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1191262 tn?1366766621 I am taking the whole package, all 4 types.
572651 tn?1531002957 And often if the therapist writes in the insurance notes that the patient is not progressing, then the benefits will stop. 3. Exercise for MS needs a specific purpose - we need to identify the physical deficit and work specifically to correct that problem. The vague complaints of “I feel off balance” or “I can’t walk like I used to,” don’t make the basis of a good PT plan.
139792 tn?1498589250 I hve read Sat kriya( true identity) in many webseites. The websie mentined bedlow gives a good presentation. It will make a non-believer to do this kriy (practice) and harvest the benefits of holistic therapy. One can start the practice from the first day of reading the article. http://kundaliniyogabootcamp.com/sat-kriya/ It will be a treatment, exercise and meditation. Aff in one.
Avatar n tn Also, the CT scan is a sensitive test but it is poorly specific, meaning, when negative, its predictive value is high, however, when positive, as in your case, because of various artifacts including the presence of calcium in some pt's coronary arteries, its positive predictive value is not so good. A stress test such an exercise echo or exercise nuclear study would be very helpful.
Avatar f tn I've recently started trying to use breathing exercises to decrease stress. However, almost as soon as I start breathing deeper, I get a headache. If I continue the exercises, I end up feeling more anxiety, and a disoriented pressure/whirring sensation in my head. The headache can continue for hours. I'm also a professional oboist (wind player), and don't get headaches from that. I do get exercise-induced headaches.
Avatar f tn Both my social worker and Naturopath and every single article ever written on depression mentions the benefits of exercise. So I try to walk at least 30 minutes a day. More if I can squeeze it in. 6. Eat better. Cut out caffeine and simple sugars. My naturopath says to eat "lean, green & beans". Use healthy oils like olive oil and eat 2-3 servings of fruits a day. Kind of hard since I don't cook and I work a lot.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Providers of these compounds often claim they are “A natural, safer alternative to prescription drugs, Can help with weight loss, Prevent Alzheimer’s” and many others unfounded benefits. In addition, these providers often suggest that Bioidentical Hormones can only be obtained from a compounding pharmacy. The fact is that there are many FDA-approved bioidentical hormone products available in the U.S. today. In fact, they have been available in the U.S. since 1975!
1741471 tn?1407162630 click here to keep reading In other words, It is now more obvious that our bodies are far more connected than we have given them credit for. In the case of exercise, the more intense the exercise is the greater the metabolic demand will be (Volek 2000) original post copy and paste http://superbodysuperbrainblog.wordpress.
Avatar n tn (1) for hours after exercising (with the heart rate at a normal 45 bpm) they do not occur; but do resume subsequently. (2) while lying prone they are significantly blocked, only to resume within minutes of sitting up or standing. So, I'm wondering what's controlling the signalling between these PV foci and the heart's pacemaker...is it a physical phenomenon, ie, pushing tissues together or apart? ...
Avatar n tn He gets tons of exercise and eats a proper diet. He also does not have any form of caffaine after 5 oclock. He says his head just spins and he cant stop it. He is a honor student and also in the enrichment program. He is very well behaved. He enjoys what all kids enjoy and doesnt seem to have problems being away during the day.
Avatar m tn 1. Normal exercise capacity and conditioning for age and gender. 2. no ischemic symptoms with testing 3. No ischemic EKG changes 4.No arrhythmia 5. blood pressure rose normally from 110/70 to 186/80. ejection fraction 47 TID 96 Anteroseptal wall large infarct.
1853014 tn?1340042175 definitely getting plenty of exercise with the job, but with the heat and working 12-14 hr days just dont feel like eating much. So definitely will get some vitamins. My old bones already hurting .. lol.
11079760 tn?1483389730 A few minutes of stationary bike riding before going to bed is suppose to boost blood and nerve supply to the lower limbs and help reduce cramping. Ice pack, putting an ice pack on the muscle for a few minutes may also help the muscle relax. Dietary changes: increase Magnesium, Potassium and Hydration and lower sodium. The best food sources of magnesium are legumes, nuts, seeds, fish and whole grains.
Avatar n tn sleep problems have returned, and my mentor is noticing a return to my former presentation. Now my GP has me on Trazodone 50 mg hs. It doesnt seem to do much good, as it seems to wear off too soon and I wake up at night after 4 hours just as before. It has been less than a week with the Traz however. My questions: Should I be treating this as primarily insomnia, which my GP is doing, or as a depression, in which case should I be on a higher dose of antidepressant?
Avatar n tn You are correct that follow is important, but please don't worry. Regarding the cause, I have not read that exercise can do this. At your age with only mild enlargement, I doubt you will find a definite cause. This is not how genetic syndromes usually present. I hope this helps. Thanks for posting.
