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Avatar n tn I am 6 wks pregnant and I did a 15 mole long bike ride along with other cyclists. Is that safe? Or should I lay back from bike riding in my 1st trimester?
Avatar f tn I just stick to walking... whether its outside or on a treadmill. You can go bike riding as well. Squats, lunges... simple stuff. Don't do anything where you are putting strain on your body or where you won't be able to catch your breath.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, what are your thoughts on riding a bike in the park if I'm 5 weeks preggo?
645800 tn?1466860955 For me, riding a bike is my favorite aerobic exercise because it is actually much easier on my legs than running or any other type of cardio. When biking, you are using your legs, but the exercise is very low-impact as compared to running. I find that my legs get a great workout and the distance I am able to ride is very satisfying to me. I also really enjoy being able to feel the wind in my hair ;) I ride a three-speed. For me, three gears are plenty and the bike is pretty low-maintenance.
Avatar f tn Walking, swimming, yoga, bike riding........
Avatar f tn My dr. was for any kind of exercise. I actually told him I was a little sore from riding the bike. He said it wasn't hurting anything but just using muscles I don't often use.
Monkey Right at present I only have a exercise bike available to me and we generally have not nice winters for walking. Cold does not bother me but worry about the ice so my question is this. Will it be beneficial for me to just use the bike on days when cannot walk, is that going to help with my weight and exercise program.
738075 tn?1330575844 I know that I have to stop when i get no sembolance of a runners high, and I feel worse after exercise than before. Once the exercise is over, and I have no elevation in moode, and I don't recover within two hours, I lay off the treadmil and just do some ground streaching and such.
Avatar f tn No bike riding would not cause birth defects or bad for pregnancy. I use to take spin class, which is bike riding, 2-3 times a week an hour at a time. Any exercise is good. Just don't over do it if you haven't been riding/exercising and slowly increase over time.
Avatar f tn ve really come up with is the accident factor.. Anyone know of any other reason bike riding might not be a good idea during pregnancy? I did go on a bike ride with my son and husband yesterday other than sore legs I feel fine.. Just curious...
Avatar f tn I was told not to after 12 weeks by my Dr for the chance of falling since we have less center of balance
Avatar n tn s the biggest concern with bike riding.
Avatar n tn There's walking, bike riding and pregnancy yoga. All are safe to do. I've recently started going on 30 minute walks a few times a week.
Avatar f tn I am surprised that your Urogyne thinks bike riding is the cause of your POP to return. I agree that finding a good Urogyne for a second opinion is a good idea. POPs can return yes, but it does seem rather soon. Get your operation notes from either your Urogyne or the hospital where you had your procedure done so you can take this with you to your next appt with the Urogyne of your choice.
4311875 tn?1352630163 Weakening the organism in general works in favor of infections/virues. On the other hand stef2011 said you need to do regular exercise but an easy one like a longer walk or something like that to help natural immune response.
Avatar f tn s probably best not to but if you are very used to it and comfortable on a bike and are on it on a regular basis then you should still be ok for a bit.
Avatar m tn Is it ok to keep riding a bike for exercise, at least during the first trimester? What about winter activities like skating, skiing or sledding?
Avatar f tn When my balance issues are an issue (which thankfully happen in "chunks" of time as opposed to constantly), I don't ride my bike. But I'm still able to ride, albeit much shorter distances than I used to. I try not to overdo it, but sometimes I do, and my body lets me know for the next 2 - 3 days with extreme fatigue and weakness.
Avatar f tn My husband has one and i cant help myself. I love it. It is dangerous regardless. I only went for a quick ride.
Avatar f tn I checked with my ob on exercise when I found out I was pregnant since I'm a bit overweight to start with. Stationary bikes are ok because you most likley won't fall off. Then again I've noticed pregnancy makes me a huge clutz. I use the treadmill because it's easier on my knees than running on pavement and a stationary bike because it's safer than riding my real bike. Plus you can read a good magazine or watch tv while on the bike. I say go for it!
Avatar f tn I figure that when I feel good I will bike - I love the sense of freedom and there are tons of bike trails near me - and special bike paths - I go out real early in the AM on the weekends when not many cars are about - mostly just country roads. When my son was young, I taught him to surf off the CA coast - so I do have a deep sense of getting out and taking the plunge that I have been missing lately.
Avatar f tn I have always been a big exercise fanatic,(okay, Narcissist, lol) but after I got muscle aches, from my first 2 Interferon shots, I stopped riding my bike, in fear of developing muscle cramps in my legs. After the sx of the Inf shot went away, I developed hemolytic anemia, around my 7th week of Tx, and felt too clumsy and dizzy (breathless and lead legs) to ride my bike. But thru-out Tx I did take my dog on two 20 minute walks per day, and did continue to go out of the house everyday.
Avatar m tn I stopped riding after a reasonably bad bike crash and my daughter stopped after she was hit be a car that turned into her. Mountain biking is associated with a lot of falls. I do all my bike riding in spinning classes or an exercise bicycle. Most surgeons want you avoid sports like boxing, wrestlying, insiste on eye protection for racquet sports, avoid violent head whipping like roller coasters, amusement type rides.