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Avatar f tn I'm from salem Oregon lol not too far from Portland... I'm having a little boy due August 25th..
Avatar f tn After her 1 month follow-up appt with OHSU they informed her that her MELD score was better and no longer needed a liver transplant. Then in 10/2018 her Salem, Oregon doctors informed her she had a blood clot in her portal vein. Her doctors put her on Eliquis to treat the blood clot. Then in 6/2019 she was informed that the blood clot was gone. She stopped her Eliquis as directed. Then in 10/2019, she was informed again that she had a blood clot in her portal vein.
4624236 tn?1357891407 Anybody from Portland Oregon on here?! It'd be cool to meet new people from my city who are going through the same thing. I'm 18 and a soon to be single mommy!
Avatar f tn Do you have the names of neurosurgeons in Oregon or Washington who specialize in Chiari 1 malformation and spinal syrex treatment? I was diagnosed a week ago, and am trying to find a surgeon who has successfully done this surgery many times.
187666 tn?1331173345 Yeah, sorry about that. I wasn't sure how else to describe our state. We have it all here - mountains, oceans beaches, deserts. Great sites like Mt. Hood, Crater Lake (deepest lake in the US), Columbia gorge and river, even enjoy our neighbor's volcano (Mt. St. Helens) at times. Manmade goodies are Astoria column, Crown Point, Powell's City of Books. Then we have salmon, crabbing, hazelnuts and Moonstruck Chocolates. And no, Portland is not the state capitol; it's Salem.
Avatar f tn My hubby and I had Applebee's for a late lunch. I ordered the quesadilla cheeseburger OMG! And brought half home so I'm about ready to devour it :) @OregonMomma503 when I read papa Murphys I took a second glance, I'm from Oregon too! Where are you from. Is 503 an indication of Salem/ Portland??
Avatar f tn I am a bit farther south but still the northwest. In Roseburg Oregon. If you ever want to chat as well, let me know. This site has been the best thing that has come from all of this so far. hopefully i will be headed to Seattle to see a specialist soon. Have a good day.
Avatar f tn recently I moved to salem oregon with my mom step dad little brother and bf... I'm only 18 w and 4 but I know no one up here and my family is to far to travel so no one will be at my baby shower when I have one.. his family says they'll send presents but I'm still sad.. I know it's selfish of me but I really want more than four people to be there for me during one of the most important days of my life....
Avatar n tn I had a roommate who used one of these in bad weather, and Gym is right, it's much easier to maintain and use than exercise equipment. I like the home exercise equipment, but as i said, it always turns out to need a lot of maintenance even when new.
Avatar f tn boys in a small town, no one will treat me. I have called from Astoria Oregon - Portland Oregon into Vancouver Wash. Everyone says oh that's an addiction clinic you need. Well NO ITS NOT! or we don't take that insurance, we don't treat pain here, were not taking any new patients, pain management your looking at 3-6 mo wait. Screwed!!!!! Seriously , I do not know where to go, who else to call. 73 phone calls been to 8 people.
703362 tn?1427766328 The exercise that I would like to talk about today is called "Plank". It requires no equipment, not a lot of time, and you don't have to be at a gym to perform it. Looks quite easy, but looks can definitely be deceiving....I would like for you all to give it a try and tell me how you did. Plank Exercise (see photo above): Works: Core How To: Assume a push-up position, then rest your forearms on the ground and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat as tolerated.
Avatar f tn does anyone know if DNA testing costs a lot in Oregon? Or can he go to court and have them do the tests even if it was a closed adoption if it was his kid? Like the test came back she was his.....?
Avatar f tn From Texas to Oregon here, reaching out with hopes and prayers that Ronda gets some relief soon.
Avatar f tn I am what you would consider obese, I would like to improve my health and wellness. I want to get more exercise, but I have live limited resources. I am a stay at home grandmother and I do not have a lot of money for equipment and I do not have access to a safe place to walk and move around. With these limited resources, what can I do at home to get myself in shape and feel better?
Avatar f tn Same here.. here in Oregon a **** ton of 15-17 year olds are pregnant that I kinda know...
Avatar f tn Try to lower your Carbohydrates if they are over 100g a day. You can do 15 min interval body weight exercises without any exercise equipment at all an get amazing results. I recommend something like 20-30 seconds on 10 seconds rest between each set. Squats, push-ups, Mountain climbers, Crunches or Leg Lifts, lunges.
Avatar n tn I'm having a hard time deciding which name to choose! I like Layla because I heard it in a song by Flyleaf a long time ago and it's always stuck with me. I like Salem because I think it's a beautiful name! I understand it reminds people of Salem Witch Trials but that doesn't bother me at all. So which name do you think is better? Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you!