Avatar n tn When you are doing a very heavy exercise, your need for added oxygen makes you breathe from the mouth. Often your breathing pattern is labored and panting. When this occurs a large amount of oxygen is going down into the lungs drying the mucus membranes in the bronchus. This will dry out the passageways effecting the nerve endings there. This causes a burning sensation in the bronchus and chest.
683309 tn?1227331683 You can find out more about benefits at your local independent living center. There's one in every county of every state. Here's a list: http://www.ilru.org/html/publications/directory/index.html As for your general question fish oil or flaxseed oil is used as an adjunct mood stabilizer by many psychiatrists and the anti-cholesterol medication Lovaza was developed from it and is being used experimentally for bipolar. Be sure to get a brand that is pure and is in a known concentration.
Avatar m tn My balance continued to get worse, not to the point of falling down or anything, but I just can't feel the ground properly if my activity levels go up. I haven't attempted any form of exercise in a year. I will be having surgery in a couple months after a long journey of trying to figure out what was happening and being told by numerous doctors that I have anxiety and that chiari can't cause my symptoms.
Avatar f tn The CDC games have begun again (in my opinion) and our tax dollars are being wasted. Here is a video presentation from Dr. James Jones from the CDC. This presentation was given to OB/GYN physicians because they wanted information on CFS. I couldn't believe what I saw after I watched this video ! In my opinion, this CDC physician did a below average job. No where does he mention that many fibro and CFS patients have fibroids, low vitamin D levels, osteopenia and abnormal hormone levels.
Avatar n tn As Flycaster305 said, valve surgery is a very big thing and generally, they wait until it's moderate, moderately severe, or even severe to do the surgery--though a lot depends on your age, how much your symptoms interfere with things you want and need to do in your life, your overall health and what other conditions you have. The potential benefits have to outweigh the risks. What medications are you taking, prescribed by doctors and also over-the-counter items?
Avatar f tn http://www.nationalmssociety.org/research/intriguing-leads-on-the-horizon/ccsvi/index.aspx (look in the green box on the right-hand side - there's a link to the transcript).
Avatar f tn 3 and 3, and some Doctors will go as high as 5 for a normal range. What is normal??? Should I follow any particular diet/exercise plan? Will I be able to lose this extra 10 lbs I've gained? Thanks!
506820 tn?1295054933 I am not sure how I feel about this issue because in my situation I can see the good and bad about having another c-section as well as a natural birth. I am in my mid-30's, this will be my last child, I am healthy, exercise 3-4 days a week...so I think I would be a good candidate for a vbac???? So I am looking for any info/advise from moms who have had a c-section for their first delivery then went on to have a vbac. I also would like to hear from the moms who have had multiple c-sections.
10948614 tn?1414177319 This remains controversial, however, since the risks may outweigh the benefits, and the further damage done to the lymphatic system may in fact make the lymphedema worse.
Avatar f tn Dessicated thyroid sites suggest that the increases in Armour or similar dessicated medicine has about a 2 week cycle or feedback loop. And that increases should be done slowly but done about ever two weeks. How you describe that you started having problems 3 weeks after the last update would be consistent with the 2 week theory.
Avatar m tn Some believe that massage, exercise, or certain supplements help scar tissue return to normal. To some extent this is true. Thoracic surgery like that you underwent four times is major surgery, destroying layers of all kinds of tissue, excluding organ tissue. Bones, muscles, and sinew must repair themselves, while nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels must reroute themselves. However, nothing ever returns to its original state.
976897 tn?1379171202 The nearest neighbours to the UK, they consume much more saturated fat, smoke more, exercise less and have as much obesity. They have the same average cholesterol level as the British and the same average blood pressure. So with all that fat, they should have higher rates of heart attacks right? wrong, they have around a quarter of the number of occurrences in the UK.
Avatar f tn A few of the red flags leading away from MS are bi lateral presentation, ear ringing, skin tightness, sore joints, no abnormality on neurological exam, no abnormality on MRI, if your arms only 'fall asleep' at night that would be unusual for MS too. It is rare to have MS and not have something neurological in nature showing up somewhere, yes you can have a clear MRI but usually the neuro exam picks up the neurological damage the MRI is not showing yet.
Avatar m tn It is concise and the charts make it easy to see the benefits of tailoring TX. It's the type of material that treating physicians should be aware of when dealing with insurance companies and it's all in one place so it might be of value to patients dealing with doctors who aren't up to date. I haven't fooled around with dose. I just want to see my numbers stay in a good range before trying any fancy moves. I hope you're feeling well.