a piece of equipment that is used by thousands of people. Was the measurment for beats per minute? An EKG is an electrocardiogram. This measures the way the electricity is being conducted through your heart. Have you ever been evaluated for anything related to your heart? As for your mom, I can only guess that this was most likely related to a congenital defect (something she was born with) I am sure that you being as young as you are...