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Avatar f tn I can weigh one thing one day and a few days later, be 5 pounds heavier without even overeating. I do keep a food/exercise diary. I usually try to either walk or ride my bike. I had started a running program, but then did something to my ankle, and have been leary of starting it up again. I usually end up having one cheat day a week, so there is one day my calorie intake is above the 1200. I don't go ridiculously overboard in cheating or anything, though.
Avatar n tn I am a 26 year old female. I want to exercise to lose weight. I have lost 34 pounds with modification of my diet, however, this is not enough weight for me to lose. My concerns with exercise are my current health status. For beginners, I'm a smoker. Second, I have chondromalacia patella in my left knee and have effusions to my knee most days of the week and pain everyday. Weakness and pain in the knee are a big concern.
173930 tn?1196341998 Hi friends, Hepatologist has advised gentle exercise like stretching while on tx....presume this is to avoid fatigue and to stop our AST/ALT levels from rising The information on the different websites seem to be conflicting on this issue of exercise while on tx. Some suggest to go for it while others recommend to go slow Is it ok to play strenuous sports like tennis within our limitations, without getting fatigued, or is that a no no?
Avatar f tn Try swimming, walking, stationery bike or yoga. Those types of exercise are good for you while being pregnant. I'm 16 weeks and I was overweight before i got pregnant and have lost 15 pounds so far just by changing my diet. So it's possible. Keep your head up!
Avatar f tn Hi Mkredd, Welcome to MedHelp's Pain Management Forum. I ma glad that you found us and took the time to post. I am very sorry that you are suffering from sciatica. It's a horrible pain to try and ease and treat. You didn't share with us the cause of your pain. Knowing what produces it may help us offer you suggestions. Burning pain is usually indicative of nerve pain but does that mean you have a nerve entrapped within your spinal column or is this pain from another source?
Avatar n tn When I switched from a bike to a treadmill, I started losing again, but now that I'm back to the bike, which I love, my weight has stabalized and I know I'm going to have to take up an interval power walking program. I think you need to do cardio six days a week to lose weight. I'd do one type you haven't been doing for six weeks, say power walking with intervals, then switch to a bike with intervals or try spinning. It's a lot of fun. Try crunches for the belly fat.
1237757 tn?1323146719 Have decided for a laugh to use a big blue commuter hire bike which weighs 20kg for the bike leg. Should be some good fun, am going to use Can-do coconuts as drink bottles on the bike. Also going to see if I can get hold of one of those sperm shaped aero helmets to complete the look. My goal is to try and not be completely last in the race.
197575 tn?1215536224 It's so funny because I would have given anything to feel well this summer since it is my play time off from work, it's not like I'm milking it to get out of going to work!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, just venting. PS- I did hire a cleaning lady today. She starts next week when I go back to work!!! It's a step for me, I have never let anyone clean my house before besides me....
Avatar m tn The day before the injury, I was walking on the treadmill ( usually walk at a fast pace and alternate between that, stationary bike and eplliptical). I am not in super-great shape ( 25 lbs overweight), but I do go to the gym regularly. So that day before, I decided to also do a slow jog for a few minutes on the treadmill. Nothing bad. The next day, I felt a spasm in my back. I had problems with my left SI joint a few years ago. Went to a chiropractor, that did not help whatsoever.
Avatar n tn My personal ideas of exercises do not match the mainstream ideas of cardio/resp balance, so I won't comment on those exercise programs. You might try different exercises. When you exercise a muscle group in the same way all the time, the body can "get used" to the exercise. When you change the way you work the same muscle group, the body will often use more calories to do the same work because it isn't "used to" doing it that way. Try to vary your workout.
Avatar f tn I found a one minute workout dvd on netflix. I hate to exercise...but this dvd lets you choose how long and what area you want to work on. I can also relate to your boyfriends skinny wives. I hear you...Good luck..
Avatar n tn LOL I'm thinking about biking on a stationary bike. You know a bike that sits still when you bike. I think you know what i'm talking. I really dont know if that is a good exercise for me. Besides that i know stretching is really good for lower back pain. Anyone have any ideas on how to exercise pls post it. i appreciated.
407991 tn?1202595632 Your pup is still young enough that it shouldn't be too difficult to get her to understand that you are her pack leader - not the other way around. You just need some tools to get you started. Is it possible for you to go to puppy school or hire a behaviorist to work with you? If not, head to the library and check out some books about dog behavior and training. Cesar Millan's (The Dog Whisperer) books are outstanding and written in an easy-to-read and understand style.
1907286 tn?1322064359 Rode quads, camped on the dunes, took all the back roads and jeep trails and i rode behind him on his street bike. He bought me an old MG, we worked on it together. Rebuilt the engine, painted the engine compartment, cleaned & polished everything. It won prizes at car shows. We ran a business together. i would do the bids, takeoffs & the accounting. 25 employees. over 60 houses, streets, paving, utilities, all of it. We liked working together.
