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Avatar n tn I have COPD and use supplementary oxygen for flying, at higher altitudes and when I exercise or even walk for any real distance. I arrange for oxygen when flying via the airline. Where I need help is when I arrive in Munich. I will use my portable concentrator in the rental car and in hotels but still need some cylinders of oxygen for when walking about, etc.
405614 tn?1329147714 The advice nurse I talked to today told me to continue using the Qvar inhaler (steroid), and to avoid crowded exercise rooms where I could pick up a different virus. Arrrggghhh! Does anyone know how to get medical equipment covered by insurance? My insurance company told me they wouldn't cover a hospital bed rental, and that's the only thing that will work. I need to stay at a friends house, and bedrooms there are upstairs; I won't be able to go upstairs for a couple weeks.
202436 tn?1326477933 as it is now, I am either too exhausted or don't have time to exercise...therefore I am overweight and out of shape. If I were home I would have time to get healthier which means I would a) be able to play with my kids more b) be a happier person.
299260 tn?1304219705 Arlotheslug: I definitely know how you're feeling & I wish you my very best tomorrow. Keep us posted!!! dnikki: I'm glad you got to see your step-brother & I pray that he'll remain safe. That does su ck about AF. I hope it eases up & you get through your bcp cycle quickly! Hannah: Good luck with your application tomorrow :) luvkayln: If you don't normally have cramps like this, it could be a good sign??
Avatar f tn Hi, i can't believe there are so many other people out here with the same problem, yesterday i took a day of work and went straight to the hospital with my fiance as i was so afraid of these pains, im getting married this october and find it really hard to participate in anything to do with the wedding because of this pain, i keep fearing its cancer, but my doctors say no, hospital said it could be stress and told me to have physiotherapy done, i can't even exercise, it's made my life difficult,
429155 tn?1205676864 I feel the need to be alone overpowering sometimes, maybe not a good thing, I will need to exercise more as that helps, but it's a merry go round, more exercise equals more tired, but then cannot sleep equals more fatigue, am at a loss.
Avatar f tn Since then the tingling has combined with the aching in the lower extremities and progressed upward to include the thighs. Exercise makes all of the symptoms worse, as I experience severe aching and muscle twitching after any kind of physical activity. A MRI of the brain and neck revealed increased areas of signal in the brain not consistent with ms.
162948 tn?1205256292 It was not until I started reading everyone's post that I realized all of the problems that I've been having were probably from the Mirena (acne where I've never had it, Horrible PMS, funky cycles ranging from 25 -31 days apart and lasting from a couple of days to a week and a half), inexplicable weight gain despite regular exercise and strict food intake management and on and on...). I began my last cycle on the August 14th and it was mostly gone on the day I had the Mirena.