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992677 tn?1537672503 I'm curious to see if any here have turned to bike riding for exercise. I used to ride a lot, well that about 25lbs ago, but it was enjoyable because of the peace of mind it gives. My wife and I have been considering purchasing a couple of used bikes and giving it a shot. What concerns me is that it seems any exertion still brings on the shoulder pain and at time HAs. So I'm just curious if anyone else here has tried this for exercise and how it worked out for them.
Avatar f tn Before I got mono I was extremely active getting tons of exercise and then I wasn't getting any exercise for years. Now I am finally starting to get exercise again (10 min a day on the recumbent bike) I have not been tested for rare molds/fungus exposure, but I have had stool testing done for parasites which came back negative. I have not had a neuro work-up which found any part of the brain responsible for dysautonomia. Sorry my answers couldn't be more helpful.
Avatar n tn well school is out today so we are going to go exercise. my son if funny, he is going to ride his bike while i walk. he told me since he rides fast i will need to run. haha apparently he has never seen me try to do this lol.
Avatar m tn Twisting something (turning on car engine) Pushing door open Shaking something (ketchup bottle) Stirring/mixing Handshake Pushing a button Squeezing bike brakes Pushing off floor/bed to stand up Texting Writing (when pushing on hard) Getting dressed Any weight bearing Just wondered if any one has any ideas at all i would love to get back into training or at least been pain free, the pain is not excruciating more of an annoyance and get worse the more i use it which doesnt
572651 tn?1531002957 The uncles all decide it would be cool if each of them took her to different places that parents traditionally spend big bucks to throw parties but they would just stand by the sign with her and smile. The idea is to put the pictures in her baby book with captions of "This is where Uncle So and So took you for your first birthday....lol...So there will be a series of pictures. Honestly, they make me laugh so hard at times...
Avatar f tn I have not dealt with this condition for very long it is a new symptom to me. My problems do not start with exercise. I can just get up and stand in one spot and my legs turn red and they itch terribly. I do have cronic back pain and nerve damage in my legs do to my back. I have had 3 surgeries on my back and have titanium brackets in 3 places. I wuz wondering if it had anything to do with my back? This is just one more depressing thing i have to deal with and it is driving me crazy.
Avatar n tn without either paracetamol and/or paracetamol and caffeine. In the UK the 30mg version of dihydrocodeine is typically given out as a post-operative (for not so serious operations) painkiller or as a heroin substitute for those trying to come off heroin, as an alternative to methadone.....I guess that indicates its considered potency by certain members of the medical profession.
Avatar n tn If it hurts and the pain does not ease up once you stop the exercise you are not supposed to continue. Ice is a big help with pain after exercise. Anone who makes you cry is being sadistical and you need a new doctor. Good luck.
1523516 tn?1330047857 I could kneel down to talk to a child (I teach) and when I stand up the muscle in my left leg especially, is so weak like it's rubber. It's almost a painful stiffness/weakness. I could start blow drying my hair and after a minute or two my left arm is so weak I can't hold it up anymore. Anyone else get like this? On some days it feels like it takes all of my strength just to walk through the house ( I have a small home) and my left leg will get so weak it will buckle on me.
Avatar m tn Hallo, I am a 41 old man in good health (eating right, not overweight, not smoking, exercising regulary). I sustained a concussion and a whiplash injury a month ago in a bike-cycle accident (had to brake very suddenly as a car drove out in front of me - put both feet on the ground to brake - fell on my back and hurt my back and the back of my head on the asphalt - was wearing a helmet, but it cracked - oh, and the driver drove off without stopping).
Avatar n tn Dear mom, Many PACs and PVCs are sensitive to adrenaline and increased sympathetic tone which are both increased with activity. Therefore activity/exercise will increase these types of PACs and PVCs. I don't know of any good books dealing with PVCs and anxiety but there certainly is a market out there. Maybe one of our readers knows of one. It is normal for pulse to rise more quickly then decrease, especially in someone who is not very fit.
Avatar f tn Statins, change in diet and exercise have helped. My husband can barely walk due to PAD, blockages in the arteries of the legs by plaque due to high cholesterol.
Avatar n tn I have curtailed these a lot, since any vigorous exercise seems to flame up the pain. It is especially painful near the center of the right buttocks, almost near the groin, almost right on the bone where I sit. But sometimes the pain radiates from the lower right back into the right hip area. When I bend over to tie my shoe, the pain also can go from the right butt into the upper hamstring. I am new to this website, but was just looking for some advice.
Avatar m tn This involved a number of tests and therapies, but the one that produced the best results was an exercise where I looked at a letter, about 2 inches high, placed at eye level on the wall 4 feet in front of me. Then, I moved my head back and forth about once per second for 15 seconds, then up and down for 15 seconds at the same cadence, and finally back and forth for 15 more seconds all the time while focusing on the letter on the wall trying to keep the letter stationary.
