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1635132 tn?1305067530 I have a lot of concern about taking herbals because they are not deemed safe or effective by the FDA (doesn't mean that they aren't, but there is a lot of quackery going on out there). I will read up on Petalodex and will ask my neurologist about it. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I have never had atrial before during or after actual working out but have heard that a possible remedy to stop the afib in its tracks is to exercise. I can tell you that its the last thing I feel like doing when I have it and I've tried other things like the cold water on the face to no avail.
Avatar m tn Is quackery risk free? No. Does quackery have side effects? Yes. Anyway Granite, welcome to the board. The members are a strong bunch by and large - you just have to keep a weather-eye open for the occasional kook that happens along.
Avatar m tn I notified all of my doctors when I realized what was going on and they all told me that the belief that mercury fillings cause migraines was quackery and that insurance would not pay for the removal. They all wanted to give me drugs to mask the symptoms. At the beginning of 2009 I decided to just pay out of my pocket to have the fillings removed. I then followed the removal with a heavy metal detox called HMD.
Avatar f tn Since then the tingling has combined with the aching in the lower extremities and progressed upward to include the thighs. Exercise makes all of the symptoms worse, as I experience severe aching and muscle twitching after any kind of physical activity. A MRI of the brain and neck revealed increased areas of signal in the brain not consistent with ms.