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Avatar f tn i don´t use alcohol, i don´t smoke, i exercise regularly and i still have herpes lesions almost every day. i´ve been on suppressive treatment with valtrex - i took one daily for 1 year, and even during the suppressive treatment i had outbreaks. so, how else to call it than an everlasting outbreak? anyway, how are you guys doing? anybody knows anything that might help me? other than shooting myself?
Avatar m tn As my symptoms aren’t responding to antibiotics is it feasible that they are bacterial and just a very stubborn infection – I have read ureaplasma urealyticum can be tough to treat sometimes - or should I give up hope on that one and face the fact that it is viral? Do my symptoms sound like a primary outbreak of genital herpes? They have been going on for 6 weeks now. Could HPV cause these symptoms? I would like to get a herpes blood test to know for sure if I have herpes or not.
Avatar n tn First, recurrent or chronic oral herpes lesions do not occur inside the mouth. Second, herpes simply does not cause continuous symptoms for so long. Valacyclovir and acyclovir didn't help because the problem isn't herpes. This sounds more like aphthous stomatitis (canker sores) or something else entirely. This is completely outside my area of expertise, so I cannot speculate further.
Avatar m tn If I'm having a hsv2 outbreak and the area is touching my inner thighs during the day what are the chances it could spread to my inner thighs ? Sitting down and standing up wouldn't that create friction and heat constantly to the area?
Avatar f tn Hi all, I posted on here a long time ago and you guys really put my mind at ease during my intial outbreak and diagnosis of genital HSV-1 that I contracted from my boyfriend. I felt that since this was a pretty warm, welcoming community, that I'd post again. I am experiencing a small blister that has ruptured. It is just one, and it is not in the same place as my initial outbreak was. I mean it is in the same area, but not in the same exact place.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1 in 2005 by swab of a lesion during a primary outbreak. I have been totally monogamous and I am sure I got it from oral sex from my wife. I had virtually no significant recurrence until a beach trip with lots of sun exposure a year ago. Also notable, stress levels have been very high over the past year due to a divorce. Since that time (over a year now) I have had burning/stinging/gnawing pain that has felt like an outbreak virtually the entire time.
Avatar n tn Or do I just have to wait it out.. keeping it clean and dry? Also.. can I work out during an outbreak? Or will exercise cause further delays/issues with healing?
Avatar m tn Also, I wanted to ask about sexual activities during an outbreak. I know you can get witlow from touching herpes with your fingers, but I just can't catch a break with the outbreaks. My partner has fingered me a few times while I've had minor outbreaks, how bad is this? He never has cuts, or open cuticles on his hands, there always clean and I make sure he cleans them after with anti-baterial soap. What are the risks where? He has HSV-1 orally. Thanks.
Avatar m tn It's day 11 and my sores are healing but my lymph nodes are still incredibly tender and swollen. I thought being on suppressive therapy would at least reduce my symptoms during an outbreak.....? I am so scared that one or both of these viruses is trying to travel elsewhere inside my body. I know that if it travels to your brain or organs, there is a high fatality rate. I am so worried. I have had bloodwork done for auto immune disorders (lupus, lyme disease, rheumatoid, and for anemia..
Avatar f tn Grace the person I talked to works at planned parenthood as a Licensed Practical Nurse I talk to her about STDS and I find her information helpful. Grace I experienced an outbreak before and even during the time of my period but you said it has nothing to do with your period. Was it just an outbreak was getting ready to come on.However you did mention that once the suppressive therapy is stopped your outbreaks return to previous pattern.
Avatar m tn 5) Could Urethitis be caused by herpes outbreak? 6) Do these symptoms (penis ache and groin) sound like they'd be related to each other? 7) Any other possible explanations? 8) Could it have anything to do with my prostate? (No problem urinating etc). 9) Im obviously a bit of a hypochondriac, can I rule out penile cancer? I will see a doctor if these symptoms persist but I am going away on holiday for 5 days tomorrow. Does what I describe sound urgent enough to see a doctor while I am away?
Avatar n tn Estrogen levels are higher during ovulation, and there are studies showing that estrogen is linked to herpes. This is why women seem to have herpes more than men. It is just that women present more than men do because we have more estrogen. If I don't take the Valtrex, the outbreaks progress to oozing and crusting over. I really don't see what else this could be. My question was more about my immune system anyway. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Herpes prodrome refers only to the numbness, tingling, or similar symptoms that occur in the area of an outbreak prior to development of overt herpes sores, and is a symptom only of recurrent herpes, not the initial infection. And the prodromal symptoms only last for 1-2 days. Of course I never guarantee someone isn't infected, whether from a particular exposure or because they might have been infected from another source.
Avatar f tn What should I do if these symptoms go away after 2 weeks, or during the usual time frame of a herpes outbreak and I don't find out what the cause was ? Should I just assume that it was probably nothing to worry about, or make sure I get tested just in case because I don't know what I had? I apologize if I am belaboring the point, but I felt I should at least give you a clear picture and ask the all the questions that concern me.
Avatar n tn I don't feel stressed and why does it come on when I exercise or do heavy work? Isn't exercise supposed to relieve stress? I don't know if I am making it worse by plowing through or if that is the best thing to do.