Avatar f tn If I work out in the morning, whether lifting weights, running riding the exercise bike, I have a burning discomfort in my URQ the rest of the day. And if I exercise two days in a row, I am in pain for a week. I cannot make any correlation to diet. I eat a very healthy, lowfat, high fiber diet. I am normal weight, in good shape, etc. But I feel like a mental case because no Doc seems to be able to help. I have stopped seeing doctors for now because I am frustrated.
Avatar n tn It does not seem to be related to exercise since I can go for a run and feel nothing... but then I can be sitting and all of a sudden my calves (always both at the same time) start to ache and feel tight. Sometimes they feel so sore that I can almost not walk. Water seems to help on occasions. I can't understand why all of a sudden I may be becoming dehydrated so that doesn't seem logical... The aches come and go without warning and sometimes it's much worse than other times.
519226 tn?1378994921 She always has to put people down, and it seems she is extremely jealous of me. Recently, she said in an extremely bitter tone, that she can't stand looking at me and my 2 siblings because we look like our grandmother and father. (What do we need to get plastic surgery?) She said she doesn't trust anyone, especially her own children. She's called me a liar and crazy. She is toxic and poisonous. She hates her kids. Obviously, she didn't want us. She got pregnant with my brother at 17.
Avatar n tn Hi Tony I am in the UK Mine started with a severe run for about a week then improved to 1 or 2 a day.....accelerated again over the last 3 days to constant every 3rd or so beat..but none so far this morning email me if you like Steve.
Avatar f tn i dont know exactly how hard and how soon u could exercise i think your cardio should have advised u on that but i persume u could resume lightly to start after a few weeks depending how the ablation went and how good u feel.exercise is important for the heart and the body as a whole.
Avatar f tn I was a completely fearless kid. Nothing scared me. I road my bike up and down extremely steep dirt bike hills without a helmet, rode the largest roller coasters 5+ times in a row, and, when I was old enough to drive, went shopping in the seediest areas of town alone at night without thinking much of it. I just don't see myself as the type to develop anxiety unprovoked. Now, if years of worrying about my health have led to an anxiety disorder, that's a different story.
Avatar n tn ) About 15 weeks ago I started a diet and exercise program. (I have lost 14 pounds.) For exercise I do stairmaster stepmill for 30 minutes almost every day. I take the steps two-at-a-time for at least 5 of those minutes (so there is a lot of stretching going on in the perineal area.) 2.) About 2 weeks ago I had a sore throat and cough, took Azithromycin (Z-pac). 3.) About 2 weeks ago I strained my lower (sacral) back while lifting something.
Avatar n tn This is the first Web site I've found where there are people with the same symptoms that I have. I am a 32 year old male who lives in Seattle, WA. I have Thalassemia minor and suffer mainly from ongoing fatigue. I am ALWAYS tired, no matter how well I eat or what vitamins I take. Doctors tell me that I'm fine and "just need to avoid Iron and do some aerobic exercise." I would exercise if I had the energy to. It's comforting to see postings from people all over the world.
534800 tn?1217170959 It is also possible that the blood or some other fluid under the skin is thickening during the hot weather upright prolonged exercise and I don’t know if this is normal during exercise. I do feel that my blood is thickening as after a golf round as I often get a a bit of a headache that evening. (However, it is not related to insufficient fluid intake). I will try some ibuprofen, as it is does thin the blood, before or during the golf round and see if that helps.
Avatar f tn Fortunately, screws and pins were the result .There is hardly any rotation in my left hip that I can't even ride a bike. Anyways, boohoo right?? So today at age 26, I was back in the hospital for x rays. The pain is back in my left hip and feels like it's popping out of place when I walk. So scary. I'll find out the results in a few days. Wish me luck! If you are a parent out there reading this and you see your child limping, get x rays done. Don't mess around.
Avatar f tn I have never had surgery on the knee, I have had no injury to the knee. I exercise moderately and am not considered overweight--well at least for a 53 year old man--but I was riding a stationary bike more frequently (4-5 x per week) and at a higher resistance level for a few month before this pain. If anyone knows what this is, any contribution to this thread would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I found that I only had pain if I exceed about 150 bpm during exercise, and it's getting better. After very regular exercise for over a year, I rode a 1-day, 80 mile bike ride last year (15 months after my MI) through the mountains of Colorado (6000 ft of elevation gain) without any problems. I did ride slower than my friends being that it's hard to ride up a pass and keep your heart rate down, but I couldn't be more thrilled!
Avatar n tn None of us mentioned we are probably a little over weight! Tomarrow I am getting an exercise bike and going to lose 30 lbs. I will let you know what the results are. Thanks for all of your comments it has surely saved me money,,,at least for now.
Avatar n tn Two weeks after surgery, I road my hand bike and knew how much motion range (30%) and free movement was gained from the lack of big metal doctor sticks with spine clinching hooks in my back.
Avatar m tn The best treatment i have found for paws is to increase our endorphine levels naturaly, exercise, exercise, exercise, chocolate, chillies, sex. Oh you did not say how long you were on lortabs for? i think this can effect length of paws. If your paws is like mine, another 4 weeks and you should be over the worsed of it.