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Avatar m tn Can prostatectomy be done as a salvage operation after Proton Beam Therapy? I know it is not a viable option after seeds or EBRT, but the Oncologists at a PBT facility are saying it is an option after PBT because there is no scarring outside the prostate. Also related, can a biopsy be done after Proton Beam Therapy? I am considering doing the PBT and then having a biopsy a year later to see if the cancer is gone.
Avatar n tn In the last four years the PSA has slowly crept higher reaching 0.577 in August of 2008. I recently scheduled radiation therapy with my radiation oncologist, but I am quite concerned about the side effects, especially permanent side effects. I am wondering if I am rolling the dice with a loss of quality of life, in trade for a possible three or four extension of life span. Could you please address these concerns. Thank you for your consideration.
Avatar f tn In many cases oils are not recommended during radiation therapy. You should discuss this with your radiation therapy doctors to determine what creams may be acceptable to use during radiation therapy.
Avatar n tn What are the common effects of radiation therapy? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/258799'>Phylloides Tumor</a>.
Avatar n tn It is not uncommon for people to experience skin changes during radiation therapy. This will become better with time once the radiation therapy has stopped. There are some creams that are okay to use on skin that is being radiated. These are recommended by the radiation oncologist or the nurse. You mother-in-law should contact her radiation oncologist who can examine her and give recommendations for cream if appropriate.
Avatar n tn I had breast cancer in 2005. I had surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. A year later I started feeling pain in my left rib cage, just below the left breast. I thought that I had busted a rib, but I didn't. Could this pain be caused from radiation therapy? It seems to be getting worse over time. Every time I sneeze or cough I have to support my left side. It even hurts when I do nothing. Please send me some input on this. Thank You.
Avatar f tn I had a 20 sessions of radiation too.I was feeling fine all during my therapy,I had a light suntan and no skin burn whatsoever...just a little itchiness and dryness.After each session I applied a little Aveeno moisturizing lotion making sure though not to efface the ink markings .Of course the skin of the breast must be cleansed and dried meticulously before each radiation treatment.
Avatar n tn Pain after radiation therapy for prostate cancer is a noted co-morbidity after radiation. However, with this limited information consultation with your internist is warranted. Workup for a urinary tract infection and radiation cystitis should be performed.
Avatar n tn Hi. Hair loss during chemotherapy or radiation therapy is usually temporary, but with repeated treatment, regrowth of the hair may take longer (sometimes as long as six months). There is a possibility that the hair loss becomes permanent, but I cannot find exact figures on the proportion of patients who experience permanent baldness. I suppose it depends on the type of chemotherapy used and the radiation dose.
1515784 tn?1387197290 She had a surgical resection near the end of November and is currently in her third week of Proton Therapy and chemo with Temodar. Her tumor was in the right temporal lobe and the remaining tumor they couldn't remove (about 10 percent they said) is on her right insula. Hoping to chat with other people in the same boat as her. What if any side effects did you incur on Proton therapy? Did everyone who had proton therapy to their brain have to be on a steroid? Did anyone NOT lose hair.
Avatar f tn It seems to me that there is a lot more risk in taking tamoxifen for 5 years -then 5 - 8 weeks of radiation therapy, if that's the case, why would tamoxifen be recommended over radiation?
Avatar f tn I was asked to be part of a clinical study (which I have decided not to do) then I saw my radiation oncologist who determined that I would need 3 wks of radiation with 1 "booster" week. I have been told from the start that with a lumpectomy I would need radiation. I found out later about the hormone therapy. I want to know if this is standard of care for my situation. I had a 1cm lump including DCIS and ILC. My margins were 6mm, 1cm, 5cm, 6cm.
Avatar n tn Time changes many of the effects of Radiation Therapy so you can never really know about the end result when your course of therapy is completed. Regards ....
Avatar f tn I know of many women (including my sister)who continued working while under treatment. 2) I also had radiation and I felt great during the therapy,but started to feel a little tired towards the end.I thought it was mostly due to traveling daily to and from the Hospital. 3) I wouldn’t even think about alternative therapies…. If your Doctors recommended Radiation it’s to make sure that if cancer cells have escaped during surgery,radiation will destroyed them.
Avatar m tn After that it becomes ineffective.Have you monitored the PSA during therapy? Hormone therapy is just an evasive procedure to slow down the cancer so that other methods have time to act. Your other questions can only be answered by your doctor. I am 64 and went through radiation for my prostate cancer (Gllison Score 8). After radiation PSA is 0.02 before it was 29.
Avatar n tn Pain during erection. The pain is located in the head of the penis during erection. Noticed within last 30 days. The best way to describe it is to say. It feels like the erection is bigger than the penis can handle.
Avatar f tn eliminate the DCIS, limit the risk of local recurrence, and eliminate the chance of developing an invasive breast cancer. Post-operative radiation therapy is advised to minimize the chances of having a recurrence of DCIS in the breast. Lumpectomy alone is adequate treatment if only one area of abnormality is found on exam or on a mammogram and it is very small. Also, the surgeon is able to remove the DCIS completely and no DCIS is left behind in the breast.