483733 tn?1326802046 He is at me all the time to exercise and lose weight. I have started doing short stretches on the eliptical, doing a bit more walking and moving forward with that. I am early in my fibro diagnosis and just learning to live with this daily pain and still figuring out the meds. As the meds control it I will be able to do more. WHY CAN'T HE UNDERSTAND THIS?!!! He says we've had these housework problems for a long time. Well, yeah, did he think I just woke up one day with fibro????
Avatar f tn First with sciatica and muscle spasms from exercise. Then low back pain was excruciating where the pain radiated down into my left knee, causing my knee to give out, numbness in my left foot. Went to a doctor who referred me to a Pain Clinic where I was given epidurals with fairly good results. But, then I started getting SEVERE neck/shoulder pain to the point of being debilitating. I cannot sit for long periods of time. I cannot stand for long periods of time.
9674223 tn?1405213702 Whenever I see a bike- I wish I was on the back of a guy's bike!!! As far as marriage counselling goes- we have been in the past. And I know what they would say today "Have a date night". When do you think a workaholic would take time from his schedule to go to counselling? I don't think so. I do deal with depression. I do have an appt. Tuesday with a therapist. And I can't wait to be honest with him and talk about everything.
Avatar n tn ) Feed myself healthy food, vitamins, and exercise regularily (I have a broken neck, broken back, fractured shldr, injured knee, but that would be accepting defeat if I said "poor me") For relationships, they are hard work but as long as I know I am with the right man, it is great! I need to be alone a lot, listen to music, take sleeping pills, etc. as our brains get tired like no others. So I just forgive myself and give myself permission to have time outs.
Avatar n tn Imagine that, the miracles of exercise! Just wanted to come by and say howdee, my husband and I are on our way out to Home Depot so he can get a thingee for one of his wood working tools...
Avatar f tn I don't have much to say about it but I wanted to ask you something else. Before you were injured, did you have a regular exercise routine? Are you able to do any exercises now? Also, how much of this is related to your job? Which area of your spine do you think got messed up at work? How long has this been going on? I am just curious, you sound like you are a mess! LOL How's the L4-5 pain doing? You said you had an EMG that confirmed nerve interruption or something like that.
Avatar m tn shortness of breath (put that off to lack of exercise), Pnemonia 4 times in the last 5 yrs, Colds everytime one was around. just didnt put the pieces together. Went to a new doctor because of a change in insurance and luckily he looked at my records (just so happened he was a friend of some of my wifes relatives and they had noticed things like the colds and pnemonia and that i wasnt as active with the kids like i used to be).
Avatar m tn U need after care.I went o a meeting every night at first.Could hardly move but rode a bike every night.I kept going for 6 years at least 3 times a week.Just do what u feel u can do.Take it slow and u will get through this.Good luck.
Avatar n tn If you want to lose weight and continue to enjoy good health and non-death, I recommend calorie restriction and exercise, although sadly, no lifestyle intervention (diet / and/or exercise) has ever been shown to be effective in permanent weight loss. If I am wrong, show me the clinical evidence.
173975 tn?1216261375 yesterday, all I did was shovel off a 5' by 5' porch and 5 steps. Today i had to hire someone to finish the driveway and a path to the basement. I posted about bone pain on the other side a couple of days ago; it had gone away and now it's back with a vengence. I HATE this forced inactivity. I try to exercise but the second I go beyond a couple of stretches and very light weights, I feel it for days afterward. I feel like an invalid in a nursing home.
Avatar n tn I also take restore and have been gluten and dairy free since September. Luckily my summer job between semesters is a bike courier so I get a lot of exercise. Between the diet, biking, and running, my PATM is now mild, but it comes right back if I stray from my diet. I plan on taking a 23andme gene test, which I don't think will reveal anything surprising, but I will post my results.
Avatar n tn I'm not working because I want to hopefully feel much better before I go back and who would hire some one who has good days and bad days? Another thing I noticed is that my blood pressure is lower than it used to be 3 weeks ago especially the diastolic number.It went from 70-80 down to 50's.I have been gauging my diseases by symptoms not tests results which to me is better. Just because a number says your levels are in normal range doesn't mean you feel well.
282804 tn?1236837191 Hi All, Here's something fun, try not to look at the answers before answering the questions. ENJOY!! Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the muscles. As we grow older, it is important that we keep mentally alert the saying; "If you don't use it, you will lose it" also applies to the brain, so... Below is a very private way to gauge your loss or non-loss of intelligence.
Avatar n tn I am moving there from another state and bringing a bike and a horse eventually. I hope with the help of others to do a little of those recreations to maintain some sanity. I know I will be giving up my life for a while but it was that or put her in a nursing facility which she detested. I know how those places run having done some home care as a respiratory therapist. She has not been very responsive lately.
Avatar n tn Every now and then, I suffered from huge sporadic weight gains despite no changes in diet or exercise regimen. By 32, I couldn't get pregnant, and my doctor found out I was in early menopause. My ovaries got an ultrasound, but didn't show cysts. My bladder was also checked and nothing was found. My blood test showed normal hormone levels, except for my FSH which was high.