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Avatar n tn Along with a cardio component, part of the regimen includes exercise machines, i.e. Leg Press, Lat Pull, Glute machine, ab/adducter, etc. I have begun noticing strange bruises on my legs and arms. I can't recall bumping or banging my leg, or arm on any of the equipment. Could the bruises be a result of injury to muscles or something? The trainer doesn't seem to be familiar with anything like this.
Avatar n tn I don't feel stressed and why does it come on when I exercise or do heavy work? Isn't exercise supposed to relieve stress? I don't know if I am making it worse by plowing through or if that is the best thing to do.
Avatar f tn squats, overhead lifting machines, leg press, leg lift....any suggestions??? Don't want to re-injure!
5543061 tn?1369583382 A beginner level exercise, the wall press requires no additional equipment. Simply stand with your legs hip-width apart and your palms flat on the wall in front of you, at shoulder level. Keeping your right leg straight, slowly lift your heel off the floor behind you as you exhale. Hold for a count of five, then inhale as you slowly lower your heel back to the floor. Alternate between both legs, doing up to 10 repetitions per leg, gradually increasing the number of repetitions with each workout.
Avatar f tn If you're ready to graduate from body-weight exercises to regular trips to the gym, try weight machines that directly target your lower body. A leg press targets your thighs and rear, while leg curls on a leg curl machine will help you get firm thighs and a strong back. To combine cardio with strength training, try a rowing machine, which has the added benefit of working your arms and upper body. Combining different types of exercise can help you get a stronger workout.
Avatar n tn Any space occupying lesion, migraine, tumors can give rise to these symptoms with increased circulation due to physical exercise. It can be also sinus or due to fatigue, it is always good to rule out medical problems. Take care!
Avatar f tn Now for home exercise. Working out with no equipment whatsoever limits your exercise options, but doesn’t end them. You can still work your major muscle groups by doing body-weight exercises that don’t require weights, a bench or any other tools. In the long run, it’s better to vary your workouts by mixing in exercises that require equipment. But if you’re stuck at home or you just want to change up your routine, you can strengthen your muscles by using your body weight as resistance.
Avatar m tn unfortuantely when people wait for time to be available to exercise, it never happens. We have to make time for exercise no matter what even when we are exhausted. Put 20min aside each morning or evening before or after work that you must do.
Avatar n tn Can this be the result of improper weight lifting and or extended cardio exercise? I am worried because it has not gone away during the five month period. I was tested for blood clots and that was ruled out. Is there anything else I should asked to be tested for? Is this a common occurence.
Avatar n tn Abs exercises for a hernia require great care!! The slant board leg scissors exercises use a piece of exercise equipment that allows your head to be kept below your legs during exercise, as recommended by Edwin Flatto, M.D., in Health Freedom News. A slant board is also called an incline bench, decline bench, sit-up board or crunch board. Lie face-up on the board with your head on the end toward the floor. Squeeze your abs and grab the sides of the board.
Avatar f tn So my question is which is it a systom of Fybro or Hasimoto? And is there anything I can do to loosen my muscle exercise seem to make it worse. And do the knot every go away if keeps me up at night because I ache and my muscle get so tight my hip hurt (exspecailly if I walk alot) sometimes it makes my knee hurt and my neck hurt all the time. I could sure use so help on what to do?????
Avatar n tn u keep wearing a brace and baby ur leg. ur never gona return full use/motion in ur leg. or at least not any time soon. if u want, take ur time gettin better. hey, its ur body.
230948 tn?1235847929 as you know my left leg in particular is weak but now I'm having problem with both of them... tightness, burning, achy pains in my thigh area..sides and back of thigh.. I go shopping with my hubby using a cart to hold onto... but I'm done when I get home..laying on the couch for the rest of day and next day...just exhausted.. I don't know why.. I don't think I'm that old... I feel so bad for my husband he doesn't deserve to be stuck with me.. I don't know... I know how you feel..
Avatar n tn Regardless of whether you perform exercise indoors or out, you should drink sufficient water when you exercise. The recommendation is 10 glasses a day for adults and taking drinks every 15-20 minutes during workouts. Sports drinks and juices can replace lost nutrients during exercise. Some sports supplements are known to cause headaches. If you currently use supplements, try cycling out one thing at a time to see if something you are taking is causing the headaches.
Avatar f tn The bug crawling sensations that I used to experience is now turned to a feeling of cold water running through my veins, in arms and legs. I had a bad delivery with my son 10 years ago, and the next day my entire leg was in terrible pain, the nurse told me that sometimes they knick the sciatic nerve with the epidural, it went away after a few days.