Avatar f tn Also, s/he might decide to treat you with an anti-herpes drug to prevent an outbreak from happening. In other words, once herpes has been diagnosed during pregnancy, with proper care there is no danger to the baby. Discuss it with your ObG once you know whether or not you actually have herpes. S/He will know exactly what to do to protect the baby--and undoubtedly will say pretty much what I just did. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I took your advice and got a blood test for all STDs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphillis, herpes 1&2, hiv) and all were negative including the type specific herpes tests. I did not see a doctor when I had this outbreak, I was young and stupid,and the symptoms cleared within 10 days, I was certain it was herpes.Looks like I might have been wrong. I was wondering if you could list the possible causes for the symptoms I am about to describe just out of curiosity.
Avatar f tn I have read that if you get your first outbreak during pregnancy it causes a way higher risk of transmitting it to the fetus causing death, brain damage, mental retardation. When I initially learned I was pregnant, I got blood tests for all STDs which all came back negative and I have not been sexually active since then. I have been very careful through my life using protection, but I guess its just not enough. I exercise a lot-cycling classes especially, where I sweat a lot.
Avatar m tn So, I am not sure if the run-down feeling I had was from the herpes or the plane ride. If it was the herpes, will I experience those symptoms during each OB? If I do feel run-down, is it OK to force myself to exercise anyway? I know that the despair and worthlessness that I am feeling will pass. I know that I am going to have to make some changes in my lifestyle. But, I have decided that I am going to force this virus to make me a better, healthier person.
Avatar f tn When I initially saw these I went to my OB/GYN immediately. He looked at the 2 and said that they aren't traditionally what herpes look like, but he took a skin graft. Now is the waiting game that's making me CRAZY!!! I won't get the results til Mon. My biggest concern is my little baby. I have read that if you get your first outbreak during pregnancy it causes a way higher risk of transmitting it to the fetus causing death, brain damage, mental retardation.
Avatar n tn The light tingling has pretty much subsided, and goes away right after urination and might come back 1-2 hours later (so I believe it is me just being extremely paranoid and comes back when I begin to fill my bladder with urine). During exercise or studying (periods of focus), I do not notice any tingling feeling.
Avatar m tn I got scratched during sex. I used aloe vera gel to keep from itching or buring becase I exercise alot and I thought the sweat would irritate it. The gel just made it worse...as days passed, I started to get a sore throat, mild body aches, hemorrhoids, sore groin, sensitivity on my thighs. Long story short, got tested at a clinic and I got a positive for HSV 2. My reading was >5 igg Index, type specific. The doctor said that because of the levels I must have had it for awhile.
Avatar n tn I think it would be great if was just a bacterial infection but it seems like herpes. It itches and tingles just before, during an OB and after. I can also feel it tingle other times in between OBs. I dont have insurance so I probably wont go to a dermatologist, with my luck I'd never be able to an appointment at the sametime as an OB. I will keep in mind and may try that the next time I really think I need to see a dr over it.
Avatar m tn Good Afternoon, i was diagnose with Genital Herpes Type 1 about 4 months ago, Well i havent got any outbreak, but im in daily suppresive therapy. Well about 4-5 days ago, i saw like a rash with bumps in my thumb knuckle, i rapidly though it was herpes whitlow, right now dont hurt, they are very small, but they are like water type blister, well ive been in therapy and i dont know if this whitlow dont react to antivirals.
Avatar m tn Herpes may be a possible explanation, but even with the initial outbreak, the symptoms don't usually last this long. And if you had new herpes, both you and your doctor should have noticed specific sores, not just generalized irritation. Perhaps you have nothing more than a yeast infection that is resistant to the commonly used treatments; about 10-15% of yeast infections do not respond to the usual yeast drugs. Or an allergy of some sort. Or other genital dermatitis.
Avatar n tn Hi, Herpes 2 can cause neuralgia. Once the initial outbreak of herpes is over, the virus hides away in the nerve fibres adjacent to the infection site, where it remains dormant, causing no symptoms. It is possible for the dormant virus to be 'reactivated' in some people, in which case it travels back down the nerve to the skin surface. There is no cure for the herpes simplex virus and treatment is not essential, as an outbreak of genital herpes will usually clear up by itself.
Avatar m tn Boost it up when you have herpes, HPv, Epstein bar virus with vitamins , exercise and no stress, symptoms go away, a no brainer. But have stress, eat poorly don't take care of yourself more symptoms.
Avatar m tn I do not take Valtrex except for my rare occurance of an outbreak. That being said, you know you have genital herpes. HOWEVER, just because a person has genital herpes, does not mean everything IS herpes related. I've had both yeast and bacterial infections and don't always know what's what without proper testing. Here's a great resource to read about genital herpes: http://www.westoverheights.com/genital_herpes/handbook.html Keep asking questions!
Avatar f tn I'm nervous that this may be a genital outbreak of HSV-1 but also hope that it may be related to the exercise and perhaps not washing as much or as soon as I should? I'd appreciate anyones thoughts.
Avatar n tn its my understanding that testing is most effective just before, during, or after an outbreak. if you are at all suspicious that your GF has been slipping around, there is a test that can determine whose antibodies are older if that matters to you. if you're feeling the "dirty" syndrome, don't! if you do have it you've got a lot of company. the statistics i've read state that 1 in 5 men have it and 1 in 4 women have it, and i think that's just the ones they know about.