Avatar f tn Having had a lumbar fusion and a partial revision 2 years later, I'm rarely more than just comfortable. Yes, I can walk, but don't like to. I can't exercise without elevating my pain levels. I take a total of 60 - 80 mg. of Vicodin every day. As I understand fusions, the surgery has in effect removed our "sick" vertebrae and make the spine rigid. In short, we don't bend anymore except where normal vertebrae still exist. So how on earth would they undo a fusion?
633284 tn?1271718018 Ya I am sick of having issues to, I would like to be my normal self again. was the leg pain from your heart or something else? I get leg pains but they come from my back I think I will have a dull ache in them all day long and then it will b gone the next day....I get shooting pains down my arms and I also get very strange head pains (which could be due to my panic) I also don't sleep much so I am on sleep meds when needed and then just zoloft..
Avatar n tn About 2 years ago, I started feeling classical symptoms of sciatica - pain radiating down my right leg, all the way to the knee, mostly on the side of the leg. This happened right after I made about 10 consecutive jumps. A year later after that episode, I had MRI done. It showed that I had 2 bulging/herniated discs and 1 herniated disc. The bulging/herniated discs are at L1-L2 and L2-L3 position. The mildly herniated disc was at L5-S1 position.
Avatar n tn Always hungry, even after I have already eaten, which has cause me to be 70 lbs overweight. I can no longer exercise like I used to, because of the pain, and now weigh a whopping 210lbs, and I am only 5'3". I hate myself ...literally. I can not bear to look in the mirror. I just start crying. 3. Excessive urinating, and I always feel dehydrated.
Avatar n tn The docs that just look into the ear and use that as their only diagnostic tool can't afford the equipment or an audiologist to run the equipment. So they just wave their magic wand, take your co-pay and send you on your way. In the future, and this goes for anyone with ear issues, see an ENT and only ENT with an AUDIOLOGIST on staff. Do not see an ENT with an assistant doing hearing evaluations they will not know what they are doing.
Avatar m tn The only symptoms I got are that my right leg feels kinda numb and I feels tingling sensations, I am not sure but today my right arm also feels weird like numbed, I already went to see a Neurosurgeon and he said that I don't need no Surgery, because my symptoms are not related to the cyst, but I think I am getting worst, my question is, should I get a second opinion? and if should I get surgery?. Colin.
Avatar n tn - In terms of treatment, I've seen two orthopedic surgeons, two chiropractors, PT clinic, exercise physiologists. I get a lot of assumptions that I'm talking about a lower back problem/sciatica which is complete wrong. I did have sciatica which a little bit of PT cleared up. - I've been on NSAIDs (ibuprofen and naproxen), muscle relaxers, antibiotics, neurontin, percocet, vicodin.
290592 tn?1205775276 I know the pain in my arm and leg was gone when I woke up from the surgery. Now years later I'm experiencing the pain in my neck and left arm all over again. The pain in my neck has been there all along and constant headaches, but it's all getting much worse.
Avatar f tn I took a Cyclobenzaper at bedtime and it helped me get to sleep. I start to notice my legs twitcing, not the whole leg but isolated spots in my legs/certain muscles. This then goes to my eye as well. This continues and is noticeably worse at nighttime when I am trying to get to sleep. I notice it gets worse if I do not sleep well. The initial doctor who saw me for this back in July was a psyiatrist and said that if my symptoms did not go away to see a neurologist.
Avatar n tn I had a debulking surgery done Aug. 21 2009. This is where they take all your female organs, lymph nodes, a bunch of stuff is done your body cavity to test for cancer because my CA125 level was 3500 before surgery. After surgery I was up on my feet in hours and able to walk stairs the very same day.
665881 tn?1248930597 These included the jugular veins, veins along the spinal column, and other veins I had not heard of before such as the azygous vein. The researchers had never seen these problems in anyone before. Their equipment allowed them to study the blood flow in the veins and to also take pictures of the veins. They found that all the persons with MS they examined had impaired venous drainage from the brain and that such a problem caused the phenomenon of “reflux”.
Avatar n tn Somtimes I drift off to sleep , and I am awaken with a shaking arm or leg. I dont get it , doc says its Anxiety but I dont buy it.
356518 tn?1322267242 Mostly lowerback but it has spread and i now feel it between my shoulder blades. I also suffer from sciatica and have numbness and burning all the way down my right leg. Life is a nightmare right now.